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1. It is quantitative goal assigned to a sales person. 7.

It is systematic and comprehensive appraisal of the

a. Sales volume quota total selling operations.
b. Activity quota a. Sales research
c. Sales quota b. Sales plan
d. Combination quota c. Sales screening
e. Net profit quota d. Sales audit
e. Sales analysis
2. It comprises a group of customers or a geographical
area assigned to a sales person. 8.Common nomenclature for sales personnel, sales
a. Sales Territory executive, salesman etc.
b. Sales Group a. Sales group
c. Sales Target b. Sales force
d. Sales Demographic c. Sales handler
e. Sales Scope d. Sales expert
e. Sales performers
3. It is the various activities assigned to sales force to
be performed regarding sales. 9. A special selling campaign offering incentives in the
a. Sales volume quota form of prizes or awards beyond the compensation plan
b. Expense quota a. Sales bonus
c. Activity quota b. Sales contest
d. Combination quota c. Sales motivation
e. Net profit quota d. Sales relay
e. Sales rewarding
4. It is determined to control the sales expenses
incurred. 10. This report provides information for analyzing
a. Sales volume quota complaints arising from a salesperson’s work,
b. Expense quota complaints by class of customer, and cost of complaint
c. Activity quota adjustment.
d. Combination quota a. Expense Report
e. Net profit quota b. Report of complaint and/or adjustment
c. Progress or call report
5. It is the number of products to be sold by an d. Sales work plan
individual sales person. e. New Business report
a. Sales volume quota 11. Business discipline which is management of a firm's
b. Expense quota sales operations and focused on practical applications of
c. Activity quota techniques used in sales.
d. Combination quota a. Sales Planning
e. Net profit quota b. Sales Management
c. Sales Trend
6. Is a detailed study of sales volume performance to d. Sales Operation
detect strengths and weaknesses. e. Sales Strategy
a. Sales research
b. Sales plan 12. The process of organizing activities that are
c. Sales screening mandatory to achieve business goals.
d. Sales audit a. Sales Strategy
e. Sales analysis b. Sales Process
c. Sales Planning
d. Sales Plan
e. Sales Management
13. Contains a strategic document that figures out your 19. All of these are the characteristics of an effective
business targets and several resources sales manager except:
a. Sales Management a. Gives salespeople continuous feedback in a positive
b. Sales Trends manner.
c. Sales Plan b. Be a role model.
d. Sales Document c. Build enthusiasm throughout the team.
e. Sales Quota d. Always stay in the office.
e. Accessible to the team.
14. Focused on influencing sales people through
communication process to attain goals and objectives. 20. People need training and support throughout their
a. Sales Activities careers, both as individuals and as teams, to
b. Management Activities a. strengthen the team
c. Supervisory Activities b. develop their skills and continue to work
d. Operational Activities effectively.
e. Leadership Activities c. gain experience
d. gain knowledge
15. The department that is responsible for day to day e. be a role model
activities and guides their employees.
a. Sales Team 21. Company's setting up sales territory for the first time
b. Team Manager or revising ones that are already in existence, what is the
c. Human Resource Team first general procedure that must apply?
d. Budget Team a. Select an account analysis
e. Production Team b. Select a geographical control unit
16. It is reward that the employee receives in a form of c. Select a workload analysis
pay, salary, wages, allowances & benefits. d. Select a workload account
a. Compensation e. Select a territorial account
b. Recognition
c. Remuneration 22. Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of
