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a user-friendly GRAMMAR REVIEW sheet by Mr.


1. Each of the lieutenants _______ a 90 on the ECL.

a. need b. needs c. needing d. do need

2. Tomorrow, Joe will ______ a haircut.

a. gets b. getting c. got d. get

3. O.J. Simpson was accused _____ killing his wife.

a. for b. by c. to d. of

4. We don't want to take a test. Ask the teacher to call it _____.

a. off b. on c. up d. over

5. I had a couple of boiled eggs for breakfast. How many?

a. two b. six c. twelve d. four

6. By the time I finally graduate, I __________ at least 9 ECL tests.

a. take b. am taking c. will be taken d. will have taken

7. He is very fat. What does he wish?

a. He wish he was thin.
b. He wishing he was thin.
c. He wishes he were thin.
d. He wish he were thin.

8. Joe was born _____ Ponce _____ May 15, 1974.

a. b. in...on
c. d.

9. Do you agree that Lt. Smith is correct?

a. Yes, I am agree.
b. No, I am disagree.
c. No, I am not agree.
d. Yes, I agree.

10. If I had had twenty extra dollars last night, I ___________ the new CD by Nine Inch Nails.
a. would buy b. would have bought c. buy d. will buy

11. It is raining very hard, ________ we will cancel the picnic.

a. but b. yet c. however d. so

12. I prefer to exercise in the morning, not ______ night.

a. at b. in c. on d. during

13. I prefer to sleep late in the morning.

a. would rather b. had better
c. ought to d. should not

14. If I have a severe pain in my shin, where do I hurt the most?

a. the face b. the arm c. the leg d. the back

15. The best composition _________ by Lt. Arroyo.

a. written b. is write c. writes d. was written
16. Which sentence displays the best syntax for formal English?
a. Other teachers steal always Mr. Williams's grammar exercises.
b. Other teachers always Mr. Williams's grammar exercises steal.
c. Always steal other teachers Mr. Williams's grammar exercises.
d. Other teachers always steal Mr. Williams's grammar exercises.
17. While ________ to work, I saw a bad accident on Loop 410.
a. drive b. I drive c. driving d. I am driving

18. The news _____ been depressing lately, especially about Bosnia.
a. have b. has c. is d. are

19. The Supervisor just brought an important message for _________.

a. Lt. Jones and I b. Lt. Jones and me
c. I and Lt. Jones d. me and he

20. I didn't study for the test _________ I was sick all night.
a. but b. during c. thus d. because

21. How many syllables are there in the word "exam"?

a. one b. two c. three d. four

22. I didn't like that movie; in fact, it was ________ movie I've seen in years.
a. worse b. worst c. the worse d. the worst

23. Right now, I think Joe __________.

a. sleep b. sleeps c. was sleep d. is sleeping

24. The reason for his strange actions _____ very personal.
a. is b. are c. being d. were

25. If it ______ tomorrow, we will cancel the parade.

a. rain b. rained c. rains d. is rained

26. I have black hair and ___________.

a. so do my brother b. so my brother do
c. my brother does too d. my brother do too

27. If I _______ older, I would retire.

a. was b. were c. am d. had been

28. Lasagna consists _____ meat and cheese.

a. in b. on c. of d. by

29. My father was an only child.

a. He has no brothers and sisters.
b. He has some siblings.
c. He is still underage.
d. He died when he was young.

30. The airplane departed at 0730.

a. It took off. b. It took over.
c. It got across. d. It got over.

31. He hurt his spine in a skiing accident.

a. backbone b. skull c. shin d. calf
32. Which of the following would not be a good pet to have
around children?
a. a kitten b. a puppy
c. a copperhead d. a bunny

33. When I was studying last night, the electricity ___________.

a. go off b. went off c. did off d. had off

34. I can't buy any stamps. I only have _________ money left.
a. little b. few c. a few d. a little
35. The news about the L.A. police ______ depressing.
a. is b. are c. were d. be

36. The jury found O.J. not guilty; ___________ he was immediately released.
a. but b. however c. therefore d. yet

37. I dread ______ to the dentist.

a. go b. to go c. having go d. going

38. Water consists ______ hydrogen and oxygen.

a. of b. in c. to d. by

39. Which of the following would be a good murder weapon?

a. a gun
b. a knife
c. a sword
d. all of the above

40. Which of the following is the best sentence?

a. We ordered large three Italian sausage pizzas.
b. We ordered Italian three large sausage pizzas.
c. We ordered large Italian three sausage pizzas.
d. We ordered three large Italian sausage pizzas.

