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this is a menu contained in visual basic software, there is a menu bar, toolbox, form, toolbar,
project explorer, windows properties

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menu bar is use to display menu options or commands for operating programs in Visual Basic.
When you first open the Visual Basic program window there are thirteen main menu are: File, Edit,
View, Project, Format, Debug, Run, Query, Charts, Tools, Add-Ins, Windows and Help.

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Windows Forms is a design window of an application program. We can design an application
program by placing controls on the part of the toolbox in the form area.

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Toolbox is a device box that contains a collection of objects or control buttons to adjust the design
of the application to be made. In the default condition, toolbox featuring tabulation General with 21
control buttons can be displayed by using prosedur.

Control Name Function

Pointer Choose, adjust the size and move the position of the control /
object mounted on the form.
PictureBox Displays image files

Label Add a label or additional text

TextBox Adding text box

Frame Adding a control that can contain the OptionButton, or

CheckBox control

CommandButton Adding Commandbutton control

CheckBox Adding a button control check

OptionButton Adding the option button control

ComboBox Adding a combo box control that is a combination of a

TextBox control and a ListBox.
ListBox Adding a choice list control

HScollBar Adding a horizontal spindle rod control

VScollBar Adding a vertical spindle rod control.

Timer Adding control as enumerators control time

DriveListBox Adding control list on a computer disk drive

DirListBox Adding a directory listing on the drive control active

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FileListBox Adding control the list of files in the current directory.

Shape Adding an image control in the form of circles, ovals,

rectangles, squares, and others.
line Adding a straight line drawing control.

Image Adding a selection of image files with properties that are less
than the PictureBox control.
Data Adding controls in the form of a database.

OLE Adding controls beehubungan with the relationships between

the application program.