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Vol. No. 26 Issue No.

03 December, 2016

IAN Executive Committee (2016-17)

The Secretary Writes
Dr. A. V. Srinivasan, Chennai It has indeed been a very exciting year for the Indian Academy of Neurology – an year that
President Elect concluded with the 24th Annual Conference of the Academy at Kolkata from November 10 to 13,
Dr. Sanjeev Thomas, Trivandrum 2016. The annual conference, IANCON 2016 was well attended with 1151 delegates having
registered for the meeting and was notable for the warm hospitality accorded by West Bengal
Past Presidents Neurology Association under the able leadership of Dr. Arabinda Mukherjee, Chairman,
Dr. Arabinda Mukherjee, Kolkata Organising Committee and Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharrya, Organising Secretary. The Conference was
Dr. Subhash Kaul, Hyderabad also notable for a number of new features including Neu Ro Ga Ma, a unique cultural evening
Secretary organized by IAN Members (Dr. Vijay Sardana took lead in conceptualizing and directing the
Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Ludhiana function and Dr. Sumit Singh very ably compered the event).
Treasurer The Conference also featured a session of Heads of Departments of Neurology across the country
Dr. Nirmal Surya, Mumbai and a separate session of Neurology Residents and students. We hope to continue all three events
in to the subsequent annual conferences.
Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology The Conference also saw Dr. A.V. Srinivasan taking over as President of the Indian Academy of
Dr. Satish V. Khadilkar, Mumbai Neurology from Dr. Subhash Kaul. We are sure that he will lead the Academy to even greater glory.
We now look forward to planning the next academic year that will end September 7-10, 2017 with
Executive Committee Members
the 25th Annual Conference of the Indian academy of Neurology at Chennai. The IANCON 2017 is
Dr. Ajit Sowani, Ahmedabad
purported to be a joint meeting of the Academy with the Association on Indian Neurologists in
Dr. Sudhir Shah, Ahmedabad
America (AINA). A number of other academic activities will unfold before this meeting, notably
Dr. Sudhir Kothari, Pune the International Conference on Tropical Neurology at Mumbai, March 24-26, 2017. We hope to
Dr. Manjari Tripathi, New Delhi meet IAN members in large numbers at both Conferences.
CME Conveners We look forward to your inputs in developing the scientific program of IANCON 2017 inasmuch as
Dr. Kalyan B. Bhattacharyya, Kolkata the Session Proposal Forms are already put up on the IAN website. Active participation by all IAN
Dr. R. Lakshmi Narasimhan, Chennai Members is the only way to take the IAN to greater heights.
IAN Secretariat : Long live the IAN.
Research & Development Centre
Dayanand Medical College & Hospital
Civil Lines, Ludhiana-141001, Punjab Dr. Gagandeep Singh
E-mail :
Website: Secretary
Contact : 98780-24460/98765-11974
Fax : +91-161-2300082

Our President Responds:

Ques. What are your plans for the IAN over the next one Know your President
Ans.: My priorities in this year will be exquisite attention to
We are pleased to introduce, Dr. A.V. Srinivasan, MD, DM,
details and relentless curiosity in General Medicine which PhD (Neuro), D.Sc., FRCP, FAAN, FIAN currently Emeritus
will pave the way for Mastery in Neurology and in return, a Professor of Neurology at the Tamil Nadu, Dr. MGR Medical
Career in Neurology offers a reward of an insight into the University, Chennai and Former Adjunct Professor in Bio-
Worlds brilliant creation – the human Brain and Nervous
technology at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.
System. We intend bringing out a book in the Practice
Pearls of Neurology, Handbook of Clinical Neurology and He was one of the founding members to become a member
History and growth of neurosciences in Tamilnadu.
of the Executive Committee of the Indian Academy of
Ques. Where and how do you see the Academy 5-10
years from now? Dr. A.V. Srinivasan, President IAN (2016-17) Neurology in 1992 and has rightfully became the President
with Dr. Subhash Kaur, now Past President during the Silver Jubilee year of the Academy. What better
Ans.: I foresee in another decade a top education
programme with most innovative scientific research than being President of the IAN during the Silver Jubilee
coming from the younger generation – to give Value (25th) Annual Conference of the IAN held at Chennai at his home ground. Indeed, Dr. Srinivasan
Choice, Customization and Innovation. I hope and feel that undertook nearly all of his medical education, first MBBS in 1975, MD in 1978, DM (Neurology)
IAN will take over the world, in the leadership qualities,
derived from different universities of our country. The long in 1984 and Ph.D. in 2002 – all at Madras Medical College, Chennai.
term efforts are needed in this dream by getting funds for Dr. Srinivasan has been decorated with a number of awards - Best Neuro Psychological Award –
basic sciences research by Private Public Partnerships. IAN
will have to play a major role in these endeavors. 1990, Association of Indian Neurologists in America-2001, Dean Commendation Award – Oct
Ques: What are the most important resources of the 2001, U. N. Mehta Oration (Torrent)- Kolkata-2010, Prof. C U Velmurugenran Oration-2013,
Academy? SYMA Seva Award – 2014, GEM OF Tamilnadu Award – 2015, Institute Day Oration-Madras
Ans.: The important resources of our academy lies in the Medical College-2015, Dr. Muralidhar Oration APNSA -2016 and a number of fellowships
individual and independent organizations in Stroke, including American Academy of Neurology (2002) and Indian Academy of Neurology (2005).
Epilepsy, Movement Disorders and Paediatric Neurology,
who can work in conjunction with our Indian Academy of On becoming President, IAN, we asked him a few questions and reproduced his responses
Neurology Annual Conferences by conducting a full day (see Box).
and half a day teaching courses, like in American and
European Academy Of Neurology. We wish Dr. Srinivasan every success during his tenure as President and are very hopeful that his
The future of Neurology lies in the Trinity principle of vision for the IAN becomes a reality.
Patient Care, Teaching and Research. I sincerely hope the
Academy will give a Clarion call to Gender issues, Women
in leadership and to bring about changes in mentoring the
Future Generation of Neurologists. Dr. Gagandeep Singh
Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

IANCON 2016 IAN Books

Orations Fellowships, 2016 Released

Dr. B. Vengamma (Andhra Pradesh)

Presidential Oration: IAN President, Dr.
Subhash Kaul, Hyderabad being presented Atlas of Clinical Neurology
with a plaque by Dr. Arabinda Mukherjee and Authors: Dr. Satish Khadilkar and Dr. Kalyan
Dr. A V Srinivasan
B. Bhattacharyya; Published by Jaypee

Prof. M. Madhusudanan (Kerala)

IAN Oration: Dr. Ambar Chakravarty, Kolkata

being presented with a plaque by Dr. Debashish
Roy,Kolkata and Dr. Meena Gupta, New Delhi.

Brain and Neurological Disorders

Authors: Dr. Sudhir V. Shah and Dr. Heli Shah;
Published by Jaypee Publishers
Dr. Nirmal Surya (Mumbai)

IAN BAR-B-Q 2016

First Prize
Prof. NH Wadia Oration: Dr. Tsoji Tsuji being
presented with a plaque by Dr. (Mrs.) Piroja
Wadia , Dr. S M Katrak and Dr. B S Singhal.

