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On March 20 2018, I visited a church located in Dasmarinas, Cavite. My cousin’s friend which is
a Catholic invited us to visit their church and likewise she will also visit our Mosque. We
actually visited it twice. The first time it was like 6 pm, and it was dark out. My cousin and I
waited for her friend, we thought it would be open because our mosque is always open. So we
went and as we were pulling up, we got scared. It was dark, and all I saw was crosses, and when
I was getting ready to open the door to see if anyone was there, I just freaked out and left. I don’t
know why, but it looked to us as if it was closed. I really thought there would be someone sitting
there or something. But the friend of my cousin did not make it to the church and we went the
next day in the morning.

As we arrived at the church the next morning we saw a lot of families, and people getting
together. They all seemed so happy. At first I was all excited, then I was kind of shy and scared to
walk in, I really don’t know why. Everyone was really nice, so we walked in. My cousin’s friend
saw us inside the church and so she stuck with us and made it less awkward for us. She said
“Suhayla (my cousin) the first thing you need to know is Catholic means universal.” I liked that,
I never knew that. It was pretty loud in there. Everyone was talking and laughing. I was very
surprised to see how loud it is; because I always thought that a place of worship would be quiet.
In my place of worship, the mosque, it is really quiet and everyone whispers. We consider it to be
very inappropriate to be loud, unless everyone is ready to go home. But I noticed when the priest
started talking everyone became quiet; similar to the mosque when the Sheikh gives a
lesson/lecture everyone becomes quiet. The gathering was motivating. The melody was a bit loud
and from time to time it completed me to feel awkward again I mean it was one atmosphere I
have by no means existed in. At Mosques, there truly are not any melodic gadgets and as I
mentioned it is a lot calmer. Anyway as I walked in I had to say the “WOW.” There was stained
glass everywhere. I mean everywhere. It was so beautiful. And there were people around the holy
water they started dipping their hands in there. It was so cool. I’ve heard about holy water before.
We Muslims also have Holy water our Holy water is ZamZam. It is only located in Mecca, Saudi
Arabia. But there are bottles of ZamZam now where we can buy at some Islamic stores. We
consider it to be so pure. And everyone that goes to do pilgrimage goes by the holy water and
starts drinking and also dipping their hands in it. There were many sculptures of diverse volumes
and forms. In Islam, There are no sculptures because it is an offense, where the church was fully
enclosed in pictures. The pictures were so beautiful; I cannot even describe them they were just
outstanding how they were made. I have learned a whole lot from this experience. I talked to
many people; many of them were very nice, and willing to share with me about the Catholic

I learned that Catholics consider with the intention of Christ is the messiah of the aged proofs
called Messianic prophecies. In an occasion recognized since the personification, the Church
educates people on that, throughout the control of the sacred strength, the lord developed into
joint by means of soul natural world as soon as Christ was considered in sacred Virgin Mary.
Christ is understood, so, to be in cooperation entirely delightful and completely being. People
follow Christ’s teachings and his wisdom. Similarly to Muslims we follow Prophet Mohammad’s
teachings and wisdoms. It is so interesting how hopes and dedications for Virgin Mary are a
division of Catholic faithfulness but are different from the devotion to God. The Church
embraces Mary, as an everlasting virgin and as a mother of God. So what I understood was that
Virgin Mary was so important to them it was more of respect then worship towards her their
beliefs consist of her clean and tidy formation with no blemish of a sin and physical supposition
into paradise at the finish of her existence. Catholics believe Christ rose from the dead on Easter
Sunday, they believe in the rebirth the spirit of Jesus was joined up to His corpse by His
individual heavenly authority. Muslims believe that when Jesus (pbuh) was on the cross, he
never died, and that Allah (God) took him up to heaven and put a person that looks like him
instead. We believe that Jesus is up in heaven with Allah right now, Also that when Jesus comes
down one day, that will be on the Day of Judgment. Some people thought I was thinking of
converting, this religion is really interesting but I don’t think I will convert. I mean I grew up
knowing all about Islam, and in this class I have learned about many other religions. But I am
sticking to Islam, because I feel like it is the right religion for me, more like I know it is the right
religion for me.

After I went home many of my friends and family thought I was going to get into an argument
with someone about being wrong or something. I tend to be a very defensive person. But I really
wanted to understand the different religions out there. I really want to go to a Jewish synagogue
one day and see what the Jews believe; I mean you don’t believe it till you see it right? I read all
these essays, and the books, and researched about many religions, but I really want to start
experiencing them. This experience was beyond awesome.

