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E-mail: spearn@luhsd.

net Winter/Spring 2020 Website:

Suggested Materials:
 Pen, pencil, paper
 single subject spiral notebook and/or three ring binder
 1 white board marker (stays in backpack)
 highlighter, colored pens (thick and thin)

Homework: A homework sheet (provided to students) will remind students of

assignments to complete. Any homework turned in late will
be ½ credit and only accepted up to one day prior to each
unit exam. You can print a homework assignment sheet for
each unit (found on my website:!

Units Covered: Exams are given the last day of each of the following units:
1. Mental/Emotional Health
2. Use and Misuse of Drugs
3. Nutrition & Personal Health
4. Diseases and Disorders
5. Family Life (Sex Ed.)
Tests need to be completed in the time provided during the period. Any
failed test can be retaken for a maximum grade of C.

Unit Grade Reports: Progress reports will be E-mailed home. Check grades on
Parent Connect.

Textbook: Glencoe Health – books are to be left at home for the


Class Website: notes, homework, project info.

Printing out the class notes (Power Point) from my website and
bringing them to class will allow you to follow along better during

Parents and students: After reviewing this outline please sign your name below. If you have any
questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. - Mrs. Spear

Parent/Guardian Signature
Student Signature ______________________________ Period _____ Date
Keep this in your binder after it has been signed and you have received your 20 pt’s!

1. Always Be Prepared – You must have your health binder, paper, pens and pencils with you, daily.

2. Methods of Evaluation - all work is calculated on a point basis.

Grading system: A = 90%, B = 80%, C = 70%, D = 60%, F = 59%

3. Excused Absences - All assignments must be made up before the end of the unit, and unit tests
must be made up within 2 days of the absence.

4. Unexcused Absences - Students with excessive truancies (7 per semester grading period) may
be given a failing grade and not receive credit for the class.

 Students are responsible for finding out what they missed when they are absent for any
reason. Use my website for missed notes and projects.


a. If you are not prepared to start class when the bell rings, you are tardy.
b. Keep your desk and the area around your desk clean.

c. No cell phones, or electric devices out in the classroom. (Phones will be confiscated and
turned in to the students SLC office).

d. Cheating will not be tolerated. Do your own work, no copying another’s work as your own or you
will get a zero on the assignment.

e. I would prefer no gum chewing in the classroom but if you do, keep it in your mouth.

h. Backpacks and purses must be off the desk and your lap.

6. Participation – Students receive 50 participation points at the start of the semester. Points will be
deducted due to cell phone use, discipline problems, and/or excessive bathroom use.

7. Discipline Procedures - depending on the problem, either a school or a class detention will be
assigned. During the detention you may be required to clean desks, remove gum from bottoms of desks
or do homework for up to 30 minutes. If you miss your detention a parent contact may be made.
a. Class Disruptions: either a class detention or immediate removal from the classroom will occur.
I understand that although I may be frequently reminded of missing work during class, I realize
that I am solely responsible for the work I do and any missing assignment I might not have
turned in.

Students please sign after reading the above statement. ___________________________________