Prof. G. T. Subhas (Bengaluru)

Dr. Hinaben Fayalal Faldu, DM Student, Sir JJ

Group of Hospital and Govt. Grant Medical
Prof. Baldev Singh Oration: Dr. Ley Sander, College, Mumbai
UK being presented with a plaque by Dr. P. Prof. A Nalini (Bengaluru) IAN – BAR-B-Quiz-2016 (Winner)
Satishchandra and Dr. Sudesh Prabhakar.

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

Applications are invited

for Fellowship of IAN
Dear IAN Members,
Award Papers Poster Awards
Nomination invited for the Fellows of the Best Paper in Neurology 1st Prize
Indian Academy of Neurology. The complete
details with rules and nomination form are
available on the IAN website. Please send your
nomination for fellowship till January 31, 2016.
The details and form can be accessed at
Secretary, IAN

Neuro-Learn Subscription
Dr. Supriyo Choudhury, Institute of
Dear IAN Members, During the Annual Gp Capt (Dr.) Salil Gupta, Prof. & Head, Dept
Neurosciences, Kolkata.
General Meeting of the Indian Academy of of Neurology, Army Hospital (Research &
Referral), New Delhi
Neurology, it was agreed that IAN should "Intermuscular coherence of patients with
negotiate the purchase of Neuro-Learn at a “A randomized trial of safety and efficacy of writer’s cramp"
subsidised rate for its members. lowering mean arterial pressure in acute
spontaneous intracerebral haemorrhage”
N-Learn is offered by the American
Academy of Neurology as online courses on Best Paper in Epilepsy 2nd Prize
different topics. The courses include
multimedia presentations with text material
and further references for further perusal
and can be taken at leisure. The list of
courses can be found at
The cost of each course for non-members is
US$ 69. Prof. Sarosh M. Katrak has been
negotiating the rates for acquiring
NeuroLearn for IAN members and with his
efforts, the AAN has provided us with the
following rates: Dr. Joseph Samuel P, Consultant Neurologist, Dr. Nirendra Rai, All India Institute of
1. US$3000 - 250 members i.e. US$12 per Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Medical Sciences, Bhopal
member for 10 courses Sciences and Technology,
Thiruvananthapuram "Factors associated with delayed diagnosis
2. US$5400 - 500 members i.e. US$ 10.80
and misdiagnosis in patients with migraine"
per member for 10 courses “Predictors of outcome after resective
surgery in drug-resistant frontal lobe
3. US$9000 - 1000 members i.e. US$ 9 per
member for 10 courses
Since rates depend on the number of
subscribers, we would like to estimate the
number of subscribers. Hence, please let us Notice
know via e mail or via the IAN website if you
Accompanying this issue of the Newsletter
Wish you
would be interested in subscribing to and your family a
is an insert with the Revised Constitution
of the Indian Academy of Neurology,
Please convey your willingness to subscribe to Merry Christmas
approved during the Extra-Ordinary
NeuroLearn via website i.e., or General Body Meeting held at Hotel ITC and a very
emailto Sonar, Kolkata on November 12, 2016. Happy
Best Wishes, Members are requested to preserve a copy New
of the same for future reference.
AV Srinivasan, President, IAN
Gagandeep Singh, Secretary, IAN

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

Minutes of the IAN Executive Committee Meeting of

Indian Academy of Neurology was held on
November 09, 2016, Kolkata
Attendees: Associations/Institutes: members at a subsidized rate of USD
Dr. Subhash Kaul, President i) AIIMS, New Delhi 10 and free of cost for associate
Dr. A V Srinivasan, President Elect ii) Chattisgarh Association of Neurology, members. He also informed that he
Dr. Arabinda Mukherjee, Past President Raipur, Chattisgarh would explore the possibility of
Dr. Gagandeep Singh, Secretary iii) Andhra Medical College, Visakha- acquiring Neurology-Clinical Practice
Dr. Nirmal Surya, Treasurer patnam, Andhra Pradesh (N-CP) Journal through support from
Dr. Satish V Khadilkar, Editor, AIAN iv) NIMHANS, Bengaluru, Karnataka Pharma. The proposal was approved
Dr. Sudhir Shah, Member v) VIMHANS, Gurugram, Haryana and the EC thanked Dr. Katrak for his
Dr. Sudhir Kothari, Member vi) Brain & Spine Society, Hyderabad role in negotiating purchase.
Dr. Manjari Tripathi, Member Discussion: It was agreed that criteria for Proposed by Dr. A V Srinivasan;
Dr. Kalyan B. Bhattacharyya, CME Convener
selection of Conference venues should be Seconded by Dr. Subhash Kaul.
Dr. R. Lakshmi Narasimhan, CME Convener
devised. Dr. Subhash Koul volunteered to ii) The Interventional Neurology
On leave: do the needful and the same would be subsection proposed initiating a 'Post
Dr.ChandrashekharMeshram,PastPresident discussed in the Mid-term EC 2017. Doctoral Fellowship in Interventional
Dr. Ajit Sowani, Member Neurology and Stroke' under the
EC/2016/02/05 - Report on IANCON-16,
Special Invitees: November 10 to 13, 2016, Kolkata was aegis of IAN. It was decided to refer
Dr. S M Katrak, Mumbai presented by Dr. Kalyan Bhattacharyya, the matter to a subcommittee which
Dr. U Meenakshisundaram, Chennai would look in to the feasibility of the
Organising Secretary, IANCON-16. Report
EC/2016/02/01 - President, Dr. Subhash wa s a p p rove d : P ro p o s e d by D r. matter.
Kaul welcomed the EC members and Gagandeep Singh; Seconded by Dr. Nirmal iii) Proposal for 'Online version of our
called the meeting to order. Regrets were Surya. reviews of neurology costs Rs. 10
received from Dr. Ajit Sowani and Dr. Lakhs' was made by Dr. Lakshmi
EC/2016/02/06 - Report on INTROPICON-
Meshram (flight delay). Narasimhan. The proposal was
17, from March 25 to 27, 2017, Mumbai
EC/2016/02/02 - Minutes of Mid-term EC accepted; however Dr. Narasimhan
was presented by Dr. Chandrashekhar
held in Kolkata on (published in the was requested to negotiate the proc
M e s h ra m , O rga n i s i n g S e c re ta r y,
newsletter Vol. 25: Issue no. 1, April 2016; for the same with the Publishing
INTROPICON-17. It was approved by Dr.
issue pages 2-5) were approved. Proposed Company. Proposed by Dr. Satish
Subhash Kaul; Seconded by Dr. Sudhir
by Dr. A V Srinivasan and Seconded by Dr. Khadilkar; Seconded by Dr. Nirmal
Nirmal Surya. Surya.
EC/2016/02/07 - Report on IANCON-17, iv) Dr. Nirmal Surya proposed that the
EC/2016/02/03 - Receipt of Annual Reports September 07 to 10, 2017, Chennai; Joint AGM should be held at a time of day
2016 25th Annual Conference of the Indian more conducive for more members
• Dr. Gagandeep Singh presented the Academy of Neurology (IAN) and to attend, perhaps the second day of
Secretary's report (IAN Newsletter, Association of Indian Neurologist in IANCON 2016 in the afternoon. This
Vol 25; Issue 1, page: 5-6); Proposed America (AINA) was presented by Dr. U was accepted. Proposed by Dr. Satish
by Dr. Subhash Kaul; Seconded by Dr. Meenakshisundaram, Chennai, Khadilkar; Seconded by Dr. Kalyan
Nirmal Surya. Organising Secretary, IANCON 2017.
• Dr. Nirmal Surya presented the Bhattacharyya.
Proposed by Dr. Sudhir Shah; Seconded by
Treasurer's Report (IAN Newsletter, EC/2016/02/10 - Results of 'Logo Making
Dr. Manjari Tripathi.
Vol 25; Issue 1, page: 6-7 ); Proposed Competition' were provided by a
by Dr. Sudhir Kothari; Seconded by Dr. EC/2016/02/08 - Report on IAN Textbook subcommittee comprising the President
A V Srinivasan. of Neurology was presented by Dr. and two Past Presidents. Three logos
• Dr. Satish Khadilkar presented the Arabinda Mukherjee, Editor in Chief, IAN designed by Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla and Dr.
Editor's Report (IAN Newsletter, Vol Textbook of Neurology. He informed that Apoorva Pauranik were adjusted as the
25; Issue 1, page: 7); Proposed by Dr. the author guidelines had been sent to all winning entries.
Gagandeep Singh; Seconded by Dr. authors and chapters were expected to be
EC/2016/02/11 - Dr. A V Srinivasan, Election
Arabinda Mukherjee. returned with 3 months.
Officer declared the result of the election
• Dr. Lakshmi Narsimhan presented the EC/2016/02/09 - of President Elect, IAN 2016-17. Dr.
CME Convener's report. Report was i) Dr. SM Katrak informed that he is in Sanjeev Thomas was declared elected.
approved by Dr. A V Srinivasan; negotiation with the American
EC/2016/02/12 - President, Dr. Subhash
Seconded by Dr. Sudhir Kothari. Academy of Neurology to purchase
Kaul declared the meeting closed.
EC/2016/02/04 - IANCON-2018 bids: regarding 'Neurolearn (N-Learn),
Application bids for hosting the 26th comprising of 10 online courses at Dr. Gagandeep Singh
Annual Conference of the Indian Academy subsidized rates for IAN members. Secretary, IAN
of Neurology, 2018 were received from six The courses would be available to