I never had a picture taken because my cousin’s friend said its not allowed.

First time kong makaexperience ng gantong event, kasi sa paaralan namin di ako umaattend
kadalasan. Alam ko magiging maganda ang experience ko sa Palakasan na ito. Inaabangan ko
talaga ang “Festival Dance” na kung saan first time ko din manood ng ganon. So pauwi na sana
kami ng kasama ko nung Makita naming nagperperform ng festival dance ang College of
Education kaya napahinto kami bigla, sino ba naman hindi mapapahinto sa subrang ganda ng
tema ng kanilang kasuotan, my mga malalaking isda silang hawak hawak at sumasabay sa tugtog
ng banda. Dahil nga first experience ko yon parang naexcite ako kasi one of the department
palang yon, so pano pa kaya kung ung ibang departamento na? Siguro beyond awesome. Kasi sa
CED “tuna festival” temang isda palang nakakaaliw na, kaya napaisip nalang ako, “so ano kaya
tema ng iba?” Narinig ko sa mga kaklase ko may tema daw na Maranao Culture at ako naman na
Maranao nagulat at sabi ko papanuorin ko talaga yon.
Nang matapos na ang unang grupo sumunod naman ang isa na may temang mais, nakuha
ng attensyon ko ang magandang dalaga na unang lumabas sa entablado, pula ang kanyang
kasutoan, at dahil sa subrang pagtitig ko sakanya di ko na masyadong napansin ang iba at saka
ko na namalayan nang patapos na ang performance. Nagdala sa kanila ang magandang binibining
nasa unahan. At alam ko sa mga manunuod ay mas napokos ang atensyon nila doon sa dalagita.
Then yong sa Marano Culture naman, ang ganda din nung sakanila. Binuhay nila muli ang
cultura naming mga Maranao, although Im not into Cultural things I was amazed and I
appreciated their performance. Siguro dahil hindi mawala wala ang Kultura namin or kahit anong
kultura pa yan dahil ginagamit at ginagamit ng ibang tao at binibigyang kulay at buhay. At
napaisip din ako, sila nga na hindi maranao nagagaya nila ang kultura namin, at kamusta naman
ako na dugong maranao ni hindi ko nga alam pano suotin ng maayos ang Landap/Malong, kasi
pag sinusuot mo yong landap parang perfect dapat ang pagkalagay mo o pagkasuot mo kaya
nahiya ako ng kaunti sa totoo lang.
Actually, entrance palang yon ng Festival Dance sa likod ng COET building mga around 4:30
pm na, so kami naman na hinahabol ang oras kasi baka walang masakyan pauwi sa samin
kinailangan na naming umalis. Nalungkot ako bigla kasi gustong gusto kong panuorin ang
performances nila na kung saan sa Gym magaganap. Nanghinayang ako ng subra, at dahil gabi
pa matatapos ang programa di na kami pwedeng manatili pa. Kaya sa pag-uwi ko di ko
maiwasan na mag tanong kung ano na ang kaganapan sa gym. Kaya sabi ko nalang sa Facebook
ko nalang panunuorin kasi nakakapost agad ang mga tao sa Facebook.
At sa wakas napanuod ko na din, at sabi ko nga “Sayang!” ang ganda ganda sa video pano pa
kaya kung sa personal, grabe ang hiyawan ng mga tao, tudo supporta sakani-kanilang
departamento. Naging bahag hari ang kulay ng entablado dahil sa mga performers. Naalala ko
tuloy nung nanuod kami ng Bench cheering sa gym, subrang nakakabighani, tulad lang ng sa
Festival Dance.
Mas mabuti sana kong hindi sa gabi ang preograma kasi may mga studyanteng di pwede
magabihan, tulad lang naming. Napansin ko sa mga tema ng performers ay ang mga Natural
Resources at mga Cultura. Habang sila’y sumasayaw ang ngiti nila’y abot langit na Gusto nilang
ipahiwatig ang importansya ng kaalikasan at dinala din ng iba’t ibang kulay ng kanilang
kasuotan. May iba’t ibang tema sila at iba’t ibang mensahe din ang gusting maipahiwatig. Hindi
lang iyon para sa katuwaan lang kundi para din yon mapalawak ang ating kaalaman sa mga
bagay bagay na tayo mismo ay hindi aware. It made me want to love the nature and our Culture

Montercasino is a leisure and casino complex covering 26 hectares of land Located at No. 1
Montcasino Boulevard in Fourways, Sandton, Johannesburg, Gauteng South Africa. It was
designed by American company Creative Kingdom Inc.

