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Jordan Adams

3rd period
The Ramayana

Objective Summary​: After leaving Ayodhya on a quest to rid the world of evil, Rama, Lakshamana, and Viswamithra arrive in Mithila. While
walking around, Rama and Sita notice each other and immediately fall in love, as they were husband and wife in heaven, although they did
not realize that. Sita feels lovesick and begins to worry over not being with Rama while Rama broods. Janaka also wants Rama to marry
Sita, so Viswamithra suggests that Rama try Sita’s hand by lifting, bending, and stringing Shiva’s bow. He is successful and the whole city
celebrates. Viswamithra tells Janaka to send a messenger to Dasaratha about the marriage, who happily accepts it. Soon after the
ceremony and vows, Dasaratha, his sons, and daughter-in-laws all head back to Ayodhya while Viswamithra retires into the Himalayas.

Theme:​ Those who don’t look the part can accomplish great feats.

Chapter 2: The Wedding Chapter 1: Rama’s Initiation Chapter 9: Rama in Court

(Mahabali’s Story)
“Some commented, ‘How cruel! This “Bali laughed… ‘The small figure you see “... ‘You should not bestir yourself in this
supposed sage is not ashamed to put the is a deception: he is minute, but this manner. After all, we are not being
delicate, marvellous youth to this harsh microcosm…’ ‘Oh stop! I know my opposed by a regular infantry, cavalry, or
trial!’ ‘The King is perverse and cruel to responsibility.’... the water fell… elephants, but by a crowd of monkeys
place this godlike youth in this assumed a majestic stature spanning the and some men.’” (Narayan 126). ​Ravana,
predicament… If he was serious about it, earth and the sky… ‘Where shall I place Indrajit, and the rest of the court are still
he should have just placed Sita’s hand in the third step?’... ‘Here on my head…’... convinced that Ravana’s end will be by a
his instead of demanding this acrobatic and thus disposed of the tormentor of monkey clan and not Rama, and even then
feat…’” (Narayan 27). ​This commentary the worlds.” (Narayan 15). ​Mahabali, due they are still dismissing the idea that the
from the onlookers shows that Rama wasn’t to Rama’s size, laughed at Rama and didn’t demon Ravana, tormentor of the worlds, will
seen as someone who could lift, bend, and take him seriously, even when Sukracharya face his end by monkeys. In the end,
string Shiva’s bow, which he ends up doing. tried to warn him. It later on came back in Ravana faced his death at the hands of
People did not give him much of a chance bad karma when he was pushed into the Rama.
being that other suitors who had attempted netherworld.
to complete the task had failed.
Evaluation​: I agree with the theme statement because often times we judge people based on their physical appearance, especially when we
are not interacting with them and getting to know their character or ability. Many times we see kids and teenagers as immature and
incapable of accomplishing something because of their age, but throughout history some of the people that have changed the world, their
country, or even their neighborhood have been young kids and teenagers, and our experiences as kids and teenagers often shape us into
the person we become as adults. Another example of this could come from disabled people, such as Stephen Hawking, who has been one
of the biggest influencers in modern cosmology and our understanding of space, gravity, and other related things.