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

Minutes of Annual General Meeting & Extra-ordinary

General Meeting of the Indian Academy of Neurology was held on
November 12, 2016
Venue: Hall A, Hotel ITC Sonar, Kolkata Time: 19:00 - 20:00 hours

A) Extra-ordinaryGeneralBodyMeeting: Conference of the Indian Academy of was approved and the EC thanked Dr.
EOGBM/2016/01 - Minutes of the Extra- Neurology, 2018 were received from six Katrak for his role in negotiating
ordinary General Body Meeting (published in Associations/Institutes: purchase. Proposed: Dr. Sudesh
the newsletter Vol. 24: Issue no. 3, December i) AIIMS, New Delhi Prabhakar; Seconded: Ajit Sowani.
ii) Chattisgarh Association of Neurology, ii) Proposal for 4 international travelling
2015; issue page 5 -6). Proposed by Dr. A V
Raipur, Chattisgarh fellowships per year for Rs. Fifty
Srinivasan and seconded by Dr. Subhash Kaul
iii) Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam, thousand (Rs. 50,000/- only) each
EOGBM/2016/02 - The revised Constitution Andhra Pradesh rather than 2 demoting and 2
and Bye Laws of the Indian Academy of iv) NIMHANS, Bengaluru, Karnataka international travelling fellowships was
Neurology (IAN Newsletter Vol.24 Issue 3, v) VIMHANS, Gurugaon, Haryana accepted. Proposed: Dr. Nirmal Surya;
page 7) were adopted. Proposed by Dr. M. vi) Brain & Spine Society, Hyderabad Seconded by Dr. Sanjeev V. Thomas.
Gourie Devi; Seconded by Dr. Sanjeev The matter was put to vote and on the basis iii) Proposal for separate session for
Thomas. of the voting, Raipur was selected as the Residents and for HODs during future
B) Annual General Meeting: venue for IANCON-2018. Proposed: Dr. IANCONs approved. Dr. M. Gourie-Devi
Subhash Kaul; Seconded: Dr. A V Srinivasan. suggested that the HODs Forum should
GB/2016/01/01 - President, Dr. Subhash
GB/2016/01/06 - Report on INTROPICON- feature ways and means to promote
Kaul welcomed members to the meeting
17, March 24 to 26, 2017, Mumbai was research collaboration and student
GB/2016/01/02 - Minutes of Annual General presented by Dr. Chandrashekhar Meshram, exchange between various departments.
Meeting held in Agra on Oct 03, 2015 Organising Secretary, INTROPICON-17. Dr. Kameshwar Prasad suggested that the
(published in the newsletter Vol. 24: Issue Preparations are in full swing. The Residents' Forum should include
no. 3, December 2015; issue page 5 -6) were registrations and the abstract management workshops on making presentations.
approved. Proposed by Dr. Sanjeev Thomas system are open. The report was accepted. The proposals and suggestions thereof
and Seconded by Dr. Roop Gursahani Proposed: Dr. Nirmal Surya; Seconded: Dr. were approved. Proposed by Dr. S M
GB/2016/01/03 - Action taken report was Gagandeep Singh. Katrak and Seconded by Dr. Amitabh
presented by Secretary, Dr. Gagandeep GB/2016/01/07 - Report on IANCON-17, Varma.
Singh. iv) Conversion of Associate members to life
September 07 to 10, 2017, Chennai; Joint
1. Plans to organise INTROPICON-2017, members.
25th Annual Conference of the Indian
the International Congress of Tropical v) The Interventional Neurology subsection
Academy of Neurology (IAN) and Association
Neurology have crystallized. proposed initiating a 'Post Doctoral
of Indian Neurologist in America (AINA) was
Registration and abstract submission Fellowship in Interventional Neurology
presented by Dr. U Meenakshisundaram,
system is open. Dr. Chandrashekhar and Stroke' under the aegis of IAN. It
Chennai, Organising Secretary, IANCON
Meshram is the organising secretary. was decided to refer the matter to a
2017. Proposed by Dr. Chandrashekhar
2. Both HODs Meeting and Resident's subcommittee which would look in to
Meshram; Seconded: Dr. M. Gourie Devi.
Forum were organised during IANCON the feasibility of the matter.
GB/2016/01/10 - Report on IAN Textbook of
2016. vi) Proposal for 'Online version of our
Neurology was presented by Dr. Arabinda
3. A cultural program, Neu Ro Ga Ma was reviews of neurology costs Rs. 10 Lakhs'
Mukherjee, Editor in Chief, IAN Text book of
successfully organised in the evening was made by Dr. Lakshmi Narasimhan.
Neurology; Proposed by Dr. S K Tamer and
during IANCON. Dr. Vijay Sardana The proposal was accepted; however
seconded by Dr. Meena Gupta.
conceived and directed the program Dr. Narasimhan was requested to
GB/2016/01/08 - Detailed Report on IAN negotiate the proc for the same with
and Dr. Sumit Singh was the Master of Indemnity Insurance Policy was presented by
C e re m o n i e s . S e ve ra l m e m b e rs the Publishing Company. Proposed: Dr.
Dr. Gagandeep Singh; Accepted by Dr. M. Nirmal Surya; Seconded by Dr. Sudhir
performed in the program. Gourie Devi and Dr. Sudhir Kothari
The report was accepted. Proposed: Dr. Shah.
Subhash Kaul ; Seconded: Dr. Reji Paul. GB/2016/01/09 - Decisions taken during vii) Dr. Nirmal Surya proposed that the
mid-term and annual Executive Committee AGM should be held at a time of day
GB/2016/01/04 - Annual Reports 2016 Meetings more conducive for more members to
• Dr. Gagandeep Singh presented the i) Dr. SM Katrak informed that he is in attend, perhaps the second day of
Secretary's report (IAN Newsletter, Vol negotiation with the American IANCON 2016 in the afternoon. This
25; Issue 1, page: 5-6) Academy of Neurology to purchase was accepted. Proposed: Dr. A V
• Dr. Nirmal Surya presented the regarding 'Neurolearn (N-Learn), Srinivasan; Seconded by Dr. Arabinda
Treasurer's Report (IAN Newsletter, Vol comprising of 10 online courses at Mukherjee.
25; Issue 1, page: 6-7 ) subsidised rates for IAN members. The GB/2016/01/10 - Dr. A V Srinivasan, Election
• Dr. Satish Khadilkar presented the courses would be available to members officer declared the result of the election of
Editor's Report (IAN Newsletter, Vol 25; at a subsidised rate of USD 10 and free President Elect, IAN 2016-17. Dr. Sanjeev
Issue 1, page: 7) of cost for associate members. He also Thomas was declared elected.
The reports were accepted. Proposed: Dr. informed that he would explore the GB/2016/01/13 - President, Dr. Subhash
Sanjay Sharma; Seconded: Dr. S P Sinha. possibility of acquiring Neurology- Koul declared the meeting closed.
GB/2016/01/05 - IANCON-2018 bids: Clinical Practice(N-CP) Journal through
support from pharma. The proposal Dr. Gagandeep Singh
Application bids for hosting the 26th Annual
Secretary, IAN

