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Wattenmeer Kiel
On The Brothers Grimms’ Track Nature Park
Alsfeld Hoya on the Weser
European model city with Fairy Tale House and The dwarf‘s tale at Hoya in the former Castle
unique ensemble of timber-framed houses of the Count of Hoya on the Weser
Phone: +49 6631/182-165 Phone: +49 4251/815-47 Buxtehude •
Bad Karlshafen
Baroque town, German Huguenot Museum, Kassel
Weser Thermal Bath, boat trips Capital of the Fairy Tale Route. Here the Brothers Grimm
Phone: +49 5672/9999-22 collected their famous “Children and Household Tales”. GRIMMWORLD Kassel, Wilhelmshöhe baroque hillside Bremerhaven park (UNESCO World Heritage) with Herkules monument,
Löwenburg (Lion’s Castle) and fountains, Fairytale
Bad Oeynhausen
Fairy Tale Museum, spa landscape gardens,
Bali Thermal Bath, GOP Variety Show, casino
Phone: +49 5731/1300
Christmas Market,
world art exhibition documenta
Phone: +49 561/707707

Bad Sooden-Allendorf Kaufungen

Historic city centre with rows of timber-framed Historic Abbey and Abbey premises,
houses in the land of Mother Hulda, picturesque old town districts, regional
Fairy-Tale Lantern Trail museum and mining museum
Phone: +49 5652/95870 Phone: +49 5605/8020 • Knüllwald
Knüllwald in the middle of the land of Little Red
Bad Wildungen
Health resort at the border of the recreational area Riding Hood with wolves and bears at Knüll
Kellerwald-Edersee: picturesque historic town animal park
centre, Art Nouveau spa district, and Snow White‘s
hamlet „Bergfreiheit“
Phone: +49 5681/930808 ·
Phone: (toll free line) +49 800/7910100 Lahntal
Phone: +49 5621/96567-41 House of Otto Ubbelohde, studio of the painter and illustrator of the Brothers Grimm‘s fairy tales Phone: +49 6420/82300
Baunatal moves you - it‘s simply fabulous with •
its Brewery Knallhütte, and the birthplace and City of the Easter Wheels with historic city centre, town
home of Dorothea Viehmann, storyteller to the wall and defense towers, mystical cycle and hiking routes
Brothers Grimm. and fabulous Köterberg mountain.
Phone: +49 561/95379580 Phone: +49 5281/770870 · Wiehengebirge
Bodenwerder – Polle Fairytale Park located along the long distance Hercules Nature Park Steinhuder Meer Berlin
Bodenwerder: Munchhausen-Museum,
Munchhausen play and musical, historical
monuments and historic city centre.
Phone: +49 5533/405-41
hiking route X7 in the beautiful Eichsfeld
region and the „premium hiking route“ P16.
Phone: +49 36087/90505 · Wiedensahl
Nature Park
University town. Here the Brothers Grimm started
Bovenden to research on popular literature. Landgrave’s castle,
Legendary Plesse Castle as featured in
„German Legends“ by the Brothers Grimm.
historic city centre with market place, St. Elizabeth‘s Bückeburg
Church, Grimm Town Path
