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Date: December 5, 2019

Grade: ½
Number of students: ~60 students
Length of class: 90 minutes
Teachers: Madison Lehti, Kelsey Shoults, Yosev Santos
Topic: The Most Beautiful Thing About Me

General Outcome:
• English 2.2- Respond to Texts
• Social 1.1- My World: Home, School, & Community
• Art Component 10- Expression

Specific Outcomes:
• Social 1.1.1- Value self and others as unique individuals in relation to their world
• English 1.2.1- Construct meaning from texts- relate aspects of stories and characters to
personal feelings and experiences
• Art component 10, purpose 5- Students will create an original composition, object or
space based on supplied motivation.

SMART Learning Objectives:

By the end of the lesson students will be able to construct a statement about what makes them
beautiful (Bloom's Taxonomy- create)

By the end of the lesson students will be able to create a piece of artwork that represents who
they are (Bloom's Taxonomy- create)

Materials and Equipment

• Pencils • Plates for paint

• Pencil crayons • Paper for picture and writing
• Paper • Planning webs
• Paint brushes • Cardstock
• Paint • Mini whiteboards
• Markers
• Water to clean paintbrush
• Paint mats/ Newspapers

Preparation and Logistical Considerations

• Individual
• Lay out all materials during lunch
• Art choices- markers, pencil crayons, paint, pastel
• FOR ELL AND LOWER LEVEL STUDENTS – Pair them with a stronger student who
could help them spell words!!!!

Introduction Time

• All students will meet in a group in the learning commons 10 min- Kelsey
• Review of book
o Who can remind us about the book that we read last
o What was special about the artwork?
• Review of what they should be doing
o Using your web to make a piece of artwork about
o Go over the checklist
▪ sketch it out in pencil first
▪ no white space
▪ at least 6 images that represent you
▪ should see the shape of a face
▪ neat colouring/painting
▪ at least 5 colours
▪ writer caption glued onto writer cardstock
o Have students get their sketch and web by laying them
out by class over 3 tables per class. One student teacher
can do this while the others are explaining - explain the
two sheets will be together
o Must have a detailed sketch before they get to add
o When we say freeze, students must stop what they are
doing and look at the teachers. Get them to practice it
as they’re sitting

Body Time

Finish • Students must finish their sketch and show it to 10 min

planning one of the student teachers before they are
sketch allowed to add colour

Add colour • Students can choose markers, pencil crayons, 45 min

paint, pastels to add colour to their picture
• Once students start finishing up the colouring
portion, will head to the carpet to review the
writer’s caption
• In 5 minutes we will be heading to the carpet to
discuss writing
Writer’s • Think of one beautiful thing that they would like 10 min- Maddy
Caption to talk about
• Teacher will provide the prompt “The most
beautiful thing about me is…”
o Try to remember your writing goals
o Can be more than one sentence
• Teacher will show a demo of how the picture
and writing will be glued to the cardstock
• Teacher will hand out slips of paper that they
will eventually attach to their pictures
• Sentence starters to write on the board
o The most beautiful thing about me
o I also…..
o I have…..
o I am really good at….
• We can bring a few mini whiteboards so that the
lower level learned can take them

Assembly of • After they colour their pictures and write their 10 min* this part
artwork captions, students will glue both to a piece of may have to done in
coloured cardstock paper (they can choose the the individual classes
colour) depending on timing
• Provide a 5 minute clean up warning

Closure Time

Ending • Everyone must tidy up their area and return their 10 min- Yosev
supplies to the table
• Gallery walk
o All artwork will be placed on the table
and students can go around and take a
look at each other’s

• Formative assessment
o Observations- working on their artwork
o Product- artwork with written statement, planning web
Self Portrait Checklist
1. Sketch in pencil first
2. NO white space
3. Must have at LEAST 6 images
that represent you
4. We should see the shape of a
5. Neat colouring or painting
6. Use at LEAST 5 colours
7. Have a writers caption and
glued onto writer cardstock