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

Secretary’s Report Debashish Chowdhury was the Scientific Course Director

and Dr. K. Ravishankar was the chief co-ordinator. Around
Dear IAN Members, 230 Neurologists attended the meeting.
3.0 Other Activities:
I have great pleasure to address you the Secretary's Report
3.1 Indemnity Policy Scheme: We have started the
for the period from October, 2015 to November, 2016 as
Indemnity Insurance Policy scheme in last year and in
Secretary of a very dynamic and rapidly growing professional
continuation the same we are also offering to the
body of Neurologists in India.
Spouses/Child of the IAN Members who are in medical
First of all, Many Congratulations for the “Silver Jubilee
practice. The notice for the schemes is being sent
Year” of the Indian Academy of Neurology. The Indian
through SMS and Emails to IAN Members on some
Academy of Neurology was founded on December 18, 1991.
1.0 IANCON-2016: Our President has lead the efforts to As results, we got very good response from members
formulate an exciting scientific program – over 3 & ½ and received around 115 Policy Forms. The brief stats are
days, we have 4 orations, 6 Guest and special lectures, 3 following:
symposia, 4 breakfast symposia, 351 free papers
(including 279 posters), 18 members submitted award
papers of which 6 have been taken up in the award paper
2.0 Besides the Annual Conference, which is a regular
feature, and yet is distinguished by a growing attendance
and numbers of scientific abstracts and award papers
presented, a number of activities have taken place and I
wish to bring these to your kind attention:
2.1 National Brain Week -2015: The 1st National Brain Week 4.0 IAN Membership: Our academy has made rapid growth
was celebrated under the banner of IAN to spread the in the past 2-3 years. Currently our membership stands as
awareness in general masses for all brain disorders from follows:
December 18 to 24, 2015 in the various esteemed Category 2013 2014 2015 2016 Total
Institutes, major cities (i.e., Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Agra Life Members 23 40 (+17) 43 (+3) 140 (+97) 1246
etc.). In addition, various public education programs, Life Associate Members 7 3 (-4) 5 (+2) 7 (+2) 192
camps and meetings at local level conducted by IAN Associate Members 61 75 (+14) 51 (-24) 141 (+90) 970
Members. Total 91 118 (+21) 99 (-19) 261 (+162) 2408
2.2 TROPICON-2016: The IXth Meeting of Tropical
Neurology subsection of IAN was held at Jodhpur on Associate Membership:
March 05-06, 2016 and Organised by the Chairman Dr. As per perusal of our
Pratap Sanchetee and Dr. JC Maloo as Org. Secretary. The records, there are
theme of the Conference was 'Advances in Management around 970 associate
of Neurological Disorders': attended by More than 200 members registered
delegates. from 2009 to till date and
2.3 Summer School: The 5th IAN Postgraduate Summer approximate 60% of the
School was held on April 01-03, 2016 at Bombay Hospital associate memberships
Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai and organized by have been expired in
2012-13. Some of them
Dr. C S Meshram and Dr. Satish Khadilkar. The strength of
have been converted their membership to life membership.
the registered delegates was almost around 200 from
However, most of them have not converted their membership
across the country. In addition, total 10 delegates
to Life Membership yet. We are in process of writing to them.
became the member of IAN during the course. 5.0 Address Update: This feature has been added to website
2.4 Neuromuscular Workshop: The Neuromuscular since last year.
Workshop took place under the aegis of the 6.0 Publications / Expert Group Meetings:
neuromuscular subsection of IAN and Bombay 6.1 ELICIT: The meeting of End of Life Care was held at Mumbai
Neurosciences Association, on August 13-14, 2016 at on August 15-16, 2015.
Mumbai. Total 148 delegates (Faculty Member: 18, 6.2 Expert Group Meeting on Stem Cell Research in India was
delegates: 130) were attended the conference. held at Gurugaon on August 22-23, 2015.
Organising Chairperson: Dr. Satish Khadilkar; Organsing 6.3 A meeting of ‘Task Force on Stroke Intervention’ was took
Secretary: Dr. Vinod Puri palace in New Delhi on September 18, 2015.
2.5 National Headache Update: On July 2-3, National
Headache Update meeting was held at Coimbatore under Dr. Gagandeep Singh
the aegis of Coimbatore Neurological Association. Dr. Secretary, IAN

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

Treasurer’s Report 4.0 Summary of Donations Received:

