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Make the past simple of the next verbs (4pts)

1.She ___________________ (go) home.

2.We ___________________ (watch) a film.
3.When ___________________ (he / arrive)?
4.I ___________________ (buy) a new car.
5.Where ___________________ (you / live)?
6.I ___________________ (play) tennis.
7.Where ___________________ (you / work) before?
8.___________________ (they / come) for lunch?
9.___________________ (we /study) this last year?
10.They ___________________ (drink) coffee.
11.___________________ (you / see) that film?
12.We ___________________ (eat) dinner.
13.You ___________________ (not / go) out last night.
14.He ___________________ (study).
15.What ___________________ (you / watch)?
16.We ___________________ (not / call) you yesterday.

Make past simple ‘wh’ questions: (6 pts)

1. (Where / you / go to school?) _______________________________________________________________

2. (When / she / arrive?) _______________________________________________________________
3. (Why / he / eat so much?) _______________________________________________________________
4. (What / they / do yesterday?) _______________________________________________________________
5. (Who / you / meet at the party?) _______________________________________________________________
6. (How / she / come to work this morning?)

Change the following sentences to the simple past. (4 pts)

We are at a café →
Where do you work? →
John is at the party →
Clara isn’t at home. She is at school. →

In the following text, identify the verbs in the past simple (3pts), then select 6
of them and translate them into Spanish (3pts).

Yesterday Debbie had a job interview. She went downtown to the company. The interview was for an accounting job.
Debbie graduated university 3 months ago.

Her interview was at 10:00 am. She woke up at 7:00 am and left her house before 8:00 am. She waited for the bus, but it
was late. She was very worried because she did not want to be late for the interview. She tried to phone the company to
warn them, but her phone battery was dead.

When the bus arrived, it was almost 9:00 am. Then the bus was slow because there were many other cars. The bus finally
arrived at Debbie’s stop at 9:45 am.

Debbie ran from the bus stop to the office building. When she entered she saw a sign that said the company was on the
24th floor. The elevator ride took almost 5 minutes because many people stopped at different floors.

When Debbie arrived at reception, it was 9:58. She was in time!

“I am here to see Mrs. Lewis” said Debbie.

The receptionist checked her book and replied:

“She is not here today. What is your name please?”

“My name is Debbie Gregson.”

“Sorry Debbie, but your appointment is tomorrow.”

Debbie checked her agenda. It was true. She was there on the wrong day!