d. Rewards an ideal Sales Manager?
e. Monthly Bonus a. Ethical
b. Dedicated
17. A characteristic of an ideal sales manager that is not c. Smart
gender biased? d. Irritable
a. Result-oriented E. Goal oriented
b. Collaborative
c. Ambitious 23. Which of the following is NOT a motivational
d. Empathetic theory:
e. Ethical a. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
b. Vroom's Expectancy Theory
18. It allows a company to position itself effectively c. Arnold's Inequity Theory
within its environment to reach its maximum potential. d. Likert's Sales Management Theory
a. Strategy e. Herzber's Dual Factor Theory
b. Strategic Guide
c. Vision 24. Established to control gross margin and net profit or
d. Mission expenses for the various marketing units.
e. Goal a. Gross Margin
b. Financial Quotas
c. Net-Profit Quotas
d. Combination Quotas
e. Expense Quotas
25. It is the set amount of money paid to salesperson 31. This is a money, an object, item of value, desired
based upon hours or days worked. action or an event that is intended to employees as
a. Straight Commission motivation or encouragement to perform better and more
b. Straight Salary than is expected from him.
c. Direct Salary a. Bonus
d. Combination Plan b. Incentives
e. Indirect Commission c. Wages
26. Well known theory contends that people are d. Salary
motivated by a 'hierarchy' of psychological growth e. Commission
a. Expectancy theory 32. It is a quick and inexpensive method of screening
b. Equity theory out applicants in order to produce a short-list of
c. Achievement theory candidates.
d. Inequity theory a. Interview
e. Maslow's need theory b. Application Form
c. Psychological Test
27. The Three Fundamental Ways of Rewarding Sales d. Role-Playing
Performance are the following EXCEPT: e. Physical and Medical Examination
a. Direct Financial Compensation
b. Indirect Financial Compensation 33. This training method is conducted in classrooms,
c. Financial Compensation vocational schools or elsewhere. The most frequently
d. Non-Financial Compensation used ones are the conference/discussion, programmed
e. Incentive Compensation instruction, computer-assisted and simulation process.
a. Lectures
28. It is used as standards to specify a desired level of b. Apprentice Training
performance for a specified marketing unit. c. On-the-job Training
a. Quotas d. Off-the job Training
b. Commission e. Vestibule Training
c. Sales target
d. Budgeting 34. It is a systematic exploration of the activities within
e. Salary the job. It is a technical procedure used to define a job’s
duties, responsibilities and accountabilities.
29. It is a goal set for a salesperson or sales department a. Recruitment
measured in revenue or units sold for a specific time. b. Job Description
a. Sales Quota c. Job Specification
b. Sales Goal d. Job Analysis
c. Sales Target e. Training
d. Sales Scope
e. Sales Agenda 35. It states the minimum acceptable qualifications that
the incumbent must possess to perform the job
30. The starting point for sales and marketing planning, successfully.
production scheduling, cash flow projections, financial a. Job Description
planning, capital investment, procurement, inventory b. Job Specification
management, human resource planning, and budgeting. c. Job Analysis
a. Sales quota d. Checklist
b. Sales target e. Technical Requirements
c. Sales budget
d. Operational planning
e. Sales forecast
36. Method of compensation in which the salespersons 41. It is a business discipline which is management of a
receive a straight-forward fixed salary with no firm’s sales operations and focused on practical
commissions. applications of techniques used in sales.
a. Straight commission a. Sales Management
b. Straight salary b. Professional Salesmanship
c. Combination Plan c. Marketing Management
d. Salary + Bonus d. Marketing Plan
e Salary + Commission e. Sales Plan

