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Annual Compensation per Employee for Top Six Industries for all

Food Manufacturing Establishment, Philippines: Workers Compensation in Food and Beverage

2015 (in 1000 PhP) Manufacturing by Position, Philippines: 2014
Mo. Basic Annual Salary Health Car Plan
263 Manufacturing of Food Products Position Salary Increase Insurance (Php)
(Php) (%) (Php)
1,852 Mfg. of powdered milk (except for infants) and condensed or evaporated milk
Executive 150,000 6 165,000 1,500,000
Managerial 46,963 7 130,000 1,000,000
1,383 Mfg. of vinegar
Supervisory 21,209 7 130,000 -
1,184 Mfg. of mayonnaise, salad dressing, sandwich
spread and similar products Rank and File 10,504 6 85,000 -
984 Mfg. of butter, cheese and curd Source: ECOP


Processing of fresh milk and cream

Mfg. of milk-based infants' and dietetic foods; and of dairy products, n.e.c.
Results of ECOP’s 2015 Corporate Compensation Survey showed that
average monthly basic salaries in food and beverage manufacturing
ranged from P10,504 for rank-and-file workers to P150,000 for
Source: ASPBI 2015 executive level positions. Annual salary increases were given at 6%
Based on the Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry of (rank-and-file and executives) to 7% (supervisors and managers).
Only executives and managers were entitled to car plans valued at
the PSA, the average annual compensation in Food
P1,500,000 and P1 million , respectively.
Manufacturing is P263 thousand per employee. Workers in
establishments engaged in manufacturing of powdered, and
condensed or evaporated milk reported the highest average Workers Compensation in Food and Beverage
annual compensation amounting to P1.852 million. Manufacturing by Selected Occupation, Philippines: 2014

Annual Total Labor Cost: P201,771 Mo. Basic Annual

Salary Life Insu- Health Other
Occupation Salary Increase rance Insurance Benefits

Pay for Regular Working Time (P139,547) (Php) (%) (Php) (Php) (Php)
Direct Wages

Nutritionists 26,791 5 100,000 100,000 --

OT, Night Shift, Premium Pay (P9,147) Key Accounts Delivery 10,050 7 200,000 85,000 --
(P152,473) Crews
75.57% COLA & Other Allowances (P1,483)
General Service Assistants
Sales Staffs
-- Manufacture of Food
Bonuses & PIS (P1,669)

Commissions (P627)
46,305 7 436,250 200,000 32,865
Production Operators 10,504 6 200,000 85,000 --
0.5% Cost of Training (P1,000) Social Security (P14,638) 7.25% Sales Coordinators 12,831 14 200,000 97,500 --
Marketiing Assistants 11,930 6 200,000 85,000 --
Sales Staffs 10,400 3 200,000 85,000 -- This industry includes the processing of the product
0.05% Payments in Kind (P97) Housing (P119) 0.06% of agriculture, forestry and fishing into human or
Dispatch Crews 10,023 4 -- -- --
Custodian/Toolkeepers 10,504 6 -- -- -- animal food.
0.16% Welfare Services (P315) Other Labor Cost (P1,469) 0.73% Purchasing Assistants 16,620 6 -- -- --
Source: ECOP
1.21% Remuneration for Time not Worked (P2,434)

By occupation, monthly salary ranged from P10,023 for dispatch

Year-end, Seasonal, One-time Bonuses crews to P46,305 for production managers. Annual salary increase
Bonuses &


ranged from 3% for sales staff to 14% for sales coordinators. Plant

Profit –sharing Bonuses (P4,489) 14.48% managers had the highest life insurance at P436,250, and the
highest health insurance at P200,000. Among the occupations, only
(P29,225) plant managers received fringe benefits, averaging P32,865.
Additional Payments
(vacation, supplementary to normal
vacation pay) (P277)
Source: Labor Cost Survey

Annual labor cost in food manufacturing was P201,771 per For more information: National Wages and Productivity Commission
worker. Of which, 75.57% or P152,473 were direct wages and Department of Labor and Employment
salaries; 14.48% or P29,225 were bonuses and gratuities; and Or call: Philippines
7.25% or P14,638 were social security payments. 527-8011 527-8014
(Wage Policy and Research Division) (Planning and Information Division)
Wage and Wage-Related Benefits under Compensation and Benefits
the Labor Code of the Philippines Average Daily Basic Pay of Wage and Salary Workers Median Monthly Basic Pay and Allowances in
in Manufacturing, Philippines: 2014-2017 (in PhP) Manufacturing of Food Products,
Lowest wage that an employer Philippines: July 2016
Minimum should pay his workers, as fixed by
Wage the RTWPBs 450 418 All
400 367 379 376 384 388 391 Industries
344 347 355 359
Holiday 100% of the daily rate if unworked P1,130
Pay 200% of the daily rate if worked
P10,648 P12,013
13th Not less than one-twelfth (1/12) of the BASIC PAY BASIC PAY
Month Pay total basic pay earned in a calendar year
Workers are entitled to a 5-day Manufacture of
5-Day SIL service incentive leave after one-year Food Products
2014 2015 2016 2017
of service, and every year thereafter All Industries Industry Manufacturing

Source: Labor Force Survey Source: Occupational Wage Survey

Separation Equivalent to ½ or 1 month pay for Data from the household-based Labor Force Survey showed that Average monthly basic pay as of July 2016 stood at P12,013 while
every year of service depending on the average daily basic pay of workers increased from P367 in 2014 to monthly allowance at P1,130 based on establishment data gathered
authorized cause of the separation P418 in 2017 or by 14%. Workers’ average pay in the from the Occupational Wages Survey (OWS). In food
manufacturing industry also registered growth from P347 to P391 manufacturing, monthly basic pay averaged at P10,648, and
or by 13%, during the same period. monthly allowance at P498.
Overtime 25% of the effective hourly basic rate
Average Monthly Wage Rates of Full Time Workers in Food and Beverage Manufacturing,
Philippines: July 2016 (in PhP)
Premium Among the production workers
30% of the daily basic rate
Pay in the Food and Beverage
Manufacturing covered by the 21,172
OWS, production supervisors and 19,000 19,099
general foremen had the highest
Night Shift 10% of the effective hourly basic pay averaging P21,172, followed
Differential Pay rate for work performed between by food technologists at 14,547 13,737 14,271
10 p.m. and 6 am. P19,099, and chemical
engineering technicians at 10,637
P19,000. 9,640
15% to be retained by management
Service for losses and breakages; 85% to be Unskilled workers received the
lowest pay at P9,640, followed
Charges shared equally by rank-and-file
by food processing and trade
workers workers at P10,637, and
production clerks at P11,782.
Retirement Daily rate x 22.5 days x number of
Pay years of service
Accounting Chemical Food & Food Food Production Production Quality Unskilled
and Engineering Related Processing & Techno- Clerks Supervisor & Inspec- Workers excl.
Bookkeeping Technicians Products Related logist Gen. Foremen tors Janitors, Freight
Clerks Machine Trades Handlers and
Operators Workers Messengers
Source: Occupational Wage Survey