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Corina Isabel Cowley

Artistic Statement

I want to build a career in theater - both as an actor and as a teacher. Theatre has given
me a world where I can feel, express and appreciate art on many levels. It has gifted me with a
world of appreciation for art and has taught me the importance of human interaction. It has
given me an array of amazing opportunities that I have learned from. Theatre has been a part of
my life since I was very young. As a kid I would drag my parents to the living room and put on
shows for them. I would dress in fun and crazy costumes and perform whatever I came up with.
I have always been incredibly energetic, so theatre was the best outlet to use all of that
energy. Theatre took me in with open arms. It became my friend and it gave me a place where I
can feel safe and befriend the person that I truly am. Theatre never judges me; it supports me
and I wouldn’t be who I am without it. Theatre is the connection of people; it is the answer to
all of the problems in the world. Waking up and allowing myself to leave my life and enter into
another world is the best thing that I can ever do with my time.
Theatre has taught me to be strong, confident, and practice empathy. Nothing sparks
creativity and stimulates curiosity more than performing and interacting with an audience. At
the heart of it is storytelling. When I was young I would gather all of my stuffed animals and
read them stories. The feeling it gave me was like fireworks erupting inside of me. It was
liberating. As a living breathing art form, theatre is a journey both the audience and the
performers go on. Seeing human interaction on stage one is able to have some insight in one’s
choices to really understand the reality of life. Theatre is always honest. It makes me feel like
me, in theatre no one judges you. I feel like I’m home when I’m in a space discovering with
energies and the power of language. I have had many amazing opportunities to learn and also
perform. At my high school New World School of the Arts I was a part of an amazing production
of La Casa de Bernarda Alba directed by a former student, Danielle Llevada. I have done many
shows but this play is unforgettable. The character that I played was Maria Josefa. Being a part
of this show taught me the importance of a supportive ensemble. We did a lot of movement,
speech, and focused on energies which impacted my outlook on the artistic process. It
influenced me to start involving myself in other aspects of theatre so I can make my art diverse
and more colorful.
Education is very important to me and I want to get my bachelor’s before trying to
introduce myself to the business. Studying at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts
would be such an incredible experience. It is a school filled with endless creative opportunities.
There are many opportunities to perform and learn in an open and supportive environment. By
talking to many students that attend the school it appears to be a very close knit community. I
think UNCSA would allow me to become grounded with my art and have a chance to really dive
into language, speech, movement, and the beauty of human connection. UNCSA would give me
the tools to explore and have performance opportunities to create art that I am proud of. The
aspect that really interest me to this program is the process of shows at UNCSA; I have watched
many videos about the Devised Theatre and videos on the college experience at UNCSA and
they all prove how great the school is. It shows that it is about the process rather than the
product. I noticed that there is a strong use of research and experience to make the story
honest. Also, the fact that all students are part of the process whether it’s on stage or tech or
lighting is so beautiful and just proves how it is all about student creation. I have had the
opportunity to study with many students that went from New World School of the Arts to
UNCSA and they all love it and leave there like new people with a new perspective on life and
art. They always speak to me about how wonderful the school is and how it has led them to
becoming wonderful and unique artists; studying at UNCSA would be be such a privilege.
After I graduate, I’d like to settle in New York and start auditioning. I would like to
audition for many things so I start becoming accustomed to this business. Theatre is what I
want to do for the rest of my life. I feel like the best version of myself when I am doing theatre
and diving myself into my art. It can be in any form; I just want to be involved in exploring the
human condition. It can seem intimidating to move to a new place and start auditioning but I
have the passion, preparation and dedication to succeed and thrive. Everything is a learning
experience and a proficiency in auditioning would be a great asset to have as well as
networking. I would like to be a part of national tours and if it comes up, performing on
Broadway or on off Broadway shows. I want to tour and travel around the world and the
country. Involving myself in the beauty of other cultures will allow my art to grow further and
further. I will always be fulfilled as long as I get to perform. Performing is like breathing. It
allows me to feel free. Discovering things about life and myself is so important to making my art
more mature and it adds more interesting levels to my acting. After I audition and have the
opportunity to perform I would like to dive into more theatre education after I have had a good
amount of performing experiences. I would like to go back to school. I want to receive my
master’s degree in theatre education and settle down in a city I love and focus primarily on my
studies so I could keep on perfecting my craft. School has always been the place where I have
felt safe and be proud of how imaginative I am and allow my free thinking to roam without
feeling ashamed. Going to school is such a great way to learn and grow stronger in my craft.
And as I soon as I can, I'd like to give back - because success is also bringing other people
with you so they can have the same opportunities. One of my dreams and future career goals is
to become a theatre teacher. I’ve have always dreamed of being a teacher; when I was asked
what I wanted to be when I grow up I would always say I wanted to be an actor and a teacher.
Teachers have made such a big impact on my life. I’ve learned so much by all of the wonderful
teachers I have had in my life. Being a teacher is the most important job anyone can have; you
have the responsibility of shaping a child into the adult they will become. I have always loved
working with kids and theatre is an excellent way of teaching children discipline while also
giving them a space to feel comfortable creating. With letting their imagination run wild and
not be ashamed of it is so wonderful. Later on I would like to explore many other aspects of the
entertainment industry like directing, playwriting and choreographing so I can tell stories that
haven’t been told, from different perspectives. I also want to help others do the same.
But whether I’m teaching or performing, I want to always be learning and discovering
new things. The future is incredibly thrilling despite the uncertainty and I cannot wait to make
the world my oyster.