Tropical Neurology : Rs.2,06,590/-
Dr. Nirmal Surya, Treasurer of IAN. Indian Summer School : Rs.3,73,520/-
Neurohab Subsection : Rs.1,16,540.00
I am both honoured and pleased to present to you the Headache Subsection : Rs.1,03,000/-
report of the Indian Academy of Neurology for the period 01st 5.0 Corpus Funds:
April 2015 to 31st March, 2016. There is an increase in the CORPUS fund donation from
year ended 31st March 2015 Rs. 2,27,76,778/- to
1.0 Funds with Banks: 2,62,08,398/- in the financial year ended 31st March
The IAN at present holds two bank accountsin Mumbai for 2016. There is an increase in the fund of Rs. 34,31,620/-.
the treasurer for the purposes of receiving fees from 6.0 General Fund:
various personnel for obtaining the objectives of the trust The general funds available for the financial year is also
and for its operational activities. The account of editor of increased in the financial year by Rs. 15,79,592/-
IAN had a separate account held in Indian Overseas Bank 7.0 Status of 80G Certificate:
which has been closed on 22nd August, 2016. Therefore, An application for renewal of 80G Certificate was made to
now IAN holds bank accounts with Kotak Mahindra Bank the Ld. Director of Income Tax (Exemption) on 11th May,
and State Bank of India. As a matter of good governance 2015. The certificate approval process is ongoing and it is
all the financial transactions and decisions/developments expected that the same will be received within a few
are made through the treasurer. The balances of which as months. The treasurer and the chartered accountant had
on 31st March, 2016 are as follows: met and are following up for the same.
1.1 Kotak Mahindra Bank (Account no.5611519897) at New 8.0 Update on Professional Indemnity Insurance:
Marine Lines, Mumbai is having balance of The IAN Professional Indemnity Scheme has been
Rs.32,26,843.60 launched and the funds for the same have started flowing
1.2 State Bank of India (Account no.10313054753) at into the trust from the beginning of February 2016 and we
Churchgate, Mumbai is having balance of Rs.9,58,398.40 have collected Rs. 2,13,576/- as on 31st March, 2016.
1.3 Indian Overseas Bank (Account no. 652202000000126) at
New Marine Lines , Mumbai is having balance of Dr. Nirmal Surya
Rs.23,77,180.87 ( Account has been closed and FD on Treasurer, IAN
Editor's name has been created on 23rd August, 2016)
2.0 Investments: Editor's Report
The IAN as on 31st March, 2016 holds investments as
bonds in RBI and UTI, fixed deposits in Kotak Mahindra 1. Impact factor has continued to keep its increasing trend this
Bank and State Bank of India as follows: year and has reached 0.689 for 2015.
2.1Fixed Deposit with Kotak Mahindra Bank – 2. To increase the impact factor, I have had two meetings with
Rs.1,31,92,580/- the publishing house and their suggestions are
2.2Fixed Deposit with State Bank of India – a. Increase reviews : Will need help from all
Rs.2,05,43,871/- b. Reduce number of case reports: which is now almost
2.3UTI Bonds – Rs.3,07,800/- completely achieved
2.2RBI Relief Bonds – Rs.17,50,000/-
3. New series is being added for 2017
a. Eye as a window to brain
3.0 Membership Status:
b. Skin as a window to brain
The latest membership status is as follows:
4. A supplement on 'medico-legal issues' has been published
Life Members: 112 with the efforts of guest editors Dr Subhash Kaul and Dr
Associate Members: 142 Suvarna Alladi.
Life Associate Members: 07 5. The account of the editor has been merged with the IAN
main account and a sum of INR 23.76 Lacs has been
Year-wise membership report is as follows: transferred.
Particulars 2013-14 (In Lacs) 2014-15 (In Lacs) 2015-16 (In Lacs) Many thanks for all your cooperation and help.
Life Members 2.00 2.92 8.64

Associate Members 2.40 2.88 4.28 Dr. Satish Khadilkar

Life Associate Members 0.24 0.56 0.94 Editor AIAN

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

Congratulations CME Convener's Report

This year the theme of the CME Proceedings of IANCON-2016 was chosen as “Women
Dr. Satish Jain has been appointed as Advisor
and Neurology”.
– Health Care, Human Services & Family
Welfare Department of the Govt of Sikkim and 16 chapters authored by seasoned senior authors were selected for the publication and
given a Cabinet Status in the Sikkim Govt. among which 8 topics were selected for platform presentation during the CME
proceedings of IANCON 2016.
We would like to convey our sincere thanks to all speakers for their presentations and all
Dr. Ramakant Yadav has been awarded with
authors for their excellent write-ups. . A.V. Srinivasan,President Elect,IAN, and Chairman
the “Yash Bharti Samman 2016” by CM, Uttar
Pradesh for outstanding contribution in the of the CME Committee, provided us with all the required guidance and we are
field of Medicine. immensely grateful to him for this. Dr. SubashKaul, President IAN and Dr. Gagandeep
Singh, Secretary IAN, were also consulted from time to time and both of them provided
the best advice. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Kalyanbrata Bhattacharya, for his dual role as
Address Update Organizing Secretary, IANCON 2016 and Editor of Reviews in Neurology '2016
IAN Members, who have moved or relocated might The publication services is done by Elsevier India and 1200 copies were ordered for
wish to avail of the online facilities of updating their printing and circulation our heartfull thanks to Dr. Nitendra Sesodiya and his team for
correspondence address by visiting the links :
their coordination in publication services and the publications were received well in
Kindly note that address updates are extremely
We are planning for an online version with free access to members and a download cost
important in order to ensures delivery of various
official newsprint, ballot papers and other fornon members the review sharing between the academy and the publishers as well as
correspondence. hosting of the book .
Secretary, IAN We are also planning to take IANCONCME into webcasting which is to be decided in the
Following are the platform presentation chosen for IANCON CME 2016
Session Proposals S.No Topic Speaker Name
You are requested to submit proposal for the CME 1 Multiple Sclerosis: Gender based issues DR.ROHIT BHATIA
Theme, Symposia, Breakfast sessions and Orations 2 Cerebrovascular Disease: A women’s' perspective DR.SHYLAJA.P.N
during the 25th Annual Conference of Indian 3 Epilepsy in women PROF. LEY SANDER
Academy of Neurology to be held on September, 4 Neuromuscular disorders in women DR.NALINI.A
07-10, 2017 at Chennai by Tuesday, January 31, 5 Womens' perspective in movement disorders DR.MEENAKSHI SUNDARAM.U
2017, 05:00 PM. 6 Neuropathies in women DR.TAPAS BANERJEE
7 Neuroendocrine disorders in women PROF.SANGEETHA RAWAT
The Scientific Programme Committee of IANCON
8 Headache disorders in women DR.BHAVANA SHARMA
2017 will formulate the scientific program largely
based on your suggestions. The total number of contributors for this year was 42 and more than 80% of the
The session proposal from may be accessed at contributors are new entrants. Out of 16 chapters, 7 chapters were authored by Women Neurologists and 1 by a
foreign author team of Alessandra Del Felice and Josemir W. Sander.
AV Srinviasan Gagandeep S ngh This reviews of this year 1200 copies has costed 480000 invoice enclosed and I request
President, IAN Secretary, IAN the organising secretary to ensure payment on time.

IAN Expert Group Call

In the past two years the IAN organized four expert groups, which met and deliberated several times over important professional and academic
issues unique to neurological practice in India. The Expert Groups covered (1) Stem cell applications in neurological practice, (2) End of Life Care, (3)
Acute Viral Encephalitis and (4) Stroke Interventional training in India. Two position papers have already been published in the above contexts:
1. Gourie Devi M, Sharma A, Mohanty S, Jain N, Verma K, Padma M V, Pal P, Chabbra H S, Khadilkar S, Prabhakar S, Singh G. Report: Stem cell
applications in neurological practice, an expert group consensus appraisal. Ann Indian Acad Neurol 2016;19:367-373;
2. Padma MV, Bhatia R, Kuruttukulam G, Alurkar A, Talwar KK, Khurana D, Kaul S, Suri V, Singh G. A call for neurologists to take up stroke
intervention. Ann Indian Acad Neurol 2016;19:1-4;
We encourage all members to read these papers.
Further, the IAN Executive Committee solicits proposals for Expert Group on Important and pressing issues by Members. Suggestions for
topics, conveners and members of Expert Groups may be sent via email to
One suggestion was to convene an Expert group to look in to laboratory standards and training standards of technicians in Neurophysiology
Laboratories in India. This will be organized under the aegis of the Clinical Neurophysiology Subsection of the IAN. Those wishing to take part in
the Expert Group might write to Dr. Alexander Mathew, Convener, Neurophysiology Subsection at with copy to

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

IAN New Members- Welcome !

