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Mate Healthy habits Unhealthy habits

RAFAEL ANTONIO He eats a Good breakfast Sometimes I drink alcohol,

PEDRAZA BUITRAGO with some proteins and especially margarita
fiber and eat some fresh cocktail.
I dink coffee every
He eats a mid-morning morning.
snack sometimes.
I go parties especially
He eats a Good lunch with birthday parties.
clear soup
He eats a mid-afternoon
snack just to keep me
from feeling too hungry.
He eats dinner watching
the portion sizes.
He eats a light complex
carbohydrate-rich evening
He never gets on
computer nor play video
games on night.
He always eats a Good
breakfast every morning.
He rides bicycle on
Mondays, Wednesday and
He eats a Good lunch
every day.
He goes to sleep early
every night.
He gets home early.
He goes out every
He never Works late.
He exercises every
MICHELE PAOLA She eats fruit and She loves candies, ice
QUINTERO vegetables every day, creams, cookies and
She eats fruits every
morning and vegetables She eats sweetmeats
every lunch. often
She eats junkfood.
She drinks 8 glasses of She drinks soda once a
wáter every day. week
She never skips the She drinks coffee
breakfast, the lunch or the sometimes.
She goes to sleep late
She drinks coffee every night
She doesn’t get enough
She rarely drinks herbal sleep
She goes online every day
She exercises twice a
week with weights.
She walks Almost always.
She plays volleyball on
Sundays .
She doesn’t stay out late
Almost never.
She takes personal time
and take time to relax.

LICED KARINA She exercises every She eats cookie dairy.

PALLARES morning
She eats her normal
She generates fruit or portion with soup and rice
sometimes food only for her lunch.
accompanied by natural
juices. She eats a dinner Little
light corn arepa or chicken
She drinks dairy juice and broths.
accompanied it with a
cookie. She drinks a mid-night
She eats a half afternoon