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Activate and charge your new Stryd.
You can wear Stryd on either shoe. Center
Stryd includes power-based training plans 1. Power the charging pad with a computer or your device on the laces with the narrow end
from 5k to Triathlon. wall outlet using the USB cable. pointing forward.
2. Place Stryd at the center of the charging pad.
Your existing training plan can also be Device lights up when the charging starts, and 1. Slide the clip under 2-3 rows of shoe laces.
adapted to support power. it lights off after fully charged. 2. Align the notch on Stryd with the tooth on
the clip.
Daily workouts are delivered to you watch, Configure Stryd using Stryd Mobile. 3. Push the front of Stryd and the clip
phone, and computer. together until they click. You're ready to
1. Visit to install Stryd Android/ run!
Visit to get started. iOS app on your phone or tablet. 4. To remove Stryd, press the front end of the
2. Sign in to the app with your Stryd account. clip forward and remove Stryd. It's fine to
3. Press the 'Sync' button. leave Stryd attached between runs.



Stryd supports Connect IQ-compatible
Suunto Ambit 2, Ambit 3, and Spartan watches You can run with Stryd using the Stryd Mobile
watches with custom apps and data fields.
support Stryd, and power works in run mode. App on your phone. It shows your run data,
and syncs it to your Stryd account.
Stryd IQ is a custom app to start training
Visit for compatibility lists
and racing with power.
as well as installation and Movescount You can use Stryd without taking a watch or
syncing instructions. smartphone. When you finish your run, open
Stryd Power is a custom data field that
up the Stryd Mobile App and press the sync
works great in run and triathlon modes.
If you have another watch, visit button. All of your run data will be saved to
support for compatibility information and your Stryd account for review.
Visit for compatibility
installation instructions.
lists and installation instructions.