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2000 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 374 E/107

The Commission is fully aware of the sustained increase in the number of cases to be dealt with in the
field of competition policy, in particular in the area of mergers. In order to face the growing workload, the
Commission has reinforced the Competition Directorate general with around 50 staff units since 1998.
However, this reinforcement only partially meets the actual needs of DG Competition, despite the
motivation and commitment of its staff.

As done thus far, the Commission will continue to review critically its activities in order to shift resources
towards core activities and new political priorities. Once all the possibilities for reallocation of existing
human resources to priority areas are exhausted, the Commission will request additional human resources
from the budget authority.

(1) Total ECFIN staff (permanent officials and temporary agents) amounts to 316 in Brussels and 108 in Luxembourg
and represents about 2,1 % of total Commission staff.

(2000/C 374 E/123) WRITTEN QUESTION E-0559/00

by Christopher Huhne (ELDR) to the Commission

(29 February 2000)

Subject: Direct foreign investment

What was the total of direct foreign investment in each of the Member States in each of the last five years?
What was the breakdown of direct foreign investment by other Member States of the European Union and
by third countries, and what was the amount in each case from Japan and the United States?

Answer given by Mr Solbes Mira on behalf of the Commission

(19 April 2000)

The answers to the questions put by the Honourable Member are to be found in three statistical tables sent
direct to the Honourable Member and Parliament’s Secretariat.

Table 1 gives the foreign direct investment (FDI) in all the Member States from 1994 to 1999 as well as
the FDI undertaken by the various Member States during the same period.

Table 2 gives the FDI for 1998 undertaken in each Member State by (a) the other Member States (overall
figures) and (b) all third countries (overall figures). The specific figures for the FDI in each Member State by
Japan and the United States are also given.

Table 3 sets out in detail the FDI in each Member State by each of the other Member States.

Given the interest shown by the Honourable Member in foreign direct investment in the Community, it
seems appropriate to bring to his attention the recent publication by Eurostat of a book containing the
most recent statistics on the matter (European Union direct investment yearbook 1999  Data
1988-1998. Theme 2: Economy and Finance) (1).

(1) ISBN 92-828-8310-8.