Phone: +49 551/82010 Phone: +49 6421/99120 Bad Oeynhausen Castle Hessisch Oldendorf
Bremen Melsungen
Home and open-air performance of the world- Melsungen is worthwhile a visit! Historic town
famous “Bremer Town Musicians”, historical
marketplace and old town with the UNESCO World
Heritage Sites Town Hall and Roland statue.
centre with timber-framed houses, famous town hall,
home of the „Bartenwetzer“
(„axe whetters“)
Phone: +49 421/3080010 Phone: +49 5661 / 708 200 Hämelschenburg
Buxtehude Niedenstein Castle Weserbergland
Picturesque fairy-tale town, where the „Hedgehog Health resort with a fabulous view from the Hesse Tower Rhein/Ruhr Nature Park
and the Hare“ ran their legendary race and godfather King Thrushbeard
Phone: +49 4161/5012345 Phone: +49 5624/99930 •
Nienburg on the Weser
Lügde Bodenwerder
Ebergötzen Maybe you will meet the brash
At the „Herrenmühle“, nowadays a museum, “Little Nienburg Girl“ here
Max and Moritz come alive, European bread Phone: +49 5021/917630
museum Teutoburger Wald/Eggegebirge
Phone: +49 5507/7181 Nature Park Polle
Nieste Solling-Vogler
Fabulous hiking region at the GrimmSteig
Frankenberg (Eder) (Grimms‘ trail) with the fabulous King‘s Alp Nature Park
Town with well-preserved half-timbered Phone: +49 5605/944120
buildings, over 50-year-old ten-towered
Town Hall, fabulous fairytale hiking trail. •
Phone: +49 6451/717672
In the footsteps of Puss in Boots and Snow White,
­discover the charming Oberweser region. Fürstenberg
Freiensteinau Open air museum Mühlenplatz.
Southern Vogelsberg region with Mooser Phone: +49 5572/93730
lake district and other natural reserves
Phone: +49 6666/960021
Wahlsburg •
Polle Bad Karlshafen Bovenden Ebergötzen
Fritzlar Romantic open air stage at the castle ruin with
1300-year-old imperial town with an equally Cinderella Theatre Festival Oberweser
old cathedral Ludwig Emil Grimm, Romantic Phone: +49 5533/411
Trendelburg Sababurg
illustrator, portrayed medieval Fritzlar
Phone: +49 5622/988643
info@polle-tourismus Göttingen •
Sababurg Reinhardswald Münden
Fürstenberg – Porcelain Manufacture The Sleeping Beauty‘s Castle and animal park Nordhausen/
Fabulous porcelain in the castle complex and Sababurg, fairy-tale audiences with the Nature Park
museum of this world renowned manufacture Sleeping Beauty and her Prince Hofgeismar Hann.Münden
Phone: +49 5271/401161 Phone: +49 5671/8080 Dortmund/Köln Grebenstein Heilbad
Workplace of the Brothers Grimm from 1829-1837.
Schauenburg Fairy-Tale Sentry, exhibition focussing on
Students have made the city‘s landmark, the Storytellers to the Brothers Grimm
Habichtswald Eichsfeld-Hainich-Werratal
the „Gänseliesel“ figure, the most often-kissed
girl in the whole world.
Phone: +49 551/499800
Phone: +49 5601/93250
Nature Park
Kassel Nieste