During my short stay in South Africa for my Islamic study, our sponsor invited us to roam
around the town. We already went for an adventure in Gold Reef City which is an amusement
park, located on an old gold mine which closed in 1971. Our sponsor then suggested for us to go
to a Zoo which is one of the African Continents’ pride. Unfortunately it rained heavily, and my
sponsor had no choice but to take us in a close field entertainment. There we got lost in this
Casino. We are not actually allowed to go inside because Muslims do not go in such places, but
he just wanted us to experience such breathtaking place and for us to educate ourselves. It was
actually on December 2013 but because it was so special to me I cannot possibly forget about it.

So upon entering the casino, it was bright because of the ceiling’s design while it was dark
outside because it was raining. The picture below will show what I am trying to describe. There
were constructed buildings like of that in Italy, although we were not in Italy it felt so real just by
that replica made inside the casino. I thought casino was all about drinking wines and for
gambling’s only but this casino proved me wrong. I also thought this be place could be very loud
and noisy but it was not, rather it was so quite inside. It can be a place where family spend their
quality times, a place where you feel calm and safe, where you forget the rest of the world.
Casino can really make you forget your worries, and especially for me being a first timer, it was
really jaw-dropping.
While roaming around, the feelings were unexplainable. That feeling when you wander around a
place where you are a foreign and everyone around you won’t even bother to look at you and
that’s freedom. Where you can do whatever you feel like wanting to do. There was also games
inside the casino, it was actually close like that of a supermarket mall. I remember watching a 4D
horror train and we wanted to do it but we did not have money to pay for it.

Watching many families, couples and individuals spending their time in the Casino makes you
think and ponder how good it must have been to be a human and experience such pleasure. And
seeing different beautiful faces made me appreciate God’s amazing creation. When every time I
see a beautiful creation I ponder, if the Creator created such perfect creation how much more the
Creator, He’s beyond perfection.

This journey taught me that money can’t buy us happiness, we entered the casino penniless and
came out full of bliss. It taught me that in order to attain the pinnacle of Happiness you have to
have your freedom in a peaceful and very calming society. Sometimes an individual seeks for
tranquility which can only be attain in a very soothing and calming environment. I really wished
that time had stopped and I could stay there a little while longer. This journey meant a lot to me.
One thing I wanted to improve is that there should me more securities for safety purposes.

I watched the 7 movie clips from all of the departments with my classmate in Cassalida theater.
So the one movie clip’s story is very common nowadays, I mean like it does happen in the real
world. Where a girl had a crush on her schoolmate but little did she know that guy was actually a
gay. So at the end, his friends and board mates came to know his true identity and left him, even
that girl who was so drowned to him started to hate him.
So I liked the representation from the College of Education. The Flow of the story was clear. The
actors and actresses have carried their role smoothly. Their video was about the College loner
girl that was into drugs, the forbidden addiction, which she started to have interest with when she
became depressed and broke.

Due to her parents’ quarrel that lead to their separation, and the girl was so affected. Until the
day has come that she was so depressed and the drugs were introduced to her and where she
began to take some of it and soon it became her addiction. Then she began hallucinating things,
things like she has someone that has been there, and made her high all the time. The boy she
thought was there were the only one that can comfort her but through negative way. Days passed
and her addiction worsened, the Policeman was on the action to catch her and she was admitted
to the hospital. She had a talk with her younger sister and a serious conversation took place.
When she was asked why she has been doing that all the time, what made her do these things that
are very inappropriate? She told her sister about the memories they had with their parents, the
moments when everyone was so happy, one happy family.

I was carried out by the movie clip “Talaw”, it was about a family facing financial problems.
Couple that has son and daughter who attend school. One day the brother was threatened by the
street boys that has spotted her sister. But he didn’t disagree rather he was tempted by the money
in exchange and also he got afraid of them. And that maybe why the movie was called “Talaw”
because in our Language Maranao simply means coward. I did not actually like this one, because
what kind of brother will sell off her sister, that is according to me. Whatever his reason might
be, it just don’t make sense to me. But we don’t know, everyone has their own problems and
situations. It would have good if they changed the plot slightly.

