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Reliance Retail, founded in 2006, is a subsidiary company of Reliance Industries Limited and
is the largest retailer in India (in terms of revenue). In a short time, it has created a strong bond
with consumers by providing with unlimited choices, superior quality, outstanding value
proposition and unmatched experience across all its stores. It has neighbourhood stores,
supermarkets, specialty stores, cash & carry and online stores.
It is committed to “bettering the lives” and embodies it to make a difference on social socio-
economic issues in India. The initiative has brought small producers and farmers to the
forefront of retail revolution by partnering with them.
In the food and grocery category, Reliance Retail has Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart and
Reliance Market store. In the consumer electronics category, it operates Reliance Digital and
Jio stores. Reliance Retail also has fashion and lifestyle category where Reliance Trends,
Trends Footwear, Trends Women, Trends Man, Project Eve, Reliance Jewels and
Reliance Retail has exclusive partnership with international brands like Diesel, Marks and
Spencer, Steve Madden, Grand Vision, and many more. It reported a turnover of around
130500 crores for the financial year 2018-19. As on 30th September 2019. It operates 10901
stores across cities with a retail area of over 24.5 million square feet.
Pricing strategy is used to determine the best price of a product or service. It helps you choose
a price that will maximize the shareholder’s value and profits while also considering the
demand of the market and its consumers.
Reliance Retail stores offer products at competitive prices. With so many competitors in the
market, pricing plays an important role for differentiation.
 Reliance Fresh: In the FMCG sector the products are priced generally lower than the
general stationery stores. With minimum involvement of middlemen, the product cost
eventually comes down and hence customers enjoy discounts and price reductions.
Reliance Fresh offers best possible and fresh products to its customers directly at low
prices. To attract large group of consumers it follows a pricing strategy of affordable
and pocket-friendly products. It also follows a promotional pricing policy to motivate
bulk sales.
 Reliance Digital: With over 200 national and international brands with a widest range
of products, Reliance Digital is one of the largest consumer electronics store chain in
India. It follows an aggressive pricing strategy in their offline stores, which are
sometimes even the lowest in the market. Also, Reliance Jio adopted penetrative pricing
strategy during launch to grab the maximum market share.
 Reliance Trends and Trends Footwear: In the apparel and footwear section, Reliance
Retail offers premium quality products from well-known brands. They chose to offer
mid-range to premium pricing to its customers while keeping the quality in mind. Their
motto is to provide affordable products in the mid-priced range. Also, one of the Trends’
USP is delivering value for money.
 Reliance Jewels: Reliance Jewels offers traditional and contemporary jewelry for
women with the widest range of design from daily wear to party wear. It provides high
quality and 100 per cent pure products at competitive price. Thus, they keep the prices
similar to its competitors and they differentiate their products on their designs.
 AJIO: AJIO is the digital fashion extension of Reliance Retail and has tied up with
around 200 national and international brands. Along with all the brands, it also sells its
own private brand. Its overall range of products are affordable while maintaining high
Logistics is the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. It is basically the
activity of organizing and managing the movement, raw materials, machines, warehousing, etc.
basically it is the commercial activity of transporting goods to customers. In one word we may call it
organizing /planning/ managing /directing /handling,etc.
In today’s market, companies must decide the best way to store-handle and move their goods and
services so they are easily available for the customers. Logistics effectiveness has a major impact on
both consumer satisfaction and company capital as it involves the handling of entire supply chain.
