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Omoh C.

8095 Chapman Tr. McDonough GA 30252 • (678) 907-6175 •

Omoh is a database consultant with over five years of experience. She has specialties working
with ORACLE and SQL SERVER databases. As a database consultant, Omoh has worked
across the board with clients in various industries like airlines, banking, telecommunication,
automotive, e-business, and health care. Also, she has core experience in the following areas:
Backup and Recovery, Data Migration, Disaster Recovery, Database Security, Performance
Tuning, Data Consolidation, High Availability Solutions, Database Upgrades/Patches, and Data
refreshes. Omoh is an excellent team player who is highly motivated and dedicated to achieving
teams’ company objectives. She has the ability to multi-task, and delivers projects without


• Strong database design/implementation skills and capacity planning

• Proficient in SQL Server and Oracle database cloning
• Experience with disaster recovery (DR) strategic planning and implementation in
SQL Server and Oracle databases
• Experience with RAID and SAN storage systems
• Experience with setup and administration of SQL Server/Oracle Database Security
using Profiles, database privileges and roles, LDAP and Active directory
• Experience with Production support of more than 200 database instances running in
UNIX, Sun, Linux, Aix and Windows both in SQL Server and Oracle
• Experience with backup and recovery strategic planning and implementation in SQL
Server and Oracle environments using RMAN, Netbackup, etc
• Experience with SQL Server Standby databases and Oracle Data Guards and Streams
• Implementation and support of very large production CLUSTERED environments
using SQL Server ACTIVE/PASSIVE Clustering
• Experience in Oracle RAC, Replication, Streams, Data guard for High availability
• Experience in SQL Server Clustering, Active-Passive, Mirroring, Log Shipping,
Replication for High availability
• Experience with RAID and SAN infrastructures
• Experience in SQL Server/Oracle database Migrations, Refreshes and Upgrades
• Experience in creating packages, stored procedures and functions using SQL,

RDBMS: SQL Server 2000, 2003, 2005, 2008, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Windows NT/2000/2003/XP; UNIX (hp sun/Aix/Linux)

Cyclone, Vertex, Master Tax, Content Management, Filenet, and Siebel CRM
HARDWARE PROFILES: Sun E6500/E5500/E4500/E3500/V240/V440/V480/V880, IBM
RS/6000, AS/400, pSeries, xSeries, HP9000s, HP Superdome
LANGUAGES: Sql, Pl/Sql, Shell Scripting
TOOLS: Sql Server T-SQL, Profiler, DTS, SSIS, SSRS, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer,
package designer, SQL Server Management Studio, Db Artisan, SQL Loader, Toad, RMAN,
ExpDp, ImpDp


CORE TECH., INC. November 2008 – Present SR. SQL SERVER/ORACLE DBA

ENVIRONMENTS: SQL Server 2000/2005 Oracle 9i, 10g, 10g RAC, and 11g
• Installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 on UNIX sun Solaris,
Aix and Windows 2000, XP platforms
• Designed and implemented the logical and physical database architecture in SQL Server
and Oracle environments
• Installation and configuration of Oracle 9i and 10g RAC on Unix Sun Solaris platform
• Experience with database cloning using RMAN, DBCA and manual copy
• Created all databases and objects and implemented database security accordingly
• Designed and implemented SQL Server cluster, log shipping and replication architectures
for high availability
• Support a 24X7 Production databases in SQL server and Oracle environments
• Designed and implemented backup and recovery strategies for databases in multi
platforms: SQL Server and Oracle
• Performed upgrades of SQL Server databases and applied current patches
• Performed Data refreshes on SQL Server production and development instances
• Provided a rotational 24X7 on call DBA support for all Production databases to ensure
uninterrupted uptime
• Engaged in database performance tuning efforts to ensure optimization
• Automated various routine maintenance tasks such backups, reorgs, index rebuilds on all
production databases
• Responsible for daily check of all critical processes running on the SQL Server/Oracle
• Worked with teams of developers to fine tune and resolve slow and problematic queries to
ensure optimal performance and the satisfaction of the developers
• Developed and put in place database standards and procedures and enforced these to
enhance conformity with the ISO requirements
• Implemented database Change Controls & Service Requests documents in database
maintenance and administration to ensure database integrity and security
• Successfully worked on troubled tickets and resolved database issues assigned to me
• Responsible for managing the tickets tasks queue for the DBA team and effectively
managed a balanced work load among the DBA team on continual basis
• Worked with project managers to develop accurate and comprehensive implementation
plans for successful deployment of production environments resources
ORACLE CORPORATION – March 2006 – November 2008) SQL SERVER DBA

