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By: Dr. Paul Enenche
SERVICE OBJECTIVES: Understanding three critical wisdom areas for successful
1. Wisdom is very critical for profitable, gainful successful living (Eccl. 10:10)
2. Wisdom is very critical for outstanding and distinguished living (Eccl. 8:1)
3. Wisdom is very critical for royal and palatial existence (Prov. 8:15)
1. Relationship Wisdom
1a. Relationship can make or mar life and destiny
1b. Relationship can bring out the best or the worst out of the life of a person
1c. Relationship can bring you pain or bring you pleasure
1d. Relationship can facilitate your gain or guarantee your loss
1e. Relationship can bring you acceleration or establish your stagnation
1f. Relationship can contribute to your preservation or facilitate your destruction
1g. Relationship never leaves you neutral; it is either adding something to you or
taking something from you
1. Relate with the future in mind, not just for the moment
2. Relate with positive influencers not negative influencers; relate with those who
bring the best out of your life not those who bring the worst out of your life
3. Relate with people who treasure your principles and value your standards in life
4. Relate with people who have principles and character that you either want to
assimilate or sustain
5. Relate with people who see the treasure that is in you, who are excited about you
and what you represent
6. Relate with people who brighten your vision and inflame your passion in life
Run away from people who kill your vision, deflate your enthusiasm and puncture
your positivity
7. Relate with people who sharpen your potentials, amplify your strengths and
suffocate your weaknesses
Run away from people who choke your potentials, suffocate your strength and
amplify your weakness.
You are where you are today because you related with people who either amplified
your potentials or suffocated your raw material
8. Relate with people going your direction, with similar destination as yourself
9. Relate with people who speak the language you understand and who understand
your language
Relate with people whose mindset and utterances are similar with yours.
Any friend you quarrel with all the time, is an indication that the relationship is a
waste of time.
You don’t have eternity to fulfil destiny; you are meant to be solving problems
together not settling issues between yourselves
10. Relate with people who are not in insecurity because of your potentials, who are
not intimidated by your success and profile
Relate with people who celebrate your success, people who are genuinely excited
that you are doing well; not those who are uncomfortable with your testimony and
bitter with your results
11. Relate with people who will not engage you in unhealthy competition and strife
Flee from people who are out to see how they can outdo or outshine your results
12. Relate with people who value you for who you are and not for what they can get
from you,
not people who are out to use and abuse you
13. Relate with people who can cover your back and veil your nakedness; not those
who stab you at the back or join those who do so, not those who expose your faults
or errors to ridicule
14. Relate with people who multiply your joy and diminish your pain; not those who
diminish your joy and multiply your pain
15. Relate with people who are friends indeed, those who are all-weather friends not
fair weather or seasonal friends (Acts 14:20)
16. Relate with people who give you peace and rest; never force yourself to sustain
a relationship in which peace is lost
If you don’t leave it in peace, it may leave you in pieces
1. Never relate carelessly, relate carefully (1Cor. 15:33)
Never relate carelessly, it can damage you!
2. Love abundantly (1Thes. 3:12)
The person you are not friends with is not your enemy
3. Rely on Divine guidance even in relationships (Prov. 3:5-6)
4. Be a friend indeed (Prov. 18:24)
Be there for someone as a brother/sister; people are suffocating in the world today
not from food or water but from lack of acceptance
2. Time-use Wisdom
3. Financial Wisdom
Father I thank You for Your Word to me today; I come before You tonight. I receive
the grace to be a friend indeed, I receive the grace to identify the correct association
for my life; I receive the grace to love abundantly, I receive the grace to be careful in
association; I receive that grace now in the Name of Jesus
Father, I connect with wisdom today from the Communion. I receive the grace to
walk in wisdom, wisdom in relationship, wisdom in finances and time management. I
connect the wisdom and I thank You for that wisdom in Jesus’ Name
-This Communion is your tonic of wisdom to relate carefully; wisdom in the use of
time and wisdom for financial management
- Receive the grace to walk in wisdom for my relationship. Any relationship that will
destroy your life, be separated from it by the power of this communion in Jesus’
-Divine insight and revelation in identifying the right relationship be released upon
you via this Communion
- Everything that is a sickness in your body, every demonic challenge tormenting
your life is flushed out by the power of the Blood of Jesus
- Wherever your finances are tied, the yoke on them is broken and what is your is
released to you
- Whatever is associated with your name that is a negative situation, today is the end
of it
- Everybody engaged in any battle from the pit of hell because of your spiritual life,
that battle is over
- Every force fighting your devotion and commitment, today it is over forever in
Jesus’ Name
- As October ends tomorrow, systems are put under pressure; October is not
permitted to end and November is not permitted to arrive until your expectations for
October comes to pass