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Slide1:​ Good morning PR teams of the hospitals of Pennsylvania.

My name is Francesca
Torralba, and my presentation is on improving Children’s Hospital Logos.

● Today, there are numerous Children’s Hospitals not only in the United States, but all
over the world
● In addition, their mission and dedication is towards the improvement of the lives of
○ For example, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia strives to be the leader in
advanced healthcare for children

Slide 3​: there are numerous ways children's hospitals present themselves: one of them being
their logo
● These logos typically have: ​list conventions
● Here I have three examples of logos from different children’s hospitals : ​show logos
● As you can see… :​ talk about the examples and conventions

Slide 4:
● Children’s Specialized hospital’s logo has a better appeal compared to the other two
logos. They are trying to appeal to the emotions by using an image of kids holding hands
and smiling. Which is one way to show that this hospital is a facility that cares for the well
being of their patients.

Slide 5:
● You can even tell that Alberta’s Children Hospital and Colorado’s Children Hospital did
not have all the qualities of what a children’s hospital logo may look like

Slide 6: ​here’s why

● These two logos only contain words, and even though it is a hospital, it lacks a playful
vibe that someone should be getting when they think of something related to kids.
● Here are some other logos similar to these examples: ​show examples
● Like I said, you can see that each logo here are very plain and monotone. Though it
clearly says the hospital name, it is still not that effective.

Slide 7:​ here is some examples of effective logos that I just wanted to show you guys
Slide 8: ​Personally, I feel as though it can be a little challenging to create an effective logo
● Just like how I mentioned in the last slide, a logo too plain can disinterest people into
joining into the hospital ​(constraint).
● BUT with logos, you are allowing outsiders to be firstly introduced to the facility. You are
even giving prospective patients a first look into who the hospital is, and who’s it really
for. ​(affordance)

Slide 9​: But in general...

● The purpose of logos is to be the face of the company or facility. Children’s hospitals
want to show the public who they are, and what is their mission as a healthcare facility.
● Yes, even though it is solely a place that provides medical attention, it is also a place
where some kids stay for the majority of their lives.
● For parents, whom are the primary audience, you want to ensure them that your
hospital is a safe and comfortable place for your children.
● And for those who may not really be looking for a children’s hospital, but to invest, you
want to make sure that your facility is competent enough.
● The tone that a children’s hospital logo should give off is playful but serious in order to
coordinate with the fact that the hospital is dedicated to the care of kids.

Slides: thanks for listening, any questions?