Questions 41 through 45 are based on this information:

We want to play soccer. It is 99 degrees outside.

41. It is _____ hot to play soccer today.

a. so b. too c. much d. very

42. It is _____ hot that we will not be able to play soccer.

a. so b. too c. much d. very

43. The weatherman says that it is _____ hot today.

a. much b. many c. extreme d. very

44. It was not cool ________ for us to play outside.

a. much b. enough c. really d. very

45. If it ________ so hot, we could play soccer right now.

a. weren't b. wasn't c. isn't d. hadn't been

46. I thought the movie was terribly good.

a. I hated the movie. b. I disliked the movie.
c. I loathed the movie. d. I liked the movie.

47. He is a very bold person.

a. cowardly b. courageous c. young d. tall

48. Cuba is _________ Puerto Rico.

a. big as b. bigger c. bigger than d. bigger as

49. This review sheet was written for you _____ Mr. Williams of the USAO Program.
a. for b. of c. to d. by e. with f. on

50. People thought Napoleon Bonaparte was tall, but his actual height was only 5'2".
a. real b. current c. now d. present

51. You shouldn't drive _______ in a school zone.

a. fastly b. fast c. fastness d. fastily
52. He has _________ experience working with wild animals.
a. lot b. lots c. a lot of d. a lot

53. You might call a very small lake a __________.

a. sea b. pond c. river d. creek

54. __________ is a healthy activity.

a. Jog b. Jogging c. To jogging d. Jogs

55. The Captain, but not the Lieutenants, ____ going to be at the meeting.
a. are b. is c. will d. were

56. I need to have a neighbor________ I know I will be able to trust.

a. who b. whom c. which d. what

56.5 If I _______ you, I would answer these questions more carefully.

a. was b. am c. would be d. were

57. Which of these sentences is correct?

a. I bought four fifty-nine cents candy bar.
b. I bought four fifty-nine-cents candy bars.
c. I bought four fifty-nine-cent candy bars.
d. I bought four fifty-nine-cent candies bars.

58. He is ____ honest man. He has ____ university degree.

a. a...a b. c. d. an...a

59. Lt. Morales is _________ student at DLI.

a. the smarter b. the most smart c. the most smartest d. the smartest

60. Twenty divided by four equals ________.

a. four b. five c. twenty-four d. sixteen

61. The opposite of healthy is ________.

a. well b. fit c. sick d. cured

62. Why did Mrs. Jones call the plumber?

a. Her faucets were leaking.
b. Some of her shingles had blown off.
c. The electrical wiring was frayed.
d. Her dogs were sick.

63. If Joe felt under the weather, what did he probably do?
a. exercise vigorously b. work a ten-hour day
c. rest in bed all day d. climb a tall mountain

64. He has no siblings.

a. He has some brothers and sisters.
b. He is an only child.
c. His parents are dead.
d. He has no living relatives.

65. He always gives me the run-around.

a. He gives great advice and help.
b. He is the most helpful expert.
c. He never gives clear answers.
d. He always answers directly and concisely.

66. When you are driving _____ Loop 410, you should stay ______ one lane at a time.
a. in...on b. c. d.
67. By the time the firemen arrived, the house ____________
a. had already burning down.
b. had already burned down.
c. has already burn down.
d. have already burned down.

68. A fisherman usually has a rod, a reel, some hooks, some bait, a cork or two, and some sinkers.
What are the latter probably made out of?
a. plastic b. wood c. lead d. cloth

69. Steve gave Susan an engagement ring.

a. A ring was given to Steve by Susan.
b. Steve was given a ring by Susan.
c. A ring was given by Susan to Steve.
d. A ring was given to Susan by Steve.