Life Members (LM)
Memb. No. F. Name L. Name Address City State
LM-1106 Manjunath Mahadevappa #483, "Karthika", Mountain Road, Jayanagara, 1st Block Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1107 Human Prasad Sinha MMI Narayana Multispecialty hospital Lalpur Raipur (CG) Chattisgarh
LM-1108 Tapas Kumar Banjerjee B2-131,Sector-1,salt Lake Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1109 Vinay Kumar Aggarwal 110, Friends Paradise, Khandari Agra Uttar Pradesh
LM-1110 Shailesh Hasmukhlal Darji 821, KADIAWAD, SARASPUR Ahmedabad Gujarat
LM-1111 Mahesh P Kate B-1 Multiplex, Senior Doctors Colony, Brown Road, CMC Campus, Ludhiana Punjab
LM-1112 Debabrata Chakraborty 64/4A/9, Beliaghata Main Road, Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1113 Romnseh Mario De Souza 1603/H Block, Concorde Manhattan, Electronic City Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1114 Pradeep Kumar Maurya Department of Neurology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
Institute of Medical Science, Gomati Nagar
LM-1115 Devashish Deorao Ruikar 303, Malang Tower, Khori Galli, Latar Latar Maharashtra
LM-1116 Lajita P Balakrishnan Shiva Palmbeach CHS, B-11/1:4, Sector - 4, Mumbai Maharashtra
Palmbeach Road, Nerul, Navi Mumbai,
LM-1117 Venkata Ramanaiah Dara Bhavana Hospital, Master's Colon, Near Padarupalli Fly Over, A K Nagar Nellore Andhra Pradesh
LM-1118 Neeraj Jain I-704, Army Colony, Sector - 9, Nerul, Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1119 Rajeev Saxena Lt. Col. Rajeev Saxena, CLMED Spl & Neurologist, Bangalore Karnataka
Command Hospital, Air Force, Agram Post
LM-1120 Chetan Ramesh Chaudhari Plot. No. 1, SN 66/4, Laxmi Narayan Nagar, Bhusawal Jalgaon Maharashtra
LM-1121 Sulena House No: 12 Street Number No. 01 Guru Nanak Colony Faridkot Punjab
LM-1122 Viveka Saravanan Plot. No. 8, 10th Cross Street, Mangala Nagar, Porur Chennai Tamil Nadu
LM-1123 Sekar Deivanayagam 122, J J Nagar, 3rd Street, Near by LIC Colony, Thanjavur Tamil Nadu
Medical College Road, VOC Nagar
LM-1124 Saravanan S 201 Premier Solitude Appartments, 6th Cross, 16th Main, Bangalore Karnataka
Veerannapalya, Opp. Techno School, Arabic College Post
LM-1125 Chennappan C 26/66, Co-op, Colony, 2nd Krishnagiri Krishnagiri Tamilnadu
LM-1126 Arvind N Prabhu 5/169, "Ajay", 4th Main, VP Nagar, Indrali Udupi Karnataka
LM-1127 Krishnan PR G603, Ajmera Green Acres, Kalena Agrahara, Bangalore Karnataka
Bannerghatta Road, Near Meenakshi Temple
LM-1128 Sunil Kumar Flat No. A-21, Doctors Residence, SRMS IMS Campus, Bareilly Uttar Pradesh
Shri Ram Murti Smarak Institute of Bhojipura
LM-1129 Srinivas Rao Dusa H. No. 4-3-60, Opp. HVS Public School, Sultan Bazar, Koti Hyderabad Telangana
LM-1130 Ashok Kumar Mallik Department of Neurology, SCB Medical College Cuttak Odisha
LM-1131 Lomesh Bhagwan Bhirud Type - 4, Qtr No. 4, IHBAS Hospital, Dilshan Garden New Delhi Delhi
LM-1132 Deep Das 441/14, Parnasree Pally, Ashray Apartments Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1133 Prasen Ranjan H/29, Argora Housing Colony, Near Argora Chownk, Ranchi Jharkhand
LM-1134 Bhavin Mahesh Pujara C-2, 604, Lok Everest, J S Dosa Marg, Mulund (West) Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1135 Krunal Chandrakant Padhiyar Left Side of Nima School, Opp. Famous Stationary, Ahmedabad Gujarat
Nava Vadaj, Naranpura,
LM-1136 Abhinay Makarand Huchche Flat 212, 2nd Floor, Building No. 4, Aikyadar Shan, Mumbai Maharashtra
Society, G D Ambedkar Nagar, Kalewadi, Parel Village,
LM-1137 Preetesh Rajendra Agarwal 61232, "Rajpushp", UMA CO-OP. Housing Society, Solapur Maharashtra
Juni Mill Compound , Murarji Peth, Solapur
LM-1138 Suryanarayana Sharma PM 2466/A, Sriranga Nilaya, 5th Cross, Gandhi Nagar, Mandya Karnataka
Mandya, Mandya Post Office
LM-1139 Rachel C Packiaseeli 3/3 Rose Avenue, Ist Floor, Bahind Arthi Scan, Thirunelveli Tamilnadu
St Johns College Road, Palayamkottai
LM-1140 Uma Maheshwara Rao Gadamsetty, Flat 101, K.A.C Estate, Nawabpet, Nellore Andhra Pradesh
LM-1141 Manjunath NC No 120 15th cross, 1st Main AECS Layout, Sanjay Nagar, Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1142 Santosh Trivedi Flat No. 3B, 9B, Roy Bahadur Road, Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1143 Arunraj E No. 1, North New Paaikara Street, Woraiyur Trichy Tamil Nadu
LM-1144 Arindam Das P-8, B. P. , Township , Kolkata-700094 Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1145 Divya Sreekumaran Nair Assistant Professor, Dept. of Neurology, Sree Gokulam Trivandrum Kerala
Medical College & Research Foundation, Venjaramoodu
LM-1146 Veni Alagamuthu 13, Pattinathar Street, 17th Cross, Kumaran Nagar Trichirappalli Tamil Nadu
LM-1147 Malai Arasu Rathinavel Dept. of Neurology, Madhurai Medical College, Madurai Tamil Nadu
LM-1148 Rakhil Sureshbhai Yadav Suyog Neurology Clinic, 8th floor, Satyam Tower, Ahmedabad Gujarat
Opp. Maninagar Railway Station, Maninagar
LM-1149 Balamurugan Nagarajan 30-A, Padmavathi ILLAM, Venugopal Street, Dharamapuri Tamil Nadu
LM-1150 Rajesh Dineshkumar Dabi 2, Pratap Nagar near Swami Samarth Kendra Jalgaon Maharashtra
LM-1151 Upasana Vrijlal Patel 302, Krishna Status Apartment, Opposite Doon Blossom School, Ahmedabad Gujarat
New C. G. Road, Chandkheda
LM-1152 Singaravadivelu Velmurugan 106, Sivaram Nagar West, Raman Athapuram Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
LM-1153 Ashutosh Narendranath Shetty C-1, Neuron Clinic, Ratandeep Cosmopolitan CHS, Mumbai Maharashtra
S.V. Road, Andheri West,
LM-1154 Ashish Giridhari Bhutada Department of Neurology, Ward No. 10, K.E.M. Hospital, Parel Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1155 Padmakar Madhav Kulkarni S. P Institute of Neurosciences, Ramwadi, Solapur Maharashtra
LM-1156 Nitish Kamble No. 322, 2nd Floor, Chitramala Apartment, Bangalore Karnataka
Byrasandra, Jayanagar 1st Block (East)
LM-1157 Krishna Kumar Kawre C-3, Doctors Colony, Idgah Hills, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh
LM-1158 Tushar Babarao Patil Plot No. 9, Rashtrasant Nagar, Godhani Road, Zingabai Takil, Nagpur Maharashtra
LM-1159 Gopinath Godhavarma Plot No. 2-A, Door No. 6, Income Tax Second Street, Adambakkam Chennai
LM-1160 Jeyaraman Rajendran House No. 3, North Avenue, Saraswathi Nagar, Karimnagar Telangana
LM-1161 Nilesh R Palasdeokar Plot No 45, S No 28, Chaitanyanagar Dhanakawadi Pune Maharashtra
LM-1162 Nilesh Vijay Chaudhary Care Hospital, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad Telangana
LM-1163 Manish Mittal Room No. 27, Department of Neurology, SRHU University, Jolly Grant, Dehradun Uttarakhand
LM-1164 Suresh Khanna Chelliah No. 4, Panagal 2nd Street, Shenoy Nagar, Mathitchiyam Madurai Tamilnadu
LM-1165 Navdeep Khurana Kothi No. 1-A, Churamani Hospital Campus, Camp Chownk, Hisar Haryana
LM-1166 Vijay T 204/15, Asiad Colony, Anna Nagar West Extension, Chennai Tamilnadu

