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STEM Cultivation's v2 STEM Box Reaches Production Milestone

Las Vegas, NV, December 12, 2019 --( STEM Cultivation's vertical hydroponic agri-tech
platform enables leading Nevada cannabis brand to bring new products to market faster, and for less cost,
compared to traditional indoor growing methods.

STEM Cultivation, Inc. has emerged from stealth today to announce a breakthrough in growing efficiency
with its patent-pending STEM Box v2. The STEM Box is a leap forward with respect to lowering cost,
space, operational, and energy requirements and offers commercial operators of any size a faster and
more sustainable path to profitability over current methods of indoor cultivation.

“We shipped a STEM Box kit to our partner's facility and assembled it into a fully-operational
hydroponic grow room, isolated and environmentally-perfect, and ten weeks later it produced a
cartoonish amount of high-quality cannabis,” said Kyle Moffitt, CEO of STEM Cultivation.

In a recent harvest the STEM Box v2 yielded 91.9 pounds of dry flower in only 230 ft² of real estate, a
600%+ gain in production efficiency compared to an average harvest using traditional indoor cultivation
methods in the same space. Moreover, the STEM Box achieved some of the highest efficiency metrics
ever recorded, including:







Moffitt continues, “STEM Boxes are to commercial growers what Amazon Web Services is to
computing: they both offer an easy way for businesses to quickly and incrementally scale capacity and
help bake predictability and risk management into operations without requiring a large upfront
investment. They allow independent operators of any size to punch well above their weight against larger
competitors in cost and quality.”

Working in partnership with an award-winning cultivation and processing company based in Reno, NV,
STEM Cultivation demonstrated a STEM Box's ability to increase production without disrupting existing
operations. STEM Boxes allow the client to expand their reach in the notoriously competitive Nevada
market by producing more of their best-selling items for a fraction of their current cost.

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Moffitt concludes, “We've applied lessons learned from the first-generation of indoor farming and made a
next-generation solution that provides our clients with a fundamental market advantage within weeks of
switching on. The STEM Box offers the fastest way to transition from cannabis growing to cannabis

To learn more about STEM Cultivation or the STEM Box, visit or email to schedule a consultation.

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