Companies nowadays are focusing more on the logistics for many reasons. Reliance Retail is the retail
initiative of the group and focuses on consumer based business. The company has forged a strong and
enduring bonds with the consumers by providing them unlimited choices, great value proposition,
superior quality and a great experience across all the stores in a short span of time. The company has
adopted a multi-point strategy and it works on chain of neighbourhood stores, supermarts, wholesales
cash and carry, specialty stores, online store, small stores and it has democratic access to different
kinds of goods and services across diverse sections for Indian customers. This company has the aim
of being the biggest and largest retailer in India .Its commitment to “bettering the life of the
customers” has been incorporated in its pursuit to make a difference on social, economic issues of the
Serving the food and grocery type Reliance retail works reliance fresh, reliance smart and market
stores. In the consumer electronics type reliance retails operates upon reliance digital, reliance digital
express mini stores .in the fashion and clothing type the company works on reliance trends ,trends
women ,trends man ,trends junior, project eve, reliance footprint, reliance jewels and online site like .
The operating model of reliance retail is based on customer’s centricity. More importantly it has built
a strong and unshakable bond through its extraordinary people and chain of retail stores provide a
world class environment and shopping experience .it has also emerged as partner of choice for
international brands and created a special partnerships with many hi-fi brands like Diesel, Hamleys,
marks and Spencer, grand vision ,Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden and many more brands and this
company recently reported a turnover of Rs.1,30,566 crores for the financial year 2018-19. The retail
store operates on 10,901 shops across more than 6700 cities .reliance retail ventures limited, a
subsidiary of reliance industries limited is the holding company operating the retail business.
Reliance retail has been using multiple advertising plans for promotion activities of different
brands under it. Their investment remains high in both offline and online sources of advertising
to connect to a large number of customers. Some of these plans are-
 Television advertisement: Various brands of reliance retail such as AJIO, Reliance
smart, JIO stores, reliance trends, reliance footwear use TV commercial advertisements
to communicate their offerings to the customers, upcoming sale, discounts etc.

TV ads such as those placed during IPL, popular movies and TV series have multiple benefits
such as wider reach, vivid demonstration of products and services, portrays brands personality
and explains benefits to the consumers thus inducing them to make purchase.
 Print advertisement: Brands such as reliance trends, jewels, smart, fresh, footwear,
AJIO and Jio stores publish advertisements in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets to
reach a large number of audience at once and inform customers about offers such,
discounts on their latest plans, upcoming sale, and other offerings to stimulate purchase

These ads can be retained by the customer for a longer period of time, has a wide reach to
multiple customer segments, provides detailed product and service information and very
popular for local advertising.
 Sales promotion: This method is mostly used by brands such as reliance trends, smart,
footwear, fresh and Jio stores to push the sales of their products and services.

In this, the brands introduce offers, discounts, buy 1 get 1 free, coupons, cashbacks, and gifts
to stimulate quick and greater purchase. It is mostly short term in nature and has been proved
to be very effective in ensuring sales.

 Personal selling: This method is used by various brands such as reliance trends, jewels,
smart, fresh, Jio stores to sell their products and services. In this, a sales representative
communicates with the customer, informs about the benefits of the product and service
and induce them to make purchase. They are very effective in selling the product as they
bond and trust with the customer and talk about after sales service where winning the
trust of the customer is very important
 Online advertisement: It is mostly used by brands such as AJIO, Jio, reliance trends to
promote their products and services. Advertisements are placed on social media
websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and on other platforms such as Google ads,
search engine optimizations, emails and targeted ads based on user search history, tastes
and preferences.
Digital Marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies, mainly
internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and other digital platforms.
It mainly used for selling products online, marketing analytics, online advertising, finding
The Digital Marketing plan for Reliance Retail is explained below.
The basic structure:
 Opportunity – Reliance Retails consist Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart, Reliance
Digital, Reliance Supermarket, Reliance Jio, Reliance Trends, Reliance Jewel and
Trends Footwear. So, first they review current business contribution of digital channels.
After this they find out lot of opportunity which is easily created by digital media. Then
they set some new future objectives based on past historical data.
 Strategy – Their main strategy is to digitally advertise new products and services and
increase brand awareness.
They digitally advertise new products & services and offer promotional discount for all
brands with help of digital media like internet, display advertising, email marketing.
They also digitally advertise some customer loyalty program like Reliance One card
through which you can earn and redeem points across all reliance stores.
