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12739 ENGLISH IV CGT / English Course ID: 58D3-6973

Cyber Homework | Unit 11 Lesson 3

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Unit 11 Lesson 3 78 / 78 points (100%)

2019-11-30, 10:00 pm 10 / 10 exercises (100%)


Dialogue – Buying a ticket

2019-09-02, 03:55 pm
7 / 7 points (100%)

How much is a round-trip ticket? It's $25.
One-way or round-trip? Round-trip, please.
How long does it take? About 35 minutes.
What time does the train leave? At seven o'clock.
How far is it? It's a long way.
How many tickets? Two, please. One one-way and one round-trip.
Is it far? No, it's not far.

Dialogue – Buying a ticket

2019-09-02, 03:56 pm
7 / 7 points (100%)

A A ticket to Boston, please.
B One-way or two-way round-trip?
A One-way, please.
Boxing Buying your tickets online is cheaper than at the ticket office.
It's a large long way from Hong Kong to Beijing.
Have a good travel trip!
A What How much is that?
B It's $34.
AFor both of us?
B No, every each. All together, that's $68.
A How fast far is it?
B It's 120 miles away.

Grammar – too and enough

2019-09-02, 03:57 pm
6 / 6 points (100%)

I'm afraid we don't have enough grapes to make a fruit salad.
She didn't study hard enough to pass the exam.
This apartment is big enough for a family of four.
I don't have enough money to buy a new car.
Take a break. You have been online long enough.
“Another glass?” “No, thanks. I think I've had enough wine.”

Grammar – too and enough

2019-09-02, 03:58 pm
8 / 8 points (100%)

Don't worry. We still have enough time to catch the train. (enough)
This watch is too expensive. Don't you have anything cheaper? (too)
That recipe looks easy enough for me to try. (enough)
That box is too heavy to carry. (too)
This water is too cold. I don't think I want to swim in it. (too)
There aren't enough chairs for everyone. Could you bring some more, please? (enough)
He can't win the 100-meter race. He isn't fast enough. (enough)
He's too young to watch that type of movie. (too)

Vocabulary – Travel
2019-09-02, 04:02 pm
6 / 6 points (100%)


Vocabulary – Travel
2019-09-02, 04:04 pm
6 / 6 points (100%)

backpack suitcase
ticket platform

Vocabulary – Adventure
2019-09-02, 04:05 pm
8 / 8 points (100%)

bungee jumping
extreme ironing
hot-air ballooning
rock climbing
scuba diving
skate boarding
white-water rafting
wind surfing

Vocabulary – Places
2019-09-02, 04:07 pm
10 / 10 points (100%)

He went bungee jumping from a 328-feet (or 100-meter) tall bridge.
You need to take off your shoes before you walk into the mosque.
A cathedral is a big church.
They found some amazing prehistoric paintings of horses in the cave.
They built the castle in the 12th century.
The field was full of flowers in May.
You can catch big fish in that lake.
Earth is the only planet that has oceans.
That freeway is very busy on a Monday morning.
This red wine comes from the Napa Valley in California.

Vocabulary – Prepositions of movement

2019-09-02, 04:08 pm
10 / 10 points (100%)

Einstein moved to the United States in 1933.
I go to work by bus.
Go over the bridge to cross the river.
There’s a free boat service to take passengers across the river.
The train from London to Paris goes through the Channel Tunnel.
He got into the car, closed the door, and started driving.
In a crossword puzzle, you find words going down and words going across.
The ball went through the window and broke the glass.
The cat went into the box, sat down in it, and fell asleep.
The plane flew over the mountains.

Vocabulary – Prepositions of place

2019-09-02, 04:09 pm
10 / 10 points (100%)

Let's meet at the bus stop, then.
The office is on the first floor.
Her brother lives in New York.
Ask the man at the front desk. He'll give you the key.
I always keep business cards in my wallet.
I work at a bank.
There's a mirror on the wall.
Do you live in a house or an apartment?
Uruguay is a country in South America.
Just leave it on the table for me.

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