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ISSUE 42 Winter 2020


What’s the Sex, Etc. teen editorial staff
talking about this winter? 9 Family Matters 12 From Consent to
Ever felt like you couldn’t talk to a parent or
5 Web, Etc. guardian about sex or your body? Brooke
Condoms: Communicating
Get the latest on shares how nervous she was about this until Your Needs
a medical emergency made her realize she Sarah talks with teens about why they’ve
IN THE KNOW could open up to her mom. resolved to communicate with their
partners about what matters to them,
6 News, Etc. 10 Faces of Change including consent, contraception and the
Charlotte Silverman won an Oscar for importance of safer sex.
News on the effectiveness of menstrual
her contributions to a documentary on
cups, the African Intersex Movement and
the introduction of comprehensive sex ed
increasing global access to affordable, clean 14 Decisions, Decisions,
menstrual products. Vivian gets the scoop
topics, like consent and sexual assault, in
on what that was like!
more states. Are you in the middle of making some
important choices about whether to date or
7 Sex 101 11 The Spectrum have sex or whether to come out? Nathan
What do you think about sexting? Kira
Need some advice on how to strike up a hears from teens about how they make
talks with a few teens to find out why
conversation with your crush? Curious about choices that are right for them.
some are O.K. with sexting under certain
how to use a condom correctly? We’ve got
circumstances, others are on the fence and
answers to these and other questions.
still others say, “No way!”
16 Physical Disabilities
8 Our Health and Intimacy
Penelope talks about the challenges of BACK IT UP How do you manage physical intimacy
when you’re physically disabled or have
dealing with her period as a disabled person
a chronic medical condition? Samantha
and her hope for increased awareness, 18 #Resolution2020 shares her story and speaks with two
resources and support. What are teens resolving to do differently
other teens about sex and relationships
this year when it comes to sex, relationships
when you’re living with a physical disability.
and advocating for themselves? Margo
finds out!

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Editorial Staff & Contributors

Eka Tawe, 17
Sarah Solomon, 17 In 2020, I resolve to Samantha Gunton, 15
In 2020, I resolve Jack Scala, 17 get another picture with In 2020, I resolve to
to meet Harry Styles. In 2020, I resolve to Shannon Beveridge. smile more!
eat more pasta.

Kira Eng, 17
In 2020, I resolve
to live in the moment!

Misha’el Richardson, 16
Alex Crosby, 15 Samantha Wilk, 17
In 2020, I resolve to be Nathan Lam, 17
In 2020, I resolve to finally see In 2020, I resolve
more social. In 2020, I resolve to
Chance the Rapper in concert. to stay cute.
overcome senioritis!

Vivian Welch, 15
In 2020, I resolve
to finish Jane the
Virgin on Netflix.

Isabella Yurman, 18
Nate Lindstrom, 15 In 2020, I resolve to be here,
In 2020, I resolve to be queer and have no fear. 
run more miles.
Sabreen Dawud, 17
In 2020, I resolve to do
things that scare me.

Brooke Xie, 15
Parth Thakkar, 17 In 2020, I resolve to stop
Mack Toth, 18
In 2020, I resolve to love the Giants making resolutions I can’t keep. Penelope Harrison, 16
In 2020, I resolve to
and Jets as much as I did in 2019...even In 2020, I resolve to lead
stop wasting money
though they’ve been going through a positive social change.
on concert tickets.
“rough patch” for quite some time now.

Why Wonder? 3
Staff Talks
By Misha’el Richardson, 16, Staff Writer

Happy New Year!

Around this time each year, it’s common to think about resolutions
and changes we want to see in our lives. Sometimes it can be hard
to figure out the best choices, so this issue’s feature stories focus
on how you can decide what’s best for you!
For example, how do you know if you’re ready for a relationship or
if it’s the right time to tell someone about your sexual orientation
or gender identity? In Nathan’s feature, “Decisions, Decisions,
Decisions,” he talks to teens about how they’ve resolved to make
important decisions when it comes to dating, having sex and
coming out as LGBTQ.
What if you’ve already made a decision about sex or your
relationship but aren’t sure how to talk about it? Sarah’s story,
“From Consent to Condoms: Communicating Your Needs,” covers
how bringing up everything from boundaries to contraception to
safer sex with your partner is important and can benefit both of
you. Being more open and honest in your relationships is another
potential resolution you might make!
Last but not least, for teens with a disability or medical condition,
communication about sex and intimacy is super important—just like
it is for any teen. In “Physical Disabilities and Intimacy,” Samantha
shares her experience and talks with other teens about how they
navigate disability, intimacy and sex.
In one way or another, each of these stories deals with reflecting on
something and then deciding to act. It doesn’t have to mean a big
change—sometimes you can resolve to continue doing something
because it’s working! It’s important that we try to understand our
needs and what’s right for us. This year, how can you do that?


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