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Further Instruction

1. Print the Personal Record Form, SS Number Slip including the SSS Number Application
Confirmation email body sent to you by the SS Number Issuance System.
2. Go to your nearest SSS Branch and submit one(1) Primary Documents and any two(2) of the
Secondary Documents (see required document list below) together with the SSS Number slip.
3. If married, bring a copy of your Marriage Contract
4. If has child/ren, also bring a copy of the child/ren's Birth Certificate
5. For Non-Working Spouse, your working spouse must sign before his/her name on the printed
Personal Record Form. The signature of your working spouse signifies that he/she agrees with
your SSS Membership.

Your membership status with SSS shall remain Temporary until submission of the required supporting
documents This means that the SSS Number can only be used for:

1. Contribution payment and employee reporting by the employer

2. Submission of required documents for conversion of Membership Status from Temporary to

Availment of SSS loans and benefits (subject to qualifying conditions) and UMID Card Application
(provided applicant has one(1) posted contributions) shall be allowed only for Permanent Membership
Required ID Cards and/or Documents for the Issuance of SS Number

1. Birth Certificate

2. In the absence of the Birth Certificate, any of the following documents:

o Baptismal Certificate
o Driver's License
o Passport
o Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) card
o Seaman's Book(Seafarer's Identification and Record Book)

3. In the absence of the above ID card(s) and/or documents, any two (2) of the following, both
with the correct name and at least one(1) with date of birth:
o (GSIS) card/Member's Record/Certificate of Membership
o ATM Card (with cardholder's name)
o Alien Certificate of Registration
o Bank Account Passbook
o Baptismal Certificate of child/ren
o Birth Certificate of child/ren
o Cert. of Licensure/Qualification Document from Maritime Industry Auth.
o Certificate from Office of Muslim Affairs
o Certificate from Office of Northern Cultural Community
o Certificate from Office of Southern Cultural Community
o Certificate of Naturalization from the Bureau of Immigration
o Company ID card
o Company Representative Authorization Card(ACR) issued by SSS
o Credit card
o Firearm License card issued by Philippine National Police (PNP)
o Fisherman's card issued by Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
o Health or Medical Card
o Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG) Member's Data Form
o ID card issued by (LGUs) (e.g Barangay/Municipality/City)
o ID card issued by professional association recognized by PRC
o Life Insurance Policy
o Marriage Contract/Certificate of Marriage
o Membership card issued by Private Co.
o National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
o Overseas Worker Welfare Administration (OWWA) card
o Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PHIC) ID card/Member Data Record
o Police Clearance
o Postal ID card
o School ID card
o Seafarer's Registration Certificate issued by (POEA)
o Senior Citizen card
o Student Permit issued by Land Transportation Office (LTO)
o Taxpayer's Identification Number (TIN) card
o Transcript of Records
o Voter's Identification card or Affidavit/Certificate of Registration