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What are the RAC s/w versions are you working?

have u worked on RAC?

How many RAC nodes do you have?
RAC roles ?
What is the difference between oracle RAC 10gR2, 11gR1 and 11gR2?
Non � RAC to RAC?
What does rconfig internally ?
How to convert to non-RAC to RAC without rconfig ?
What does rconfig change in init.ora?
What are the system tablespaces are two instead of one in RAC environment?
What is the key difference between 10g and 11g in RAC?

Backup strategy for OCR and voting files?

When should and how often we should take the backup of OCR and Voting files?
How do you know node eviction happen in RAC?
In RAC, TAF service is running in Node 2, how to relocate service in another node?
What will you check in TNS level (TAF level)

How do you know which service is running in which node?

How you can find, which node is primary node?
How will you say which service is running in primary node?
Application team come to know that, my apps in not able to connect to the
database.? Then how will u trobleshoot the issue?
What are the things you will check database level, RAC level, Cluster level?

Addition of node in RAC environment?

Oracle 10g and 11g architecture difference?
Have you worked on consolidate environment?
What are the parameters we need to edit for RAC report?
In a RAC, in which node we need to generate the AWR report?
In a 2 node RAC, how many interconnects we use?
cache fusion slow - how u check?
Tel me how you added RAC node? - Installation of 2 Node RAC?
When we apply patch in RAC, Is downtime required?
RAC Installation steps?
One of the Cluster node crashed. What to do?
How to verify the Interconnect speed?
How to know the nodes in the Cluster ? & How to know the RAC nodes ? What's the
difference ?
Do we need to give VIP details or normal host tns details to Client ? How he
connects ?
Cache Fusion ?
What are the prerequisites for RAC setup ?
What are the special background processes for RAC (or) what is difference in stand-
alone database & RAC database background processes?
What is the difference between cr block and cur (current) block?
Give the usage of srvctl ?
How to export and import crs resources while migrating Oracle RAC to new server.
The shared storage in RAC consists of some files. Name them. Also, what would be
your approach to monitor the protocol being used for interconnect traffic?

Suppose your remote nodes have some inventory and you are given the task of
identifying and verifying them. How will you do that?
What are the differences between Oracle RAC and Oracle Grid ?
What would be the possible performance impact in a cluster if a less powerful node
(e.g. slower CPU�s) is added to the cluster?
What is the purpose of OLR?