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Mandatory Compliances for a Private Limited Company

A look at the Ministry of Corporate Affairs records show that every month more than 10,000 companies
get registered. Add another 4,000 + LLPs registered every month. Entrepreneurship is certainly booming in

On the other side, regulatory compliances are becoming more and more stringent. Almost all compliances
under the Companies Act, 2013 provide for onerous penalties for delay/non-compliances. Penalties range
from per day pecuniary penalties to prosecution as well.

Here’s a quick look at some of the important and mandatory compliance requirements for Private Limited
Companies –

1. Board Meetings
All the Companies are required to hold at least 4 meetings in a financial year in such a manner that not
more than 120 days shall intervene between 2 consecutive meetings of the Board.

2. Holding Annual General Meeting

Every Company shall hold at least one meeting of its shareholders to discuss and depict the annual
performance of the Company. It should be held within 6 months from closing of any financial year i.e. by
30th September of every year.

3. Maintenance of statutory registers

All the Companies are advised to maintain few statutory registers in the prescribed format such as register
of members, register of charges, register of directors and KMP, register of loan and guarantee, etc.

4. E-Form AOC-4
All the Companies are required to file e-Form AOC-4 within 30 days of annual general meeting i.e. by 30th
October of ever year furnishing documents and details pertaining to financial statements thereof.

5. E-Form MGT-7
All the Companies are required to file e-Form MGT-7 within 60 days of annual general meeting i.e. by
30th November of every year furnishing details pertaining to the board meeting, annual general meeting,
promoter and non-promoter shareholding, etc.

6. E-Form DIR-3 KYC

All the Directors of the Company are required to get their KYCs done before 30th April of every financial

7. E-Form DPT-3
All the Company having any outstanding loan/amount as on 31st March of every financial year has to
furnish details and bifurcation of such outstanding amount irrespective of the fact whether such amount is
falling under the definition of deposit or not.

8. E-Form MSME Form I

Every Company having outstanding payments dues to micro and small enterprises and in case the payment
of the same is pending beyond 45 days, then the Company has to furnish details as per the following
 For April to September by 31st October
 For October to March by 30th April
These are only few key compliances required for a company. Apart from the above, each significant event
such as, alternation to the MOA, AOA, capital, changes in Directors etc. require separate filings.

Hope you find this update timely and useful. In case you need any help here, our Corporate Compliance
team would be happy to help.

Please let me know in case you have any questions or need more information.

Best Regards,

Naveen Shukla

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