ENVIRONMENTS: SQL Server 2000/2003/2005

• Performed SQL Server database design and implementation of the physical and logical
• Configured and maintained Shared SQL Servers for multiplexing and high availability
• Performed schema changes in development databases and migrated such to multiple
environments like Prod and Test databases
• Installed, configured and upgraded SQL Server software and related products
• Performed capacity planning for all SQL Servers databases that ensured stability and
• Undertook efficient capacity planning that accommodated the ongoing and future
changes and growth of SQL Server databases
• Established and enforced standards and practices for installations and maintenance of the
SQL Server database environment
• Constantly performed upgrades of SQL Server instances and applied latest patches to
keep database released version current
• Performed data refresh from Production to Test and Dev environments
• Established and maintained good backup and recovery policies and procedures in
accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with our clients
• Performed database backups and data restorations as needed
• Experienced with monitoring and diagnosing databases for performance problems and
lock conflicts, using monitoring and diagnostic tools, and tuning databases for
performance optimization
• Performed Database disaster Recovering (recovering from media failure/accidentally
dropped tables/data files recovering/recovering data block corruption)
• Implemented database security in all SQL server databases using privileges, roles and
• Designed and implemented SQL Server clustering, mirroring, Log Shipping and
Replication architectures for database High Availability
• Engaged in the DBA’s team 24x7 on-call rotations to provide off hours support to the
production databases
• Developed and maintained automated scripts that monitor and generate error alerts
• Wrote shell scripts to automate the execution of regular scheduled jobs and tasks
• Implemented change control documents to get management’s approval of every
maintenance tasks thereby maintaining data integrity in the environment
• Engaged in mentoring new DBAs so as to acquaint them with the environment’s
practices, processes and procedures


ENVIRONMENTS: SQL Server 2000/2003/2005 Oracle 8i, 9i, and 10g

• Installed, configured and administered SQL Server and Oracle database instances
• Experience with the design and implementation of physical and logical layout of the SQL
server and Oracle databases
• Installation and configuration of Oracle 8i and 9i on Unix Sun Solaris and Linux
• Experience with Design and implementation of backup and recovery strategies for SQL
Server and Oracle databases
• Configured a network of oracle database servers and client applications using Oracle
*Net and ODBC
• Experience in configuration of Oracle servers initialization parameters (INIT.ORA): DB
block, Buffers, Shared Pool, etc
• Created DEV, TEST and Production databases and objects in both SQL server and Oracle
• Experience with SQL Server and Oracle databases maintenance including creation and
management of Tablespaces, Tablespace sizing and resizing, Creating and Rebuilding
indexes and Creating and managing Large Tables by way of partitions
• Created users and managed users access and database security by creating and assigning
privileges, roles and profiles accordingly in both SQL Server and Oracle environments
• Configured a failover Clustering Solutions, LogShipping, Mirroring to provide a High
Availability Cluster Multiprocessing environments
• Setup advanced replication for a single master site and a snapshot site in DEV and
• Experience in Database Refresh and Cloning to setup DEV and Test databases and
maintained data integrity
• Performed SQL Server database migrations and upgrades from Ver. 2003 to 2005 and
applied the needed patches when due
• Performed Oracle database migrations and upgrades from 8i to 9i and applied the needed
patches as required
• Experience with managing Very Large Databases using Tables and Partitions
• Implemented Backup and Recovering strategies for SQL Server and Oracle databases
• Experience in troubleshooting slow Sql Queries, Locks on resources and application
tuning, to ensure database performance optimization
• Developed and used shell scripting to effectively monitor databases and report errors and
process failures
• Wrote scripts to automate the execution of scheduled tasks like Backups, Index Rebuild,
Index Reorgs, Table Analyze, etc
• Responsible for the daily maintenance tasks and Health Check of all SQL Server and
Oracle databases
• Provided a 24x7 on-call DBA pager support for all Production and Dev databases
• Worked with Developers Team to test and tune Sql Queries and coding PL/SQL
• Engaged with Oracle Corporation for technical support by opening Technical Assistance
Requests (TARs) and Service Request tickets

Oracle University
Oracle DBA
Siebel 8.0 CRM
Shell Scripting

• Microsoft SQL Server 7 Certified DBA
• Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g Certified DBA


• Oracle Advanced SQL and PL/SQL Workshop
• Oracle Performance Tuning Workshop
• Dumps, Crashes, and Corruption Seminar
• All you need to know about the Optimizer Seminar
• Oracle Backup and Recovery Workshop
• Database Management and Storage Internals Seminar
• HA Cluster Solutions
• John Maxwell Leadership Seminars
• Tamara Lowe Leadership and Motivation Seminars