37. It refers to all the components of a compensation 42. An in-depth understanding of the business dynamics
package and the manner in which it will be paid. and competitive forces that impact the sales strategy.
a. Compensation a. Business Plan
b. Compensation plan b. Business Acumen
c. wages c. Business Management
d. wages plan d. Business Description
e. incentives e. Business Methodology

38. It is one of the sources of salespeople where you can 43. All of these are reasons why technological
recruit from other departments, such as production or knowledge matters except ONE:
engineering, and non-selling section of the sales a. Communication with customers
department. b. Business culture and class relations
a. Advertisements c. Security
b. Competitors d. Research Capacity
c. Educational Institutions e. Learning Sales Management
d. Noncompeting Companies
e. Company's Own Staff / Persons Within Company 44. These are key elements central to business acumen
except ONE:
39. A method where a job analyst watches employees a. Promotion
directly or reviews films of workers on the job. b. Planning
a. Group Interview Method c. Operations
b. Individual Interview Method d. Finance
c. Observation Method e. Strategy
d. Diary Method
e. Structured Questionnaire Method 45. These can help improve communication skills except
40. Effective sales training can help you develop the a. Knowledge about the subject, skill, and situation more
qualities that makes you complete tasks related to broadly
managing a business. b. The habit of learning and listening to others
a. Motivation c. Low level of ego
b. Leadership Support d. Feeling knowledgeable of everything
c. Develop Administrative Skills e. Respect for others
d. Value
e. Learning Sales Methodology 46. These sustain the skills of sales representative except
a. Coaching
b. Seminars
c. Training and development
d. Observing, Guiding and Teaching
e. Watching YouTube
47. Clearly outlining your goal should always be your 1. It is directly concerned with the basic need of
first step in planning a sales call – or any other business motivating salesman by satisfying their needs for
endeavor. security, opportunity, self-expression, respect, and good
a. Evaluating the current situation conditions of work.
b. Defining your objective
c. Listing barriers to success A. Sales supervision
d. Assessing your strengths and assets B. Mentoring
e. Identifying your needs C. Training
D. Leading
48. Create a detailed account of obstacles to your E. Motivation
success. Knowing exactly what you’re up against can be
incredibly inspirational, sparking new ideas about how 2. It is the process of making sure the organization has
you can overcome barriers. the right number of people, in the right jobs, and with
a. Evaluating the current situation the right skill set at the right time to accomplish current
b. Defining your objective and future business plans.
c. Listing barriers to success
d. Assessing your strengths and assets A. Sales Personnel Planning
e. Identifying your needs
B. Human Resource Management
49. These can include things like personal relationships,
sales kits, competitive advantages like new products and C. Sales Management
much more.
D. Relationship Marketing
a. Evaluating the current situation
b. Defining your objective E. Sales Enablement
c. Listing barriers to success
d. Assessing your strengths and assets 3. A type of company that is generally formed to meet
e. Identifying your needs social needs and not for the purpose of earning profits.

50. Your needs may include items like a sales deck or A. Chartered Company
demo program. The important thing is to identify needs
upfront. B. Statutory Company
a. Motivation
C. Registered Company
a. Evaluating the current situation
b. Defining your objective D. Service Company
c. Listing barriers to success
d. Assessing your strengths and assets E. Charitable Company
e. Identifying your needs
4. What is defined as the marketing of standardized
goods and services to a large population of people that
have similar needs? It is also called "mass marketing," a
strategy that treats all customers as a single group.

A. Targeting a market

B. Market Segmentation

C. Sales Aggregation

D. Market Aggregation

E. Geographic Segmentation
5. Business organizations should be aware of laws, 8. It is a type of talking therapy or psychological
policies and programs by government agencies that therapy. It could be a one on one talk with the employee
influence or limit various organizations and individuals to remove the defects and weaknesses in their
in a given society. This is most accurately described as performance.
the ______ environment.
A. Delegating
A. Technological
B. Training
B. Political
C. Counselling
C. Cultural
D. Management
D. Socio
E. Environmental
9. It refers to the teaching and learning activities carried
6. This is a combined picture or vision of the very best for the primary purpose of helping members of an
person that the salesperson could possibly be. It is made organization acquire and apply the knowledge, skills,
up of the goals, aspirations, and most admired and abilities and attitude needed by a specific job
desired virtues and qualities of the salesperson.
A. Managing
A. Optimistic
B. Acquiring
B. Visionary
C. Training
C. Self-Ideal
D. Teaching
D. Assertiveness
E. Work Drive
10. It is a financial sales plan outlining how to allocate
7. It is the process when the salesperson makes resources and selling efforts to achieve the sales
corrections sales targets attained so that mismatch forecast.
between actual sales and desired sales could be
minimized. A. Sales quota

A. Sales Maximization B. Sales Forecast

B. Sales Controlling C. Sales Planning

C. Cost Controlling D. Financial Planning

D. Sales Boosting E. Sales Budgeting

11. Since a marketing research is an effective aid to 15. What short-term incentive pay plan has no
sales, which one of the following choices is not an predetermined formula, not guaranteed, and the
essential benefit to sales. management determines the size of the bonus pool and
the amounts to be allocated to employees?
A. Create Relevant Promotional Materials
A. Annual Incentive Plan
B. Know Where to Advertise B. Retention Bonus
C. Discretionary Bonus Plan
C. Processes the permits hastily D. Spot Awards
E. Gain-Sharing Plan
D. Outsell Competitors

