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EDU2003 Lesson Plan Using the edTPA Framework

Your Name: Karina, Kira, John, Gabby

Grade level this plan is for: College Materials you’ll use: Google Drive SlideShow, an online video, and Kahoot.

Central Learning Focus and Planned Learning Outcomes

Central Focus Analyze the funding for schools and why it is important by the definition of what is school funding with some detail
background history, school funding terms with some examples, how its is affecting the classroom setting and in the
state of New Jersey.
ELA Anchor Standard N/A

Standards for
Mathematical Practice

Learning Standard(s) for N/A

the Central Focus

Students will be able to define the terms of school funding.

Objectives based on the Students will be able to differentiate between federal, state, and local funding.
Learning Standards listed Students will be able to list some effects of school funding in the classroom.
above Students will be able to support school funding.

Prior Academic Students will need to know what is school funding or at least have an idea, as a student, have heard the term budget
Knowledge cuts.

Anticipated Issues Some students may have been homeschooled and would not have been affected by school funding or have no
knowledge of what it is. Some students may be against funding and not supportive.
Academic Language Demands
Language Used School funding- money provided from Federal, State, or local to grant adequate funding across schools, and provide
(Vocabulary, Syntax, the underlying conditions that make learning possible.

Meeting the Language The word school funding will used frequently throughout the slide show presentation and will be reinforced during
Demands the Kahoot.

Assessment Type Evaluation Criteria and Feedback for Students

Assessment Task Planned Modifications to
(Informal or Formal) Description (Teacher Tasks - What evidence of student learning related to the
Assessment Tasks learning objectives and central focus does the assessment task
(Student Tasks)
provide? What feedback will you provide the students?)
Students will be asked If it appears students are still During the informal assessment, some students may or may
questions during Kahoot to not able to grasp the concept not have been able to retain the information from the slide
reinforce what they have of the topic, student funding, show. The terms Adequacy Budget, Local Cost Share and
Informal learned during the slide show then the teachers can go into a Equalization Aid go hand and hand, but could have easily
presentation of school further discussion to clarify been forgotten caused with other information from slides. If
(During Instruction)
funding. They will be any confusion the students the majority of the students feel confused, teacher will
expected to answer questions might have. redefine terms for them.
that will stem directly from
the slides.
An open discussion will help If students are not yet After examples are given to the students that are not
promote thoughtful responses understanding or learning the understanding the content and if additional support is needed
and allow students to cultivate content from the presentation, then, the teachers will go individually to each student for extra
personal opinions on the issue more examples will be support on the learning concept.
of school funding. provided.
(During Instruction)

Formal Students will individually log Some students may need A checklist stating the objectives of the lesson plan is used
(After Instruction) into Kahoot after the further instruction to clarify during the evaluation of each student. Notes will be made
slideshow is completed. This the concept of student funding. regarding each student who will need additional support on
can be done so through the In order to give further lesson.
students electronic device, instructions, while others are
either a cellphone of laptop. taking the Kahoot, teachers
They will then be prompted to can pull those students
go on the Kahoot website and needing help into smaller
enter the code to join. groups and work with them by
Students will then follow further clarifying the
prompted questions and information that they did not
answer to the best of their understand. Some students
knowledge. There will be 10 may need more support about
questions both true and false school funding and budget
and multiple choices. When cuts and how it affects in the
completion of this portion, classroom. Other students will
they will return to a group be asked to provide support to
discussion as a class. these students by listing a few
Thoughtful thinking will be examples, and further teaching
prompted by the teachers to instruction may occur.
see what they learn from each
question and if they
understand the concept of
school funding.
Instructional Strategies and Learning Tasks
Launch / Motivation /
Anticipatory Set The Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate
Instructional Core Students will come into the classroom and sit in their seats. To begin the lesson students will be asked their thoughts
Sequence on school funding, they can relate to when they were in school and how it affected them. Ask as future teachers how
student funding is important. Students can share personal experiences and opinions from school, such as budget
(Explore, Explain, Elaborate) cuts. Perhaps they junior varsity soccer team had to get cut or the art club had to get cut. Every student is different,
Structured Practice & therefore, keep in mind some students still may not be aware of the school funding and what it is. They also may
Application have never been affected by school funding. Student answers may vary and on that note, allow them to share and
(Formal Assessment or Evaluate) compare and contrast their answers. After listening to what each student, if willing to participate, has to say about
student funding the students will then be instructed to kindly focus their attention to the front were a slideshow
presentation about school funding. The slide show will contain twelve slides. It will explain what school funding is,
history, school budgets, affects to the classroom. Last video will be a short video about the issues of school funding.
Once the slideshow is complete, students will be prompted to log on to to enter the participation code in
order to get into the class group. The Kahoot will have ten different questions all relating to slide show presentation.
They will be timed at least twenty seconds with a mix of true and false and multiple choice questions. Students are to
submit each answer independently. The correct answer will display on the screen and it is important and some
students may have gotten the answer wrong which is okay to be wrong. In regards to this, the formal assessment,
and facts of school funding extra help will be provided to those that are confused. Objective checklist is used to
assess that the students have met the objectives of the lesson. Students are asked to come up with at least one way as
future that school funding will affect us, students, or classroom. This gives students an opportunity to use higher
level thinking and the students should be able to apply what they have learned to a real-life situation of their own.

How does your lesson plan The lesson includes language arts because students will be asked to read questions from a Kahoot and select the best
include language arts, responsive from the given choices. Limited math is used in one slide of the presentation in a school budget example
math, or social studies that demonstrates how to do a weighted calculation for a student.

Extension Activity N/A

Differentiation/Planned N/A
Additional Support

(Special Needs, ELL,

Gifted, Apathetic)
Teaching Analysis
Which lesson aspects N/A

Which did not work as

well as you planned?

What would you need to N/A

say/do tomorrow, based
on how well this lesson
worked today?

Specific Changes N/A