Hanstein Castle
Nature Park

In the land of Little Red Riding Hood. Fabulous ensemble

Grebenstein of timber-framed houses and
Schauenburg Bad Sooden Allendorf
Town of towers, visit the Goose Girl
Phone: +49 5674/705-0
fairy-tale characters, Schwalm Regional
Museum with colourful local traditional
Helsa gown of the Schwalm Region Baunatal Phone: +49 6691/71212 Waldeck Niedenstein
City of culture in the Chattengau region
Gudensberg Hessisch Lichtenau
with a Fairy Tale Stage in the city park Steinau an der Straße - Brothers-Grimm-City
Phone: +49 5603/9330 •
Guided tours through the fairy-tale town, Steinau
Museum ... the museum at the road, House of the Kellerwald-Edersee National- and Nature Park Fritzlar Meißner-Kaufunger Wald
Hameln Brothers Grimm, Castle, puppet theatre “Die Holz­köppe“ Melsungen Nature Park
Historic city centre, Pied Piper Open Air Festival, (“The Wooden Heads”), Steinau Puppet Theatre Festival,
adventure park, Cave “Teufelshöhle”
Bad Wildungen
Musical RATS, museum with mechanic Pied
Piper play, glasswork, boat trips, Hämelschenburg (“Devil’s Cave”), Europe ropes course Frankenberg
Castle nearby
Phone: +49 5151/957823
Phone: +49 6663/96310 • Homberg/Efze Dresden/Eisenach • Trendelburg
Hanau – Brothers-Grimm-City Trendelburg Castle, Rapunzel‘s Tower. Lahn-Dill-Bergland Knüllwald
Birthplace of the Brothers Grimm, national monu- Legend of the giant‘s sister Trendula’s Lake
ment at the market place, Brothers Grimm Theatre Phone: +49 5675/7499-18
Nature Park
Festival, Philippsruhe Palace with Grimm section,
doll and toy museum, fairytale sculpture trail
Phone: +49 6181/295950 Verden
Schwalmstadt • Discover the Stone Man, the Verden dunes,
Hann. Münden the Magic Park und pirate Klaus Störtebeker
Tel. +49 4231/12345
Most beautiful half-timbered, 3-river city
of Weser mountain region, in which Lahntal
Doctor Eisenbart still practices today
Phone: +49 5541/75-313 and -343
Cross the River Weser with the Fairy Tale Ferry
Willingshausen Phone: +49 5572/93780
Rhein/Ruhr Alsfeld
Spa Town Heiligenstadt
The Brothers Grimm met here for their
final discussion before starting to work •
The fabulous mountain village of timber
Marburg 0 miles 16 32 48 miles
on their German Dictionary framed houses on the lakefront of Lake
Phone: +49 3606/677141 Edersee in the Waldeck Region Phone: +49 5623/973782 •
Helsa Wiedensahl
Historic village of timber framed houses, Birthplace of Wilhelm Busch. Birthplace and
hiking region GrimmSteig („Grimms‘ trail“)
Phone: +49 5605/80080
residence in the museum located at the old
vicarage with the widow Bolte‘s chicken yard.
Eisenbach • Phone: +49 5726/388 Castle
Herbstein Bremen
Hesse’s highest mineral spring in the nature
preserve „Hoher Vogelsberg“, a historical,
heartfelt and healing experience Europe’s oldest painters‘ colony in the land
Phone: +49 6643/960019 of Little Red Riding Hood Hoher Vogelsberg • Phone: +49 6697/1418
Hessisch Lichtenau Nature Park
Gateway to the land of Mother Hulda. Small town ·
with timber framed houses at the foot of Mountain
Hoher Meißner, Mother Hulda Park and trail, Mother
Cherry and university town in the Werra Valley,
Hulda Museum whose hospitality the Grimms already appreciated Frankfurt
Phone: +49 5602/807-114 or -147
Phone: +49 5542/6001-0 ·
Hessisch Oldendorf
Hiking information centre natour.NAH.zentrum
Schillat-Höhle, Germany´s most northern dripstone
Historic town of timber framed houses
in the fairyland of the Brothers Grimm
Phone: +49 5692/602102
cave; over 1050 year-old Fischbeck Monastery,
legendary nature preserve around Mount Hohen-
stein, Baxmann, a legendary figure in town history
Phone: +49 5751/403980
Colourful town of timber framed houses at
Reinhardswald in Sleeping Beauty‘s kingdom, Fairy
Tale Museum at the animal park of Sababurg Castle,
the fabulous wild forest Sababurg
am Main Hessischer Spessart
Phone: +49 5671/999-222 Nature Park · Würzburg Overall length including turn offs:
City of fragrances and aromas, fragrance seminars,
fairytale scents, Mediterranean marketplace,
the wild hunter Hackelberg from Solling
Member regions:
District of Holzminden:
Hanau Frankfurt – Hanau approx. 19 miles
Hanau – Bremen approx. 370 miles
Tel. +49 5531/99 29 60 District of Kassel: München This map is not drawn to scale.
District of Schwalm-Eder:
Fabulous ensemble of timber-framed houses with
St. Mary‘s Church, “Brother and Sister Well“ at the Werra Valley:
Market Place Heidelberg
Phone: +49 5681/939161 District of Waldeck-Frankenberg:
Members of the German Fairy Tale Route Stages in the Brothers Grimms' lives Autobahn Fairy Tale Route ICE fast train