E. Easily Spot Business Opportunities 16. Which is NOT part of the contents of a job
12. An example of a trait that an ideal sales manager
should not possess/practice is: A. Emotional Characteristics
A. Strategic Thinking B. Experience
B. Empathy C. Responsibilities
C. Sympathy D. Job Summary
D. Leadership skills E. Training
E. Goal-oriented 17. This role/function is very essential to the sales
department as it helps to choose the right manager or the
13. Which is NOT an element of a Good Incentive plan
employee that is effective and is fit to do a particular
A. It aligns with Goals and Results job. \

B. It accounts for your individual workforce A. Sales Planning

C. It reduces management support B. Hiring

D. It matches the speed of your business C. A Sense of Mastery

E. It considers compensation mix D. Recruitment and Selection

14._______ is a prediction of the future market potential E. Screening

for a specific product, it also sets the sales expectation
18. It is the backbone of any business. The success of a
for a given time period.
firm/business is totally dependent on this ability and
A. Sales force planning activity.

B. Sales forecasting A. Prospecting

C. Sales Budgeting B. Investing

D. Sales force motivation C. Sustainability

E. Time and territory management D. Selling

E. Qualifying
D. Production Expense

E. Sales Revenue

19. Which of the following is not an element of Micro- 23. It is the type of training where the trainee acts out as
Environment? a sales representative in simulated buying sessions.

A. Competitors A. On-the-job training

B. Product B. Seminar

C. Intermediaries C. Classroom training

D. Suppliers D. Role playing

E. Customers E. Case discussions

20. He is known as the Father of Management. 24. These are the territories that are characterized by
factors such as industry type or products sold.
A. Frederick Taylor
A. Audience segment
B. Adam Smith B. Sales potential
C. Account types
C. Abraham Maslow D. Sales territory management
E. Customer data
D. Gilbert Churchill Jr.

E. David Jobber 25. Here are some reasons why organizations need sales
territory management, which one is NOT included?
21. This qualitative sales forecasting method relies on
answers from the fact that the initial input is the opinion A. To define the salesperson's responsibilities
of each member of the field sales staff. Each person more accurately and specifically
states how much he or she expects to sell during the B. To improve customer relations
forecast period. C. To give information that is not readily
available about the prospects
A. Jury of executive opinion
D. To gain thorough coverage of the market
B. User's expectation E. To reduce selling expense

C. Sales force composite

26. It is about customer loyalty or retention. The
D. Sales Budgeting salespeople or the business try to build a long-term
relationship with the consumer by establishing a rapport
E. Time-Series method with them.

22. It is the role of sales manager which comprises the A. Marketing

personal selling expenses B. Sales Management
C. Corporate Social Responsibility
A. Sales Budget Preparation D. Human Resource Management
E. Relationship Management
B. Allotment of Sales Territories

C. Allocation of Sales Quotas

27. Focuses on qualifying customers, developing good 31. It is the portion of sales compensation determined by
listening skills and asking appropriate questions to better employee performance. It is also provided as a type of
understand the customer’s needs and match the right bonus, incentive pay, or commission.
product or service to those needs.
A. Base pay
A. On-the-job training B. Pay mix
B. Engage Phase C. Variable pay
C. Sales Training Method D. Salary
D. Chartered Company E. Allowance
E. Sales Planning

32. What is not an example of a recognition incentive?

28. It is used to meet customer demands through the
planning, control and implementation of effective A. Thanking employees
movement and storage of related information, goods and B. Signing bonus
services from origin to destination. C. Note of praise
D. Presenting employees with a certificate of
A. Logistics Management achievement
E. Employee of the month
B. Customer Relationship Management

C. Human Resource Management 33. The major external and uncontrollable factors that
influence an organization's decision making, and affect
D. Enterprise Resource Planning its performance and strategies.

