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Grading Rubric for PowerPoint

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Points
Effectiveness Project includes all Project includes Project is missing Project is lacking
material needed to most material more than two key several key
gain a comfortable needed to gain a elements. elements and has
understanding of comfortable inaccuracies.
the topic. understanding of
the material but is
lacking one or two
key elements.
Sequencing of Information is Most information Some information There is no clear
Information organized in a is organized in a is logically plan for the
clear, logical way. It clear, logical way. sequenced. An organization of
is easy to One slide or item occasional slide or information.
anticipate the type of information item of
of material that seems out of place. information seems
might be on the out of place.
next slide.
Originality Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation is a
shows shows some shows an attempt rehash of other
considerable originality and at originality and people's ideas
originality and inventiveness. The inventiveness on 1- and/or graphics
inventiveness. The content and ideas 2 slides. and shows very
content and ideas are presented in an little attempt at
are presented in a interesting way. original thought.
unique and
interesting way.
Spelling and Presentation has Presentation has 1- Presentation has 1- Presentation has
Grammar no misspellings or 2 misspellings, but 2 grammatical more than 2
grammatical no grammatical errors but no grammatical
errors. errors. misspellings. and/or spelling
Use of Graphics All graphics are A few graphics are All graphics are Several graphics
attractive (size and not attractive but attractive but a few are unattractive
colors) and all support the do not seem to AND detract from
support the theme/content of support the the content of the
theme/content of the presentation. theme/content of presentation.
the presentation. the presentation.
Organization PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint
contains a contains a contains fewer contains fewer
minimum of 10 minimum of 10 than 10 slides, or than 10 slides and
slides. All parts of slides. All parts of some slides is missing several
the task are the task are designed do not parts of the task.
completed fully completed partially support the Slides designed do
and support the and support the theme/content of not support the
theme/content of theme/content of the presentation. theme/content of
the presentation. the presentation. the presentation.
Sources All sources All sources All sources Some sources are
(information and (information and (information and not accurately
graphics) are graphics) are graphics) are documented.
accurately accurately accurately
documented in the documented, but documented, but
desired format. one is not in the two or more are
desired format. not in the desired