All of the movie clips has its moral lesson, what I have learned for it is to appreciate things
before it’s gone, to love yourself more than anyone else and that everybody has its own scars that
doesn’t show. It was worth watching the clips and to realize that those students who acted on
those clips were so good at acting and also those part where it gets emotional, they can cry
literally which I think was so awesome. Their acting skills and emotions were full of art, it
affected me so much that it made me cry while watching some of those clips at the same time I
had fun watching the comedy film “kwarto” it was very funny and awkward. If I can only get a
copy of it I would really love to watch it again.

Music has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember, it is something that I truly
enjoyed and found to be very therapeutic. I have always had a love for music, going back to the
days of elementary school when my aunties would let me sing a song that would make them
happy. I always knew that music would be something that was in my blood. I always wanted to
join singing club or choir, but when I started to practice my religion faithfully where I started to
cover my face and wear Niqab, I have not gotten a chance to join such a thing because of it.
Basically it was my first time, when Sir Bajo gave us the opportunity to watch Choral Concert
which was held on November 14, on Cassalida. Everyone was in attendance, 15 girls was
dressed with the Maranao Culture attire between 6 males at each side and they looked so nice. I
thought at first there were Muslim females with the performers but when they changed cloth I
found out there were not actually Muslim girl performing because their clothes were revealing
which our religion Islaam totally forbid.

Everyone who was the stage performing were so nice and they were singing from the heart. I
enjoyed listening to our friends as they sung the different melodies. As I was sitting there
listening to the singers sing, I think about how strong their voices are and how strong they must
be to get over the space of the performance theatre. The choir performed variety of songs, new
spins on classic hymns and spirituals, modern treatment of old texts and a taste of pop and jazz.
All of the members of the Choir seemed to be attentive to the Maestro, which is important
because every member needs to be aware of what is going to happen next in the music. The
Maestro provided piano accompaniment for some of the songs and performed beautifully. As
always, Sir Bajo never fail to entertain and amaze us.
I was extremely impressed by the talented choir members from the College of Arts and Social
science and their ability to sing such a varied range of songs. The music I really enjoyed was
“Can’t buy me love” by The Beatles were a happier song and those songs had a slower tempo
than the other songs. The concert demonstrated the vocal capabilities of the choir members. The
singers were able to express different emotions through the traditional spiritual song such as
“Ilay gandangan” and “Abendlied”.

The solos allowed particular students to display their talents and the Piano accompaniment
provided a pleasant background for choir concert. I enjoyed watching the way the conductor
conducted the choir and I noticed how much effort goes into conducting. At first, I thought that
he was just waving his hands in the air, but then I realized there was a pattern to it that not only
keep it on beat but it also did other things as well. I like how when the Choir was singing that
different parts of it would stop and other parts would keep going and then it would switch and
the parts that stopped would start again and the ones the ones that were singing.
I wish I had watched the night session “Gala” but I wasn’t able to. It would have been good and
convenience for other students if the programs were much earlier than it was because some could
not make it to the Night session and witness the outstanding performances.


What can you say about the mentality of your generation? What is your
contribution to society?

Mentality of present youth is -

More Degrees, More Money, More Fun, More Entertainment, More Freedom, Lots of Travel,
More Desires, Shallow Living, Less Attachment, Social media diva’s, Late Marriage, Late start
of life.

Sounds quite irritating. However, present day situations are such that the youth is compelled to
have this mind set. In today’s competitive environment, no more you can get decent jobs or
earnings with merely a graduate degree under your belt. Inflation, and property rates are such
that you need lots of money to survive. “Fun” - Yes, you have to chill out as the pressures at
work place burn you out over a week. So weekend “Fun” is a must.

Living away from the family has almost become a norm these days irrespective of gender, either
for education or for work. So this isolation, loneliness make you less attached with parents, with
family and make you freedom lover. There is a concept of “New Family” comprising of
“Friends, Friends and lots of Friends”, who surround you almost everywhere, every time at work
place, as roommates and so on. The social media diva’s (women and men) posting all selfies over
tools like Instagram, Facebook, who just need fame to be recognized and gain popularity. The
craze of popularity has made social media an ocean of opportunities that could either lift
someone up to a new level or devastate them for good. This is the vast 40 % presently. Late
Marriage, Late start of life, because you don’t want to be a burden on the parents to get settled,
you want to fulfil all your family needs yourself. So only when earnings are decent enough, you
want to take the plunge.