E. Corporate Social Responsibility A. Micro Environment

29. These refer to the grouping of customers over a B. Macro Environment

particular area.
C. External Environment
A. Sales Quotas
B. Sales Personnel D. External Factors
C. Sales Teams
D. Sales Territories E. Environmental factors
E. Sales Budget
34. This is a plan in which the organization performs its
sales functions, the goals of which are selling products
30. A better understanding of the product or service or services or both, and to increase profits by organic
offered by a firm that includes gathering information growth. It describes how a business will attract, retain
about the characteristics, functional features and use of and develop customers.
the offerings
A. Sales
A. Product Knowledge
B. Sales Skill B. Sales Department
C. Production
C. Sales Strategy
D. Selling Concept
E. Brand Knowledge D. Sales Quota

E. Sales Strategy Management

35. The following are the methods of training except: 39. Refers to the quantitative targets assigned to
individual salesperson.
A. Lecture/Group discussion
A. Sales Quota
B. Role playing
B. Sales Territories
C. Case studies
C. Budget Preparation
D. In-the-field training
D. Sales Target
E. Seminar
E. Sales Planning
36. It is a written statement of the qualities, traits, and
characteristics that an individual or a person should 40. PEAK stands for
possess to achieve his or her responsibilities and duties
effectively. A. Prepare - Engage -Approach - Keep

A. Job analysis B. Prepare - Encounter - Acquire - Keep

B. Job description C. Prospect - Engage - Acquire - Keep

C. Job statement D. Prospect - Encounter - Approach - Keep

D. Job specification E. Prepare - Engage - Approach - Keep

E. Job segmentation 41. It is one of the stages of salesperson during his

personal selling where he has to handle certain protests
37. It is a fairly homogeneous group of customers who and resistance of the customers.
will respond to a marketing mix in a similar way.
A. Sales presentation
A. Market Segmentation
B. Sales approach
B. Target Market
C. Prospecting
C. Market Segment
D. Dealing objections
D. Target Marketing
E. Follow up
42.This type of sales quota is measured based on the
38. It is communicating na overall positive impression number of units sold or the total revenue generated for a
of the brand. It also refers to the ability to influence given period of time.
consumer perception regarding a brand or product
relative to competitors. a. Profit Quota

A. Market Proposition b. Forecast Quota

B. Market Positioning c. Volume Quota

C. Market Segmentation d. Activity Quota

D. Market Segment e. Combination Quota

E. E.
43. It enhances the skills, potential knowledge and D. Job order
ability of a salesperson to take challenging jobs and
perform efficiently. E. E.

A. Allotment of Sales Territories 47. It is a set of procedures that prepares a new

employee for the job.
B. Supervising
A. Training
C. Training
B. Coaching
D. Relationship Building
C. Mentoring
E. Motivation
D. Recruiting
44. An effective method that involves sales forecasting,
demand management, setting profit-based sales targets, E. Preparing
and the written execution steps of a sales plan.

A. Supervising
48. What short-term incentive pay plan is typically given
B. Attainment of Sales Target to employees for them to continue

C. Motivation A. Discretionary Bonus Plan

D. Sales Planning B. Project Bonus Plan

E. Equipping C. Retention Bonus Plan

45. A union of individuals, simply a sales team, who are D. Gain-sharing Plan
working towards the sales target, sells goods or services
E. Profit-sharing Plan
to other entities, may it be a business or individual
customers. 49. A person’s disposition to speak up on matters of
importance, expressing ideas and opinions confidently,
A. Sales Personnel
defending personal beliefs, seizing the initiative, and
B. Company exerting influence in a forthright manner.

C. Organization A. Emotional Stability

D. Retailers B. Customer Service Orientation

E. Business Union C. Communication skills

46. An important document, which is basically D. Assertiveness

descriptive in nature and contains a statement of job
Analysis. It provides both organizational information
(like location instructure, authority etc.) and functional 50. It is focused on describing your product in a way
information (what the work is) that shows its benefits to the consumers
A. Job analysis A. Production Orientation
B. Job description B. Marketing Orientation
C. job specification C. Sales Orientation
D. Social Responsibility