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1. Age
a) 20-25 b) 25-30 c) 30-35 d) 35 and above
2. Gender
a) Male b) Female
3. Marital Status
a) Married b) Unmarried
4. Type of the family
a) Joint family b) Nuclear family
5. Education Qualification
a) SSLC b) HSC c) UG d) PG
6. How long have you been without a job?
a) 1yr and above b) 2yr and above c) 3yr and above
7. What is your preference in the following sector of employment?
a) Government Sector b) Private Sector
8. Did you register as jobseeker with the employment service?
a) Yes b) No
9. Do you feel you have all the education and skills you need in order to be competitive
in the current job market, or not?
a) Agree b) Disagree c) Neutral
10. Does the uncertainty of the situation bother you?
a) Yes b) No
11. Do you think night shift leads to unemployment?
a) Yes b) No
12. The presence of non-resident in our country leads to unemployment?
a) Agree b) Strongly agree c) Neutral
d) Disagree e) Strongly disagree
13. Do you face any communication barrier?
a) Yes b) No
14. Why do you think you are unsuccessful in finding job so far?
a) Lack of skills b) Lack of jobs c) Lack of experience
d) Lack of performance
15. Does your Mental health and Physical Health affected your employability skills?
a) Yes b) No
16. Problem of unemployment faced by the educated youth?
a) No income b) More stress c) Lack of confident
d) Low self-esteem e) Others
17. Do you feel the government sector or private sector is doing enough to fight the
unemployment issue?
a) Yes b) No
18. What difficulties do you face as younger generation in finding a job?
a) Lack of experience b) Gender bias c) Lack of communication
d) Lack of objective/goal e) Others
19. Do you require training to enpower and enrich yourself to improve your skills?
a) Yes b) No
20. Do you still hope to get suitable job of your choice?
a) Yes b) No
21. How many years are you searching for employment?
a) 1yr b) 2yr c) 3yr d) 4yr and above
22. Are you preparing for competitive exams?
a) Yes b) No
If YES, mention name of the exams_______________.
23. What skills should be improved in order to increase employment?
a) Communication b) Knowledge c) Interpersonal skills
d) Good economic records e) All of the above
24. Do you feel your education/training you received in the past is helpful in getting a
a) Agree b) Strongly agree c) Neutral d) Disagree
e) Strongly disagree
25. What are your thoughts/idea/suggestions for improving/solving the youth
unemployment situation?
a) Good academic b) Excellent communication skills
c) Updation of knowledge d) Good competence e) All of the above