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The Mini Plus Evolution from Superfici America is the Next Evolution in

Automated Spray Finishing

The Mini Plus Evolution reciprocal spray machine is the premier cost-effective automated finishing
solution empowering small businesses, with the ability to increase their production while achieving
100% consistency in quality of finish.

Concord, NC, December 17, 2019 --( The Superfici America Mini Evolution boasts huge
finishing potential with a small footprint, and was engineered to provide a cost-effective solution to
smaller businesses, enabling them to achieve the same quality and consistency of finish provided by
larger automated spray machines.

“As we were growing, we saw a need to look for a better finish solution to help us in processing our parts
more efficiently and to get a more consistent finish. Having a smaller shop space was also a big concern
for us,” states Richard Thompson, owner of Advanced Millwork Components and Installation. Mr.
Thompson continued, "When we started looking, we researched several different options from other
manufacturers and none of them met our needs. Then we looked at the Mini Spray Machine. It fit our
space, gave us what we wanted in features, allowed us more control over the schedule (instead of
outsourcing larger jobs) and fit our budget."

Though the Mini boasts a small footprint to fit almost every working environment, it offers a working
width of fifty-one inches, and a closed circuit for applications delivery allowing for rapid color changes.

The on-board Opti-Spray software controls the machine parameters, including storage of up to
one-hundred recipes, and real-time production reports. The opening and closing of the guns is
automatically adjusted according to the data scanned by the laser reader bar at the infeed.

The Mini Plus Evolution is a cost-effective and empowering piece of machinery, allowing smaller
businesses to deliver the quantity and quality of product needed to succeed.

“Since the purchase, it has saved us time, labor and our product quality has increased. We would
recommend this machine to any small shop that is looking to increase their production and quality,”
Richard Thompson concluded.

Superfici America, Inc. (, established in 2005, is the North American leader
in automated and robotic finishing solutions, with a full line of finishing solutions designed for every
phase of the finishing process. With machines made at their parent headquarters in northern Italy,
Superfici America provides industry leading technologies for sanding, spraying, coating, curing, drying,
brushing and conveying wood, glass, composite, and synthetic products.

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