So far so good… But the thing that’s missing in all this is “Trust on God”. Having a mindset, that
things don't happen overnight, things Progress over a period of time. There is a beautiful thing
that’s happening in all this is that - More and More youth is now getting attracted
to “Spirituality”. We have more and more of Religious Leaders than ever, who are doing a
wonderful job of spreading wisdom these days.

In my opinion the youth has the most important role in achieving the sustainable development
goals, because we are able to understand our needs better than elder generation. Our generation
is more flexible and open minded, we are creating and using new technologies which are
providing new opportunities for us to make everything better and easier. Zero hunger generation
is not a fairytale, it is the most possible future. Our planet is quite rich and it is a big shame that
we - people, till now could not make it happen. Till now we did not learn how to care about
natural resources and how to use them in the most optimal way. Environmental awareness is
becoming one of the most serious problem in our life and just we can solve this problem. If to
look around, we can see that just youth organizations and youth movements are organizing some
seminars, courses and concrete actions on this direction. All we need, is to work in a team – One
for all and all for one.
Society, the human world, will improve when we become more committed to humanism.

We all suffer daily from a lack of humanism.

Racism, classism and sexism are real, yes — masses of people disparaging other humans for who
they are. But, what’s more integral to individual, daily human existence — people forgetting to
treat people like fellow humans — happens every day, every minute, everywhere in the world,
across all lines of ‘-isms.’ And we all do it.

You can improve the society by improving yourself first. Improvement of a particular society
takes time. Be an inspiration of others by improving yourself. Inspired by your improvements,
others will also tend to improve themselves, ultimately leading to the improvement of the whole
society. Every day, I challenge myself to develop as a better individual and disciplining myself to
do well in my studies, the youth should still prioritize their studies and not focus much on social

And honestly speaking, Religion can greatly influence a society. Because no religion preaches
evilness and cruelty, so another thing that I can greatly contribute to the society especially the
youth is to let and make them practice their Religion. All these mindset that I have mentioned
earlier would not affect or influence a pious person, because his/her concerns are only for the
creator and that is why I believe that Religion is Peace.

Mahatma Gandhi — 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world.'
“Allaah will not change the condition of a nation until they themselves do not change.”
(Qur-an 13:11)
After we had been colonized by the Spanish, the Americans, and the Japanese,
do you think we have actually earned the freedom that our heroes and ancestors
fought for?

Historically speaking the Philippines have gained its Independence, but looking at our way of
living we did not actually gained our inner freedom.
Independence means being totally self-sufficient and not having to rely on anyone else. Do I
think the Philippines is Independent? No I don’t think so, they’re certainly dependent for a lot of
things especially on the United States. Until the Philippines can free itself from foreign
dependence I don’t think it’ll ever be self-sufficient.

“Independent nga ba talaga tayo? That’s the first thing that popped into my head when I was
asked this question. Simply look around you, our pop culture is greatly influenced by the
Western people. The music we listen to, the food we eat, and our lifestyle…you name it.
Although there is nothing wrong with that, it’s wonderful to see that our culture is so diverse.
What’s sad is when we know more about another nation’s history, art, and culture while most of
us are not even familiar with who Jose Palma is. I’m not trying to tell that we abandon these
things but rather, just think about it.

Ipinag laban tayo ni Rizal laban sa mga kastila , Inalipin noon ang mga Pilipino kaya sila
lumaban. Pero sa kabila ng lahat, tayong mga Pilipino rin ang sumisira sa sarili nating bayan.
Sinamba natin ang mga banyaga. Niyakap natin ang kultura nila. Ibinaon natin sa limot ang mga
nagawa ng ating mga bayani. Wala na sa atin ang taos-pusong umaalala ng mga kontribusyon
nila para sa bansa."
"Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay mahigit pa sa hayop at malansang isda," ang kasabihan
ni Rizal. "Ingles ang ginagawa nating batayan ng talino. Inaaral natin ang lenggwahe ng mga
banyagang dumaragsa sa bansang Pilipinas, ngunit ni hindi tayo pamilyar sa tamang paggamit ng
mga salita ng sarili nating wika. Pinagtatawanan natin ang mga matatalinong malalim kung
magsalita ng wikang Filipino at ginagaya natin ang tatas ng wika ng mga banyagang palihim na
binubura ang kulturang Pilipino."
Hindi lumaya ang Pilipinas. Pinili nating magpakadena sa kolonyalismo.
The country that our Heroes have long fought for from the conquerors still drops its knees
for these conquerors.