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Prop and Scenery Lights Introduces the Lighting Wick Strip with Candle Flame

Spectrum for Theatrical Props and Filmmaking

Prop and Scenery Lights, LLC (PSL) announces the Lighting Wick Strip with Candle Flame
spectrum. A low voltage high color quality light source for creating candlelight for theatrical props
and filmmaking.

Troy, MI, December 09, 2019 --( PSL's Lighting Wick Strip is a double sided, semi-rigid,
candlelight flame spectrum LED flex strip that uses 12 high 93 CRI (Color Rendering Index) LEDs (six
per side) in a compact three-inch active area. The cuttable strip allows the active light area to be scaled
from 3 inches at 6 LEDs per side, to 2 inches at four LEDs per side, or 1 inch at 2 LEDs per side. This
unique, scalable, double-sided strip allows great flexibility for the theatrical Prop Master to create unique
stage props, from lanterns to hand candles, with uniformity of the light source. For filmmaking the
double-sided strip can be easily integrated into small china balls for a soft diffuse high color quality light
to enhance candlelight scenes.

The strip operates from 12 volts DC Max. down to 6 volts DC. The candle flame light color temperature
is an ultra-warm 1,775 Kelvin nominal with a color rendering index of 93 CRI nominal. The ends of the
strip have a 21-inch ref. length cable with a female DC barrel connector jack of the 2.1mm x 5.5mm size.
The part number for the Lighting Wick Strip, Candle Flame is LWS-CF. The full three-inch length strip is
rated at 2.3 watts when powered from a 12-volt DC source and provides 47 Lumens. The strip can be
voltage dimmed below 10 lumens with an input of 6 volts. The LWS-CF LED strip is also compatible
with PWM dimming and various DMX lighting systems.

Theatrical stage prop lanterns and candles
Themed environments

About PSL:
PSL provides special effects lighting products related to performing arts, themed environments, and

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