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*Ekta Singh
Radio Jockey at Superhits 93.5 RED fm, Bhopal


Radio is an old social medium. Radio plays the role of an interface between
listener and the individual on the radio. But the nature of this relationship
between the broadcaster and its audience is changing. Fast developing
technology is fuelling an information revolution. New media is a general term
for new forms of media dissemination emerged in the innovation of information
technology under the established form of traditional media particularly radio.
New media in this data age gives a quick, enlightening, wise, intelligent stage
for talk and discussion.
In this informational age new media gives a quick, informative, intelligent,
interactive platform for discussion and debate. The role of Radio broadcasting
has changed dramatically in the age of the internet-driven, 24-hour news cycle and
the proliferation of social media.
The purpose of this study is to provide a well-detailed account on the impact of
digitization of the Broadcasting Media particularly radio. The researcher used
survey research design with sample size of 150 through the appropriate statistical
method to represent the population of the study. Survey Research Method was
employed in the collection of data because it is easier to sought people’s opinion
using questionnaire. Data gathered from the study will be analyzed and interpreted
using SPSS.
the findings, conclusion and recommendations will be helpful for future
examinations as well as for the overarching FM channels.

Keywords: Radio Broadcasting, New media, digitization, social media