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Solution Overview

Red Box Quantify CallSafe TM

Quantify CallSafe allows recordings to be retained (locked) within the Red Box recording system for ongoing
investigation and disclosure. Specifically designed with compliance and investigation in mind, the feature allows
recordings to be placed into ‘litigation hold’ with a simple click of the CallSafe icon.
CallSafe provides simple, secure operation allowing set of calls to be held indefinitely on the system, if required.

Quantify CallSafe lock

CallSafe provides the ability to select and lock individual or multiple recordings via the standard Quantify search and
replay functionality. CallSafe will retain the recordings locking them away until the investigation or disclosure is

CallSafe functionality prevents the normal archiving or retention policies from removing the specific recordings from
the Red Box recording system ensuring they are securely retained for use in investigations, whilst the rest of the
recordings remain compliant with everyday retention requirements. The Red Box system automatically tags the
recordings as “CallSafe” allowing the user to add specific notes and references to make managing recordings for
review easy.
CallSafe provides simple, secure operation allowing CallSafe set of calls to be held indefinitely on the system, if

Quantify CallSafe unlock

When recordings locked with Callsafe are no longer required, they can either be manually archived off to electronic
media or simply selected for deletion. All CallSafe recordings are logged within the Red Box recording systems built
in audit trail providing details of the calls and the users that have locked and unlocked recordings.

Simple user control

The system administrator can grant selected trusted users
access to CallSafe to provide them with individual control of
the CallSafe feature. Users granted with this permission will
have access to view CallSafe recordings and lock / unlock
recordings in line with operational requirements. Locking and
unlocking recordings is simply done by selecting the CallSafe
buttons on the Quantify replay toolbar.

Once locked and referenced with the relevant notes and incident numbers, the system will take care of storing the
CallSafe recordings in a secure network storage area, where they can be safely retained for as long as required. The
retention facility offers unlimited scalability, allowing additional storage to be allocated to the CallSafe storage area as
and when required, keeping management and costs under control.
Solution Overview

How it works
CallSafe provides an extension to the Network Storage functionality of the Red Box system, allowing selected
Callsafe recordings to be archived off to protect them from the normal archive and retention policies of the day to day
operation of the Red Box recording system.
This means that CallSafe provides additional functionality without complexity or any impact on the rest of the solution.
Non CallSafe users do not have access or any knowledge that selected recordings have been retained within
CallSafe, ensuring confidentiality and security are maintained.

CallSafe is available for systems running Red Box Quantify v2 or later. CallSafe is licensed per agent / supervisor
seat and is an additional license to the recorder and media server.
The license is applied as a global setting on each Red Box recorder / MediaServer and can then be controlled via
user and group permissions to restrict access to recordings.

The system will also require the NAS archive option to be enabled, if it is not already licensed, for all voice recorders /
Media Servers requiring the CallSafe functionality.

Recommended Server Requirements

Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 or later
SQL Server 2005 Express Web Platform Installer or better
SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express or better

Recommended Client PC Requirements

Windows XP, ME, Vista, Windows 7 or later, supporting NTFS file system
Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 3.6 or later
.Net Framework 3.5 Sp1, Silverlight v4
PC Running:
Intel Dual Core Pentium 2Ghz
2GB RAM or better
50Gb free HDD
Support for 100Mb NIC
Display 1280 x 1024
Permissions to the „Users‟ area of the HDD and C:\Quantify area of HDD