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

LM-1167 Jayasree Kailasam SJR Luxuria, A204 Arakere MICO Layout Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1168 Saraswati Nashi 280, 5th b cross, 8th block, Nagarabhavi, 2nd Stage Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1169 Ashish Kumar Duggal Department of Neurology, PGIMER and Dr R M L Hospital Delhi
LM-1170 Amit Batra Max Balaji Superspeciality Hospital, 108 A , IP Extension Delhi
LM-1171 Dinesh Chouksey AG 262, Scheme No. 74 C, Sector A, Vijay Nagar Indore Madhya Pradesh
LM-1172 Mahabal Suresh Shah Rohan Mithila D-301, VIP Road, Viman Nagar, Pune Maharashtra
LM-1173 Mohd. Khateebullah Ansari C 795 SECTOR 6, INDIRA NAGAR Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
LM-1174 Arul Selvan Viswanathan 4, Colorado Avenue, Trilok Villas, Coimbatore Tamil Nadu
Civil Neuero Drome (Post) Newar Codisia
LM-1175 Nikhil Prasun Active Acres, Tower - 5, Flat No. 14-C, 54/10, DC Road, Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1176 Sony Smitha Asst. Professor, Dept. of Neurology, Pariyaram Medical College, Kannur Kerala
LM-1177 Sachin Sureshbabu Department of Neurology, St Stephens Hospital, Tis Hazari, New Delhi Delhi
LM-1178 Bobby Esakki 6/415C, 7th Middle Street, Thiagaraja Nagar Tirunelveli Tamilnadu
LM-1179 Gaurav Kumar Mittal Department of Neurology, St Stephens Hospital, Tis Hazari, New Delhi Delhi
LM-1180 Hetal Taral Parikh C-402, ISCON Park, Opp. Star Bazar, Satellite Main Road, Jodhpur Ahmedabad
LM-1181 Murugan C Nair Dept. of Neurology, Govt. Medical College Medical college Thiruvananth apuram Kerala
LM-1182 Siddhartha Garg 74, Rose Enclave, Near Rose Garden Ludhiana Punjab
LM-1183 Durga Prasad Chakraborty Suniti - Flat 3C, 311 RBC Road, Dumdum Kolkata West Bengal
LM-1184 Ruchika Tandon
LM-1185 Joseph Samuel E-4, CIDBI Cedar Apartments, Evregreen road, Thrissur Kerala
Jubilee Mission Medical College
LM-1186 Dileep Ramachandran Dipu Nivas, Mampallikunnam, Chathannur Kollam Kerala
LM-1187 Roopa Rajan TC 6-538, Rohini, Chembukkavu Road, Thrissur Kerala
LM-1188 Sanjeev Kumar Department of Neurology, Christian Medical College Vellore Tamilnadu
LM-1189 Archana Netto Becket FF 01, Alpine Court Apartments, 7th B, 3rd Block, Main Koramangala Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1190 Abhijit Kumar Kohat Dept. of Neurology, Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad Telangana
Millenium Block
LM-1191 Vishal Annaji Chafale C/o Dhanraj Khamatkar, 401 Neelambari, Mumbai Maharashtra
Maharishi Karve Marg, Nariman Point
LM-1192 Seena V. Dept. of Neurology, Faculty Block, 1st Floor, NIMHANS, Hosur Road Bangalore Karnataka
LM-1193 Swapan Gupta C-508, Street No. 11, Majis Park, Delhi Delhi
LM-1194 Girishkumar Shivprasad Soni C/o Ashok Chaudhary, E-4, Awing, S.V. Road, Mumbai Maharashtra
Hermics Apartments, Bhatt Lane, Borivali (West)
LM-1195 Snehaldatta Shrikrishna Khade 691, Plot No.112, Bhavani Park, Sambhatinagar Kolhapur Maharashtra
LM-1196 Lakshya Jyoti Basumatary Assistant professor of Neurology , Guwahati Assam
Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Indrapur
LM-1197 Srinivas Ghanta Srinivasa Neuro Centre, Yadavalli Vari Street, Kothapet Guntur Andhra Pradesh
LM-1198 Nabajyoti Barkataky 10, Padma Tirtha Niloy Ratnagiri Path, Bamunimaidam Guwahati Assam
LM-1199 Loveleen Aggarwal H. No. 475, Sector-8, Panchkula Haryana
LM-1200 Sachin Sampat Bangar Plot no-228, Hatture Nagar, Hotagi Road, Shivshahi Post Office Solapur Maharashtra
LM-1201 Anand Ashok Soni Consultant, Dept. of Neurology, MIT Hospital, Aurangabad Maharashtra
N-4, Near Kamgar Chowk, CIDCO,
LM-1202 Babarao Hanmantrao Darku Aadhar Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, Nanded Maharashtra
LM-1203 Dhairyashil Maruti Saste Kanchan Hira, 52/1A, Plot No. 1, Mahanjeo Nagar, Kolki, Tal - Phalian Satara Maharashtra
LM-1204 Jitendra Nishikant Shukla Dept. of Neurology, Apollo Hospital, Nashik Maharashtra
LM-1205 Kaustubh Chintamani Aurangabadkar Buglow No. 6, Royal Retreat, Paranjape Schemes, Ruikar Colony, Kolhapur Maharashtra
LM-1206 Kavita Sohan Barhate 403, 22-A, 'ASH' , Regency Estate, Kalyan Shil Road, Dombivli (E) Maharashtra
Near Venkatesh Petrol Pump,
LM-1207 Manoj Tulasigirish Hunnur A-201, RVCHI Apartments, Off Devidas Lane, LIC Colony, Borivili (West) Mumbai
LM-1208 Nilesh Babasaheb Nagargoje Sawli Niwas, Sambhaji Nagar, Khani Area, Latur Maharashtra
LM-1209 Prajakta Shrikant Deshmukh Flat No. 401/A, Signature Appartments, Bansilal Nagar, Aurangabad Maharashtra
Behind Tandoor Hotel,
LM-1210 Pravin Umakant Naphade 13, Podmalya, Near SBI, SUS Road, Pune Maharashtra
LM-1211 Rahul Ramnath Dhoot 1540, Dhoot Hospital, Kings Gate, Ahmed Nagar Pune Maharashtra
LM-1212 Rahul Mohan Diwan 31/B, Ashiyana Colony, Jarag Nagar, Kolhapur Maharashtra
LM-1213 Shrikant Sadashiv Deshmukh Flat No. 401/A, Signature Appartments, Bansilal Nagar, Aurangabad Maharashtra
Behind Tandoor Hotel,
LM-1214 Shripal Shailesh Shah Arihant Neurcentre Shraddha Hospital, Opp. Kulkarni Garden Nashik Maharashtra
LM-1215 Siddharth Deepak Kharkar Aashirwaad Bunglow, Raje Shivaji Road, Palghar Maharashtra
LM-1216 Sumant Nandlal Biyani Balmukund, Amrutkumb, Behind Geeta Nagar, Nashik Maharashtra
Near Akosh Petrol Pump, Dindori Road, Masrul,
LM-1217 Tukaram Ratan Patil B-2, Sree Nanadanvidav Appt., Saraswati Colony, Datta Mandir Chownk. Dhule Maharashtra
LM-1218 Yogesh Patidar 1101, Amrut Residency, Amrut Wani Marg, Thane Maharashtra
Behind Maxus Mail, Bhayander (W)
LM-1219 Arshad Yahya Shakoor Colony, Near Masjid, Indirapuri, Raja Bazar Patna Bihar
LM-1220 Saurabh Rai Casa Grande, A block, Flat no 1002 Sturrock Road Falnir Mangalore Karnataka
LM-1221 Muralikrishna CHV Flat No. 117, Natayanabri Block, Hyderabad Telangana
SVRS Brundavanam Pochamma Bagh, Saroor Nagar
LM-1222 Bhagyadhan Arvindbhai Patel 34, Shiv Shankar Society, Near Ami Kunj, Char Rasta, Haranpura, Ahmedabad Gujarat
LM-1223 Jayendra Giridhar Yadav Nilkanth Vishwa, 'O' Wing, Room No. 303, Vsarli (K), Pamvel, Navi Mumbai Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1224 Kishor Anadrao Jadhav Flat No. 504, A Wing, Plot No. 67, Raigarh Maharashtra
Avneesh Apartments, Sector-20, Road Pali,
LM-1225 Vindhya Tulasi Koneru 48-13-11, Near Ayush Hospital, Sri Ramachandra Nagar, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh
LM-1226 Rajarajan R. Rajendran 3, Palace Nagar, Opposite to Collectorate, Pudukkottai Tamilnadu
LM-1227 Vignesh R. No.6, Vaniyer Street, Big Bazaar, Palani Tamilnadu
LM-1228 Abdul Majeed Mother Hospital, Olari Thrissur Kerala
LM-1229 Vineet Bhushan Gupta D-8, Greater Kailash, Enclave -I New Delhi Delhi
LM-1230 Moses P Moorthy L300, Periyar Nagar, Erode Tamilnadu
LM-1231 Aniket Chandrakant Pandey Malhar' Gurupura Colony, bhagya Nagar, Beed, Beed Maharashtra
LM-1232 Chandra Sekhar Reddy Vupparapalli Nizamabad Neuro Super Speciality Hospital, Nizamabad Telangana
H. No. 5-7-35, Behind Amrutha CT Scan, Khaleelwadi,
LM-1233 Manoj Rajani D-202, Rangoli, Vasant Utsav, Thakur Village Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1234 Sachin Shrikant Yadav Chirayo Hospital, Salvi Stop, Ratnagiri Maharashtra
LM-1235 Irfan Yousuf Wani House no 100, Lane no 9 , Kanitar Srinagar Jammu & Kashmir

