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douglas (jed3339) – Homework 08 – yao – (54790) 1

This print-out should have 23 questions.

Multiple-choice questions may continue on B
the next column or page – find all choices
before answering. v

001 10.0 points

A flat coil of wire consisting of 28 turns, each B
with an area of 46 cm2 , is positioned perpen-
dicularly to a uniform magnetic field that in- If the bar is moving from right to left (⇐),
creases its magnitude at a constant rate from how are charges distributed on the bar?
3.2 T to 8.6 T in 5.5 s. If the coil has a total
resistance of 0.63 Ω, what is the magnitude of 1. The top will be negative and the bottom
the induced current? will be positive.
Answer in units of A.
2. The top will be positive and the bottom
002 10.0 points will be negative.
A flexible loop of conducting wire has a radius
of 16 cm and is in a magnetic field of strength 3. Both the top and bottom of the bar will
of 0.35 T . be positive.

4. Both the top and bottom of the bar will

be negative.

004 (part 1 of 2) 10.0 points

In the arrangement shown in the figure,

the resistor is 9 Ω and a 7 T magnetic field
The loop is grasped at opposite ends and is directed into the paper. The separation
stretched until it closes to an area of 0.002 m2 . between the rails is 4 m . An applied force
moves the bar to the left at a constant speed
of 2 m/s .

m≪1 g
2 m/s


If it takes 0.17 s to close the loop, find the

magnitude of the average induced emf in it
during this time.
Answer in units of mV. 7T

003 10.0 points

Calculate the applied force required to
A copper bar has a constant velocity in the
move the bar to the left at a constant speed of
plane of the paper and perpendicular to a
2 m/s. Assume the bar and rails have negligi-
magnetic field pointed into the plane of the
ble resistance and friction. Neglect the mass
of the bar.
Answer in units of N.
douglas (jed3339) – Homework 08 – yao – (54790) 2
005 (part 2 of 2) 10.0 points M gR
9. v∞ =
At what rate is energy dissipated in the resis- ℓ2 B
tor? M g R2
Answer in units of W. 10. v∞ = 2 2
ℓ B
006 10.0 points 007 10.0 points
A bar of negligible resistance and mass m in In the figure shown, the magnet is first moved
the figure below is pulled horizontally across downward toward the loop of wire, then with-
frictionless parallel rails, also of negligible re- drawn upward from the loop of wire.
sistance, by a massless string that passes over
an ideal pulley and is attached to a suspended N down
mass M . The uniform magnetic field has a then
magnitude B, and the distance between the up
rails is ℓ. The rails are connected at one end S
by a load resistor R. Counter-
m Clockwise clockwise
induced I I induced
current current

As viewed from above, the induced current
in the loop is
B B B B B B B 1. for both cases clockwise with decreasing
a magnitude.

What is the magnitude of the terminal ve- 2. for both cases counterclockwise with de-
locity (i.e., the eventual steady-state speed creasing magnitude.
v∞ ) reached by the bar? The acceleration
due to gravity is g. 3. for both cases counterclockwise with in-
creasing magnitude.
M gR
1. v∞ =
ℓ B2 4. for both cases clockwise with increasing
M 2 g 2 R2 magnitude.
2. v∞ =
ℓ2 B 2
5. first clockwise, then counter-clockwise.
M g R2
3. v∞ =
ℓ2 B 6. first counter-clockwise, then clockwise.
M g R2
4. v∞ =
ℓ B2 008 10.0 points
M 2 g2 R
5. v∞ = Two coils are suspended around a central
axis as shown in the figure below. One coil
M gR
6. v∞ = is connected to a resistor with ends labeled a
ℓB and b. The other coil is connected to a battery
M gR E. The coils are moving relative to each other
7. v∞ =
ℓ2 B 2 as indicated by the velocity vectors v.
M g R2 Use Lenz’s law to answer the following ques-
8. v∞ = tion concerning the direction of induced cur-
rents and magnetic fields.
douglas (jed3339) – Homework 08 – yao – (54790) 3

− +

E a R b

Which of the five graphs correctly shows

the induced current i in the loop as a function
v v of time t? In the graphs, a positive value for
The direction of the magnetic field in the i indicates a counterclockwise current and a
coil with the battery attached is negative value indicates a clockwise current.
A1: from right to left (⇐= Bprimary ). 1.
A2: from left to right (Bprimary =⇒).
The direction of the induced magnetic field
in the coil with the resistor attached is
B1: from right to left (⇐= Binduced ).
B2: from left to right (Binduced =⇒).
The direction of the induced current in re-
sistor R is
C1: from b through R to a (← I).
C2: from a through R to b (I →).
Choose the appropriate answer.

