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a. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Philippine Science

and Technology Research and Development?


• Science and technology in our country, the Philippines, is not of much

priority. But on the bright side, we have lots of scientist who were very
eager in contributing their talent when it comes to science and
technology. Some scientist has even invented lamps with the sea water
as its source of energy. Another Filipino scientist have improve an
engine that runs in pure water. And to top this up, our own scientist
has also introduce a vehicle that uses electricity in which the
government has adopted and now using this technology in our
modernized jeepneys. These proves that, Filipino scientist don't only
think of the advantages that the people may get from their inventions
but they also care for our nature and environment. This, by means of
using natural resources such as the sea water as i have said and pure
water, as well as using electricity instead of gasoline and crude oil that
greatly contributes in damaging the atmosphere by emiting carbon


•The Philippine government, on the other hand, were not giving the
support our local scientist needed to improve their work and
inventions. They tend to care less about the ideas of its own people
(scientist), were in fact some of them have already contributed great
inventions that are essential in making the lives of its people easier.
Because of this, local scientist choose to venture abroad to find other
means in funding and improving their work. What's more frustrating is
that, when their inventions succeeded outside the country, that's only
the time in which our Government apreciate their worth.
b. Do you think the government and private sector support relevant
science and technology priority aread?

c. Is the support of the government of science and technology research

adequate (im terms of its prioritization compared to other

d. If you were to draw up to 3 top research priorities of the country,

what do you think they should be?

•Being a third world country, the Philippine Government should adopt or find solutions
in terms of science and technology that is of need in the current circumstances.

First, the country should push on searching on other and alternative ways in
strengthening the source of our country's energy and electricity. This is because of the
continously declining power reserve of most of our power plants that we are
experiencing for the past months of 2019. I recommend on developing sea and
underground-basd of electricity particularly the one in Mindanao. This will be of great
help in providing adequate source of energy and electricity.

Second, the government must strengthen and find ways in helping our local farmers,
mainly in increasing their produce and harvest. This by means of researching and
developing hybrid crops that can stand on disastrous weather conditions. Especially
since our farmers have experience a tremendous downfall on their harvest and crops
this last few months due to calamities that hit the country.

Third, the government should increase its support in educating science and technology
to school children. Introduce advance topics in the fields of STI, especially in the senior
high school since they already have the Science Technology Engineering and
Mathematics in their curriculum, intensifying in their tertiary level. Another way is to
expose the children with science and technology projects by means of engaging them on
expos and science fair, robotics for example, and exhibits as well as encouraging them to
develop scientific and technological projects in their respective schools.
e. How would you "popularize" or drum up support for science and
technology research in the country for different target groups (i.e.
student, politicians,local, scientists, inventors,etc.)?