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Buddhist believes

Vedas – holds the

that life is both
records of Indian
endless subject to
Asia bore two of history and beliefs and
the world’s great were written by Aryan
suffering and
early civilization people.
one from India and
other form China.
Caste System is a
ethnographic were
About 4000 years priests called the In order to survive in ancient Asian
ago civilization “Brahmans” ranked civilization I should learn how to do things from
arose in the Indus highest and the the scratch to obtain critical resources such as
River Valley and “untouchables” as water supply, food, shelter, clothes, mode of
lowest. transportation and weaponry. Starting a fire is the
called it’s
most crucial part in survival; it can be done by
civilization as the
rubbing dry woods or stones. It provides light to
Indus Valley Buddhism - is a guide my way, heat to warm my body, to cook
Civilization (IVC). spiritual tradition food and to threaten wild animals. Also it is
that focuses on necessary to be knowledgeable of the
personal spiritual topography of my location since it is the key to
development and meet those mentioned requirements for survival.
It was a Bronze Age
the attainment of the The fact that this civilization flourished in the
civilization in the
deep insight into the Indus River Valley, it means that it has a great
northwestern regions of
true nature of life. source of water so I must make a dikes to build
south Asia, lasting from
an irrigation system. In this way I could grow
3300 BCE to 1300 BCE and
plants to increase food supply. Moreover, I
in mature form from 2600 should make weapons like knife to hunt animals
BCE to 1900 BCE. Siddhartha Gautama which is also great resource of food and clothes.
– a wanderer who Lastly, is to build shelter and learn how to
Mohenjo-Daro believed that communicate with others to have an opportunity
means “Mound of the human greed and of increasing my survival period by allocating
Dead men” is an selfishness leads to with them our resources. Overall, it thought us
archeological built human pain. that living in ancient times is drastically difficult
around 2500 BCE. due to limited resources however with our
survival abilities we could manage to deal with it.