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Online Projects, Collaboration Sites and Publishing Opportunities

Lesson Idea Name: Geometry Playlist

Content Area: Geometry
Grade Level(s): 10th
Content Standard Addressed: *all of the standards that were covered over the duration of the
Technology Standard Addressed:
Communication and Collaboration- Students create original works or responsibly repurpose or remix
digital resources into new creations.

Selected Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity: iTune, YouTube

URL(s) to support the lesson:,

Describe how you would incorporate an Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing

Opportunity in your classroom:

One way I would incorporate an Online Project into my classroom is to have the students do a
research project on a specific subject to learn more content about that subject/topic. The information
that they discover about the subject can also be posted onto a Collaboration Site for students from
other classes or schools to share ideas and opinions about the topic.

Another way that would incorporate a Publishing Opportunity in my classroom is to have the students
create a group final project on a topic that was covered over the course period to help their fellow
classmates study and prepare for the class final. This particular project will be of any format that is
provided to them, such as a song that they can publish on iTunes, an informative video, or a music
video that they publish on YouTube.

What technologies would be required to implement this proposed learning activity in a

Phone, Tablet/iPad, Audio Mixer, Computer (PowerPoint, iMovie, etc.)

Describe how the following features are addressed in this learning experience (note: all of them
may not be addressed in the project, but most should be if you are reaching a high LoTi Level).
a. Collaboration with peers, near-peers, mentors outside their classroom and often beyond
their school:

The lesson is built on the fact that students will be in groups with their fellow classmates to
create their song or video.

b. Student-centered learning and knowledge creation (creating original data and or

producing original products as a result of engaging in a project):

Students will be creating original products in this lesson from the song, informative video, or
music video that they create with their group members. The students will be expected to create
the lyrics or information of discussion from scratch using their resources and the information
that they learned about their topic.

c. Higher-order thinking:

Spring 2018_SJB
Online Projects, Collaboration Sites and Publishing Opportunities
This lesson requires the students to be able to think critically about their topic of focus to create
a song or video about that topic in order to ultimately inform others. This requires high-order
thinking because they are being creative and are putting into perspective of how the topic
relates to them and the world around them in order to help others further comprehend the topic.

d. Students publishing their original work to others who will use/care about their product:

The students will be publishing their product onto either iTunes or YouTube to share with not
only the world but also their classmates to help them prepare for their finals.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Level(s):

☐ Remembering ☐ Understanding ☐ Applying ☐ Analyzing ☐ Evaluating ☒

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level):

☐ Level 1: Awareness ☐ Level 2: Exploration ☐ Level 3: Infusion ☐ Level 4:


☒ Level 5: Expansion ☐ Level 6: Refinement

Universal Design for Learning (UDL):

The lesson idea supports the three principles of UDL. Students will be given a new representation or
format to re-learn or refresh their memory on the content that they learned throughout the year. They
will have the opportunity to express their knowledge or the information that they have learned through
a new medium or using a new method. The lesson idea is also engaging because the students will be
interacting with their peers and they have to put in parts of themselves into the project to be creative,
original, and make their project have meaning to them and others.

Lesson idea implementation and Internet Safety Policies:

This lesson idea can be implemented while still complying with the district’s Internet Safety and
Student Privacy policies by providing appropriate and free resources for the students to use that do not
require them to share their personal information. This will also ensure that the students are being safe
on the Internet and aren’t using websites that are not school appropriate. Tips and tools on how to
keep their information private will also be given to them, such as using a pseudonym for their
Reflective Practice:

I feel like this is a great lesson idea because it not only helps that the students are sharing their
products to help their peers but it also helps them personally because they may have to relearn the
information or do some research on the topic to improve their product. The students are given an
opportunity to share their skills and interests through the project, and they are able to develop their
technology skills. They are also given an opportunity to publish their product to share with the others
that could potentially help other students in the world.

Spring 2018_SJB