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

LM-1236 Kamala Kant Bhoi 13, Mayur Vihar, Near Maruti Residency, Amlidih Raipur (CG) Chattisgarh
LM-1237 Tushar Premraj Raut Sector-3, C5/5, Navi Mumbai Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1238 Yogesg Radhakisan Godge Jupiter Hospital, Eastern Express Highway, Thane Maharashtra
On service Rd, Next To Viviana Mall,
LM-1239 Fali Fali Poncha C/7, Ness Bang, Nana Chowk Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1240 Hareshkumar Rameshlal Bharote 2, Nakoda Apt., Plot No. 41, Kansai Section, Ambernath (East) Mumbai Maharashtra
LM-1241 Rajendran A 119, Ashok Nagar, 4th Cross, Bharat college (backside), Thankavur Tamilnadu
Neelagiri Therkkuthottam, Saraboji College (PO)
LM-1242 Yerasu Muralidhar Reddy Vill No. 8, Sunrise Valley Gated Community, Attapur Hyderabad
Sunrise Valley Colony, Pillar No. 178
LM-1243 Aiwale Deepak Babasaheb 1401, Neelkanth Palams, Opp. Tatiadyan Vidhyapeeth, Off. G.B. Road, Thane Mumbai
LM-1244 Pankaj Ashok Agarwal Agarwal Cottage, Gautam Sridhan, CHS, Panchpakhadi Thane Mumbai
LM-1245 Soumya Cherukudal Vishnu Nampoothiri AKG Memorial Cooperative Hospital, Talap Kannur Kerala
LM-1246 Parag Ramesh Aradhey Flat No. 117, Block B, Shree Ji Towers, Behind R K Mall, Maroti Vihar Raipur (CG) Chattisgarh

Life Associate Members (186-192)

LAM-186 Ankkita Sharma F-14, 1st Floor, Dept of Neurophysiology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital New Delhi Delhi
LAM-187 Alika Sharma 2-A, Shakti Punj CHS, Plot No. 12, Sector - 4, Kharghar, Raigarh Mumbai Maharashtra
LAM-188 Sonal Vijay Chitnis "BVDU School of Audiology Speech Pathology, Pune Maharashtra
Homeopathy Hospital, 4th FloorKatraj Pune satara road"
LAM-189 Dharam Pani Pandey F-219, SECTOR-18, ROHINI New Delhi Delhi
LAM-190 Priya Treesa Thomas Assistant Professor, Dept of Psychiatric Social Work
NIMHANS, Dharmaram Post Bangalore Karnataka
LAM-191 Shivani Purnima Kandpal H 206 Saurabh Vihar, Badarpur New Delhi Delhi
LAM-192 Anupam Gupta Dept. of Neurology, AIIMS, New Delhi Delhi

Associate Members (830-970)

AM-830 Jasloveleen Kaur Phase-3B1, Mohali Punjab
AM-831 Manjusha Murarishetty Plot No. 27, Ambedkar Nagar, Sainikpuri X Roads, Secunderabad Telangana
AM-832 Vinit Banga "House No 73, Civil Hospital Road, Jagjeevan Ram Chowk, Ward No. 1," Hodal Haryana
AM-833 Yatheesha Basanajja Lokeshappa Fellow in Paediatric Neurology, Amrita Institute Kochi Kerala
of Medical Sciences, Ponekkara
AM-834 Lulup Kumar Sahoo Dept. of Neurology, SCB Medical College Cuttak Orissa
AM-835 Swati Garg Department of Neurology, Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana Punjab
AM-836 Abhinandan KS Department of Neurology, M S Ramaiha Medical College & Hospital Bangalore Karnataka
AM-837 Deepa John Chantal Bhavan, No. 42, 1st Main, Subhash Nagar, Mysore Mysore Karnataka
AM-838 Raviramkiran Gorantla House No. 8, Three Devi Nagar, Alapakam Chennai Andhra Pradesh
AM-839 Piyush Ojha Flat No 505, