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2001 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 121/157

Thursday 6 July 2000

(2001/C 121/04) MINUTES




1. Opening of sitting

The sitting opened at 09.05.

2. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

Mrs Muscardini had informed the Chair that she had been present on 4 July but had not signed the
attendance register and Mr Imbeni had informed the Chair that he had been present at the previous day’s
sitting but that his name was not on the attendance register.

The following spoke:

2 Helmer who, referring to remarks made by Mr Miller at the opening of Monday’s sitting (Minutes of
3 July, Item 4) and subsequent remarks by Mr Miller at the opening of Tuesday’s sitting (Minutes of
4 July, Item 2) and of Wednesday’s sitting (Item 2), accused Mr Miller of breaching accepted standards
of parliamentary conduct by drawing Queen Elizabeth II into a political controversy;
2 Miller who, in reply to the previous speaker, stated that when the Queen had met the President of
Parliament, including when answering Mrs Fontaine’s questions, she was representing the British Gov-
2 Seguro, who informed the House that the previous day the Delegation for relations with the countries
of Central America and Mexico, of which he was Chairman, had adopted a statement on the recent
elections in Mexico; he asked for the President of Parliament to forward this statement to the Mexican
authorities (the President promised to pass on his request to the President of Parliament);
2 Lehne who, referring to remarks he had made during the vote on his report on money laundering
(A5-0175/2000) (Item 15) concerning amendment 26;
2 Zimmerling who, referring to a note circulated to Members bearing the signature of Vice-President
Onesta and said that he noted a contradiction inasmuch as it was asked on the one hand for agricul-
ture in Vanuatu to be supported but on the other hand it was stated that it would be illegal to import
nuts from this country into the EU; he asked the Vice-President concerned to clarify the matter.

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

3. Official welcome

On behalf of Parliament, the President welcomed members of a delegation from the Swiss Federal Assem-
bly, led by its speaker, Mr Marcel Sandoz, who had taken their seats in the official gallery.

4. Committee on Petitions ' European Ombudsman (debate)

The next item was the joint debate on two reports, drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Petitions.

Mr Söderman, European Ombudsman, introduced his report on the activities of the European Ombudsman
for 1999 (C5-0303/2000).