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2011 is slow

• Is the slow down in all files or just one?

o Apparently, the issue is mostly with just the Wyndham files, not all dwgs.
o Run Recover on that file to see if that helps, and see other tips further down.
• Turn off any palette transparency.
• Turn off SelectionCycling, SC button at bottom of screen
• Make sure the layers palette is closed. Not just collapsed, closed as in not visible.
• Turn off the modeless layer palette in AutoCAD/ACA: use the old Layer dialog box (set
• Turn off digital signatures.
o Disable digital signatures
o 1-On your desktop, right‐click on any Autodesk Icon (i.e.: AutoCAD) and pick "Enable/Disable
Digital Signature Icon".
o 2-In the "Signature Validation Options" dialogue box, uncheck "Display digital signatures and
display special icons".
o 3-Restart your computer.
o Full details at this link:
• Empty that temp folder.
• Turn off Hardware Acceleration within AutoCAD, icon on the lower right near workspace and toolbar
• Set hpdlgmode to 1 and/ or hpquickpreview to off.
• Change rollovertips to 0 (off)
• Set qpmode to 0 (off)
• Set SHOWLAYERUSAGE to 0 (off).
• Update your video card drivers (if any, otherwise try your PC vendor or video card vendor's
• I closed the headings in Properties dialog box "Lines&Arrows, Text, Fit, PrimaryUnits,
AlternateUnits, Tolerances" while I have a dimension selected.
• if your DST file is over 2 Mb, then that wil probably be the problem.
• As a test, lose all of your own personal (not OOTB) PC3 files from ACA's
search paths.
• If you migrated or copied or moved a Profile from your other seat of ACA2008, lose it too. Start as a
clean AutoCAD profile.
• FYI, the 3dconfig is where I found the solution. It was originally set to 'driver', Autodesk. I then
changed it to Direct 3D, no imporvement. Then changed it to the last selectable driver nvd3d10.hdi
Again still very sloooow. I reselected "Autodesk" for the dirver. Went to the Control Panel and
opened up the Nvidia Control Panel. Enabled PhysX GPU acceleration. And all is good!
• Options - Display - Show rollover ToolTips. By un-checking this box my performance went way up. I
was getting little half second to 2 second lags every time i panned, zoomed, saved, selected or any
other imaginable command.
• Solved by switching from the Windows 7 Aero theme to Basic.
• Check in layer manager to make sure you don't have 100's of layer filters, if so delete them.
• Clean out the temp folder (%temp%)on your computer, this can have a big impact if it is filled with
hundreds or thousands of files.
• Start AutoCAD without a profile (copy the shortcut on the desktop, in properties remove the “ /p
(profile name)” switch and then use that shortcut to start AutoCAD.
• If you don't need draworder then set draworderctl to 0.
• Turn DYNamic input off as a test, see DYN toggle at bottom center of screen.
• Make sure all the printers listed in the plot dialog actually exist. This goes for printers as well as
printer.pc3 files.
• Disable the communication center.
o In AutoCAD 2010, you can disable the InfoCenter toolbar by opening the registry, and going
to the following key:
o HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Autodesk\AutoCAD\R18.0\ACAD-8001:409\InfoCenter
o In that key there's a value with the name "InfoCenterOn".
o Changing that value from 1 to 0 will disable the InfoCenter toolbar.