1. A1, B2, C1

2. A2, B1, C2

3. A2, B2, C1
4. A1, B1, C1

5. A1, B2, C2

6. A2, B1, C1

7. A2, B2, C2
8. A1, B1, C2

009 10.0 points

A square loop of wire moves with a constant
speed v from a field-free region, through a
region of constant magnetic field, and back
into a field-free region.
douglas (jed3339) – Homework 08 – yao – (54790) 4

5. waterfall N S

sliding contacts
Which graph best represents the induced
010 10.0 points
current i(t) at later times?
Take i > 0 for current flowing in direction
A rectangular conducting loop of wire is ap-
shown by arrows.
proximately half-way into a magnetic field B
(out of the page) and is free to move.
Suppose the magnetic field B begins to de-
crease rapidly in strength.
B B 0
a c

b d
0 x0 2.
What happens to the loop?

1. The loop will rotate. ~t

2. The loop is pushed upward, towards the
top of the page.
3. The loop is pushed to the left, toward the
magnetic field. 3.
4. The loop is pushed to the right, away
from the magnetic field.

5. The loop doesn’t move.

012 (part 2 of 3) 10.0 points
6. The loop is pushed downward, towards The AC generator consists of N = 6 turns of
the bottom of the page. wire each of area A = 0.11 m2 and total resis-
tance 9.07 Ω. The loop rotates in a magnetic
011 (part 1 of 3) 10.0 points field B = 0.663 T at a constant frequency of
In an AC electric generator, a rigid loop of 72.8 Hz.
wire rotates in an external magnetic field. Find the maximum induced emf.
Say the loop is positioned as shown at time Answer in units of V.
t = 0.
013 (part 3 of 3) 10.0 points
douglas (jed3339) – Homework 08 – yao – (54790) 5
What is the maximum induced current? 2. along the rod toward the pivot point.
Answer in units of a.
3. opposite to the direction of swing.
014 (part 1 of 3) 10.0 points
4. into the paper.
A pendulum consists of a supporting rod and
a metal plate (see figure). The rod is pivoted 5. out of the paper.
at O. The metal plate swings through a
region of magnetic field. Consider the case 017 10.0 points
where the pendulum is entering the magnetic A coil has an inductance of 2.8 mH, and the
field region from the left. current through it changes from 0.3 A to 2 A
O in 0.22 s.
Find the magnitude of the average induced
emf in the coil during this period.
Answer in units of mV.

018 10.0 points

er At times prior to t = 0, the switch is open.
The switch is closed at t = 0.

The direction of the circulating eddy cur- 4 kΩ 12 mH

rent in the plate is

1. counter-clockwise. 240 V
2. clockwise. I

015 (part 2 of 3) 10.0 points

When I = 33 mA, what is the potential
The direction of the induced magnetic field at
difference across the inductor?
the center of the circulating eddy current is
Answer in units of V.
1. along the rod away from O.
019 (part 1 of 3) 10.0 points
2. out of the paper.
An inductor and a resistor are connected
3. along the rod toward O. with a double pole switch to a battery as
shown in the figure.
4. into the paper. The switch has been in position b for a long
period of time.
5. parallel to the direction of motion; i.e.,
the arrow in the sketch.
2.32 Ω 179 mH S b
016 (part 3 of 3) 10.0 points
The direction of the force which the magnetic 6.6 V
field exerts is

1. along the direction of swing.

If the switch is thrown from position b
douglas (jed3339) – Homework 08 – yao – (54790) 6
to position a (connecting the battery), how E
7. IP (0) =
much time elapses before the current reaches 2R
133 mA? 3E
Answer in units of ms. 8. IP (0) =
16 E
020 (part 2 of 3) 10.0 points 9. IP (0) =
What is the maximum current in the inductor
a long time after the switch is in position a? 10. IP (0) =
Answer in units of A. R
023 (part 2 of 2) 10.0 points
021 (part 3 of 3) 10.0 points When the switch has been closed for a long
The switch has brushes within it so that the time, what is the energy stored in the induc-
switch can be thrown from a to b without tor?
internal sparking. Now the switch is smoothly
thrown from a to b, shorting the inductor and LE
1. UL =
resistor. 32 R
How much time elapses before the current LE
2. UL =
falls to 113 mA? 4R
Answer in units of ms. LE
3. UL =
022 (part 1 of 2) 10.0 points LE
4. UL =
Consider the circuit shown.
5. UL =
R 16 R
L R2
6. UL =
2 E2
L E2
7. UL =
E 4 R2
S E 2 R2
8. UL =
What is the instantaneous current at point 9. UL =
P immediately after the switch is closed?
L E2
10. UL =
1. IP (0) = 0 2 R2
2. IP (0) =
3. IP (0) =
4. IP (0) =
5. IP (0) =
6. IP (0) =