70. While he was eating breakfast, he ________ the newspaper.

a. reads b. was read c. was reading d. has read

71. That story is not true. It is _______.

a. intrue b. untrue c. imtrue d. distrue.

72. He gave a good speech ______ Patton's accomplishments.

a. of b. for c. with d. on

73. Tom has never visited Mexico, _______?

a. did he b. had he c. hasn't he d. has he

74. The weatherman says it might ________ tomorrow.

a. raining b. rains c. be rained d. rain

75. He is always griping. What is he doing?

a. studying b. eating c. complaining d. laughing
76. I am not afraid _____ snakes.
a. of b. by c. with d. at

77. I need five dollars. I left my wallet at home.

a. billfold b. purse c. money clip d. coin purse

78. Can you ______ me five dollars?

a. borrow b. lending c. loan d. borrowing

79. This tool is useless. It __________.

a. is valuable b. is very useful
c. has no value to me d. is very handy

80. If I give you this bag of candy, will you divide it equally __________ all the students in the
a. between b. at c. in d. among

81. I have a headache and __________.

a. so do Joe b. so is Joe c. Joe do too d. Joe does too

82. One-half of the diameter of a circle is its ________.

a. angle b. circumference c. radius d. tangent

83. Where would you most likely find sinks in a house?

a. in the bedroom and living room
b. in the kitchen and bathroom
c. in the study and dining room
d. in the den and hallway
84. We will leave at dusk.
a. sunset b. dawn c. sunrise d. noon

85. He's a real poker-face during negotiations.

a. You can tell his every thought.
b. He conceals his true emotions.
c. He is very ugly and uncooperative.
d. You know exactly what he is thinking.

86. What should you call the son of your sister?

a. your nephew b. your cousin
c. your aunt d. your niece

87. If you wanted to dig a hole in your backyard, which would you most likely use?
a. a hammer b. a saw c. a shovel d. a hinge

88. Nobody likes him. He is ___________.

a. unpopular b. impopular c. nonpopular d. inpopular

89. Which of these animal pairs is most closely-related?

a. a tiger and an eel b. a trout and an owl
c. a toad and a frog d. a copperhead and a bull

90. If I were back home, I _________ to the beach.

a. would go b. go c. will go d. would have gone

91. I am not used to _______ at 0400.

a. wake up b. waking up c. waked up b. be waked up

92. When I was driving to work this morning, I almost _______ an accident.
a. have b. has c. had d. having

93. My room is ______ the second floor of the dorm building.

a. in b. of c. on d. to

94. Joe said Steve is rather plump.

a. Steve is skinny. b. Steve is overweight.
c. Steve is anorexic. d. Steve is too thin.

95. I am angry at my neighbor.

a. happy with b. mad at
c. pleased with d. afraid of

96. This book _________ in 1854.

a. wrote b. is write c. was writing d. was written

97. This has been the _______ worksheet I've ever had.
a. easy b. easiest c. easier d. most easier

98. My mother was sobbing, and I don't know why.

a. laughing b. running c. crying d. sleeping

99. The more you study, __________________.

a. the better should be you scores
b. better your scores should be
c. the better your scores should be
d. better you scores should being

100. If this worksheet _______ any longer, I would be unhappy.

a. were b. was c. is d. am

101. Why can't we go to the movie tonight?

a. Because it is a first-rate movie.
b. Because the mayor has imposed a 9 o'clock curfew.
c. Because we have sufficient funds to do so.
d. Because we have no other plans.

102. None of the students _____ willing to be the first speaker.

a. is b. are c. be d. were

103. It is absolutely essential that Joe _____ at the airport before 0800.
a. arrives b. arrive c. is d. will be

104. The answers to the questions on this worksheet _____ easy.

a. is b. are c. was d. has been

105. Tomorrow, I will __________ a new car.

a. go for buy b. go buy
c. going buy d. to go and buy

106. I didn't make _______ mistakes on this paper.

a. much b. some c. a d. any