Recently, they selected Vicky Kaushal and Janhvi Kapoor as the brand ambassador of
Reliance trends.
 Action – They carried out specific actions to implement their strategy such as planning
and integrating content marketing, SEO, social media and email marketing into
marketing campaigns.
 Search engine optimization – They add some strong keywords on their websites
for increasing number of visitors. They also remove some barriers to the indexing
activities of search engines like yahoo, Google etc. They improve their unpaid
result by SEO.
 Social media marketing – They advertise their products and services through
Instagram, Facebook, twitter and linkedin. They also use some data analytics tool
to track the process, success and engagement of their ad campaigns on social
 Email marketing – They send their commercial massages to particular group of
people and their loyal customers for advertising, promotional discount and some
loyalty program. They use email marketing to build trust and brand awareness.
Holistic marketing is a marketing concept which considers the business as a whole not as an
organization with many different parts. In holistic marketing concept, the various departments of
a business should come together to make a positive image in the minds of the customers. It focuses
on strategies designed to market the image of brand to every person related to it, be it existing
customers, potential customers or employees, and communicating in a specific manner while
keeping in mind the social responsibility of the business. Holistic marketing consists four broad
 Internal Marketing: Internal marketing aims at providing specific needs of the business’s
own employees. It ensures that employees are satisfied with the work they perform each
day which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Reliance gives an easy work
environment to its employees and supports them throughout their journey with reliance.
Reliance provides vaccinations, annual health checkups and consultations for free. They
also have a grievance handling committee for their employees.
 Integrated Marketing: Integrated marketing means how well a company is able to deliver
its message in the minds of its consumers. It ensure that each communication tool which is
chosen by the marketer, must give a real and authentic information to the customer. It
includes activities like advertising, online communication, direct marketing, public
relations and social media marketing which works in sync with one another to ensure the
company’s customers have a good experience. With the help of its marketing department,
reliance has successfully delivered its message in the mind of its consumers through various
marketing channels like TV advertising, online advertising, print adds, etc.
 Socially Responsible Marketing: This aspect involves a broader concern of the society at
large. A business is considered as a part of the society and is required to repay the same. It
aimed at creating marketing strategies that are based on business ethics practices such as
environmental friendly products or meaningful interaction with the society. To provide
much needed ecological security, Reliance is moving towards climate smart agriculture
through the following practices: Improving soil health, enhancing the green cover through
plantation activities. During the financial year 2018-19, on World Environment Day,
Reliance organizes an event where rural communities and employees were motivated to
plant saplings. To promote biodiversity, Reliance planted more than 0.49 million saplings.
 Relationship Marketing: It focuses on a long-term customer relationship and engagement
rather than short-term. This aspect focuses on targeting marketing practices on existing
customers to create a strong, emotional and everlasting connection with customers. It is
always important for a company to retain its old customers as they bring them the maximum
profit but it is also important for a company to get new customers. To retain its old
customers, reliance keeps tracks of their customer’s birthday and provide them a special
discount on that day. During special occasions like Diwali, new year, reliance provide
special discount or offers to customers.
Reliance retail has been one of the biggest retailers in India selling products and services such
as telecommunications, clothing, jewellery, toys, grocery, and electronics. In this project we
have seen the pricing, promotion, marketing, logistics strategies used by reliance has been very
It targets the middle class customer segment through various means such as TV ads, print ads,
personal selling, sales promotion and digital marketing to inform customers about their
offering and stimulate them to make purchases.
It uses predatory and competitive pricing to grab large customer base and stay ahead from its
competitors such as Airtel in telecom, Spencer, Big Bazaar in grocery, BATA, Khadims in
footwear, fashion at big bazaar in value fashion and clothing.
It also takes care of its employees by giving them benefits like mediclaim facilities, employee
counselling, etc. Apart from organizations point of view, Reliance also maintain its culture of
being socially responsible organization by conducting environment friendly events.
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