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Sales & Service Automation – Acuiti Labs
Nov 2019
About Acuiti Labs –
Acuiti Labs is a Digital Transformation company that solve business digital
challenges using innovative technologies to assist clients’ digital transformation
Introduction Acuiti Labs is proud to be SAP Partners, deploying cloud-based technologies.

Sales and Service Automation–

Acuiti Labs deployed a cloud-based sale & service automation solution i.e. C4C
(cloud for customer) for a business. They were facing a problem where the
existing CRM (on-premise) was not scalable to meet business needs.
The challenges that were
• 1. Existing CRM (on-premise) was not scalable to meet
business needs.

• 2. Existing system had no support for multiple channels,

inaccurate analytics and no access to application in mobile or
offline mode. 3
How Acuiti labs resolved the

• 1. Deployed a cloud-based sales & service automation

solution i.e. C4C (cloud for customer).

• 2. C4C enabled real-time lead scoring, centralized account

and opportunity management.

• 3. Supported multiple channels depending on type of

customers with real-time analytics.

• 4. Helped to deliver right product at right place with

application mobility support and improved visit planning. 4
Solution Architecture 5

• 1. Support for customers anytime, anywhere

through free mobile app (device-agnostic) &
with offline capabilities.

• 2. Get predictive insight into customer needs

and a complete 360-degree view of the
Benefits offerd
• 3. Automated work distribution, email-
integration and deals management.

• 4. Intelligent, Omnichannel ticketing

capabilities and enhanced productivity tools
for service agents

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