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Joseph Kemper

Robert Kane

English 115 F

11 September 2019

Two Ways to Belong in America Compare and Contrast

With immigration into America comes a choice for everyone; do you cling solely to your

culture or do you allow yourself to change to become a part of a bigger community? In Bharati

Mukherjee’s article, “Two Ways to Belong in America,” the topic of immigration is explained

from both sides of the coin through Bharati, a supporter of truly becoming a part of American

society, and her sister Mari, who stays true to her culture and traditions only. I agree most with

Bharati’s viewpoints because I enjoy the benefits that come with being an American citizen.

Bharati and Mari’s relationship with the United States are very different. Bharati wants to

be an active part of the melting pot that is America, contributing and setting her place in the

country she wants to belong to. Mari, however, wants nothing more to do with America than to

live and work until she eventually moves back to India. Mari doesn't want to become a citizen as

she desires to keep culture as a constant structure in her life. Although Mari feels no attachment

to America and closes herself off, Bharati welcomes the change that comes with being an

American even if that means leaving behind a big part of her own culture.

The two sister’s beginning relationships with America were nearly identical. Bharati and

Mari wanted to study and work in America so they became a part of it, working jobs, paying

taxes, and following all the rules. Even though the two slowly split down different paths with
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their lifestyle choices they were both were hurt when changes regarding immigrants in America

were taking place.

I agree with Mari’s viewpoints on having an unvarying core, but I agree more with how

Bharati wants to contribute to her community and country in order to make a difference.

Growing up with so many different cultures swirling around my life I lack structure. I find

myself sometimes wishing for a pillar to cling onto but everything just melts into the pot and I

have nothing to grasp. On another note, being able to contribute in the community and make a

change is something I am grateful for, it reminds me that even though I lose myself sometimes

that this is my home and I am a part of it.

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