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School of Civil Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering Short Course
August 2017

Lecture time 9.00am to 1.00pm

Teaching load
No. Lecturer Email address
Week Hour
1. Prof. Dr. Fauziah Ahmad (FA) cefahmad 1 20

No. Corse Outcome (CO)

CO1 Able to relate geotechnical engineering theories and principles to design solutions.
CO2 Able to analyze component of geotechnical problem
CO3 Able to produce and demonstrate design solutions in appropriate professional
Note: Geotechnical Engineering Course:Introduction to Geotechnical Design and Site Investigations
Techniques,Landslide and Subsidence, Slope Stabilization Techniques, Analysis for Retaining Wall and Application of
Geosynthethics for Ground Improvement Applications.

Day Hours Topics Assessments CO

1 Day 1 4 Introduction to Geotechnical Design CO1
And Site Investigation Techniques CO2
 Design paprameters and its Criteria
 Site Investigation procedure
 Preliminary site Investigation
 Process of Site Investigation
 Techniques of investigation
 Instrumentation
 Factual Site Investigation Report
 Soil Profiling
2 Day 2 4 Landslide and Subsidence CO1
 Introduction to Landslide CO2
 Types of Landslide
 Factors Affecting Landslide
 Landslide Assessment
 Other Disaster
3 Day 3 4 Slope Stabilization Techniques CO1
 Introduction of Slope Stability CO2
 Analysis of Slope Stability
 Types Slope Stabilization
 Techniques of Remediation
4 Day 4 4 Analysis of Retaining Wall Assign1 C01
 Introduction to types of Retaining C02
Structures C03
 Design Paramaters for Retaining Wall
 Types of failure in Retaining Walls
5 Day 5 4 Application of Geosynthetics for ground CO1
Improvement CO2
 Introduction to Geosynthetics CO3
 Its Funtions
 Application of Geosynthetics to Civil
Engineering Applications
6 Day 6 2hr Exam/Test Test 1 CO1
 1 Test : Site Investigation and Landslide CO2

Course Assignment (100%)

Test (1)/ Exam 50%
Assignment (1) 50%