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Shirley Hales

Cheyenne Ramirez
Eddie Pena

Phase 3 - Implementation: Lesson Plans

TLP – Academic Recess Brain Breaks
Go Noodle

Summary Students will take an academic brain between direct
instruction/assignments to recharge and refocus before another
assignment/task takes place. Go Noodle is designed for s​hort
interactive activities that keep students engaged and motivated.
Selections to choose from include High energy (to get the wiggles
out), mindfulness and calming activities, and academic activities
while exercising.
Grade Level 1​st​-6th
Time Frame 1-20 minutes
Subject(s) Physical Education/Exercise (can add academic element ELA,
Math, or Social Studies options)
Topic(s) Taking an academic brain break utilizing the Go-Noodle
Website that focuses on physical movement and exercise.
Instructional Materials ● Computer/Laptop/Projector
● Response journal
● Pencil
CA Content Standard(s) Go-Noodle is aligned with California State Standard 1 for grades
K-12, which states the following: ​Students demonstrate the motor
skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical

Lesson Objective(s) - Students will take a healthy exercise based brain break to get
motivated, focused, and ready/on task for direct instruction
and/or next assignment.
UDL Go Noodle has an assortment of choices for classrooms. For
This site gives classrooms with students that need a slower pace, activities can
teachers/students choice in be selected. Also, for classrooms that specific routines would be
exercise considerations. difficult due to disability, a freestyle activity can be selected.
Students who are not fully
mobile can still participate.
Assessment of Learning Classrooms and individual students can earn exercise points
towards progress on exercise goals recorded by Go Noodle.
Students can log minutes into their response journals.
Sequence of Activities ● Students access computer
● Sign in to Prodigy
● Click on Activity
● Get grovin’ to the music
● Take out response journal
● Record progress/minutes
● Respond in journal with readiness to focus on next
CLOSURE Students complete Journal response and rate readiness for next