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C 303 E/16 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 24.10.


(2000/C 303 E/012) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1787/99

by Phillip Whitehead (PSE) to the Commission

(11 October 1999)

Subject: EU regulation on the harmonisation of technical requirements in aviation

In the light of the failure of some Member States to implement the Joint Aviation Authority’s common
standard, which allows holders of Airline Transport Pilot Licences to continue to fly up to the age of 65,
does not the Commission consider that, in the spirit of the principle of the free movement of persons, this
standard should be adopted as part of EC Regulation 3922/91 (1) which seeks to harmonise standards in

Could the Commission also outline how talks on the proposed creation of a European Air Safety Authority
to replace the Joint Aviation Authority, are progressing and when such a body is likely to be inaugurated?

(1) OJ L 373, 31.12.1991, p. 4.

Answer given by Mrs de Palacio on behalf of the Commission

(14 February 2000)

As regards the implementation of the Joint aviation authorities suggestions on age limits for pilots as
common standard, the Commission can inform the Honourable Member that it is currently working on a
proposal to harmonise standards and requirements for flight crew licensing throughout the Community.

However, it cannot specify for the time being whether this proposal will be adopted and if so, whether as
part of Council Regulation (EEC) 3922/91 of 16 December 1991 on the harmonisation of technical
requirements and administrative procedures in the field of civil aviation (1) or as an independent proposal.

Regarding the establishment of the European Aviation Safety Authority, the Council has mandated the
Commission on 16 July 1998 to start negotiations for the creation of this authority. While the
Commission has achieved a draft Convention that meets with all the elements of the mandate, it appears
that the creation of such an organisation with supra-national powers is difficult to accommodate,
especially as regards constitutional constraints.

(1) OJ L 373, 31.12.1991.

(2000/C 303 E/013) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1883/99

by Joan Colom i Naval (PSE) to the Commission

(29 October 1999)

Subject: Urban communities in the proximity of airports

Via Mrs Bjerregaard’s response to the written question E-3254/97 (1) on 19 November 1997, the
Commission undertook to draw up a framework proposal on noise pollution for the start of 1999. This
proposal still does not formally exist today.

Could the Commission report upon whether or not measures to combat noise pollution at airports might
be introduced into this framework proposal, with the aim of confronting and overcoming the problem of
coexistence and quality of life faced by those urban communities nearby?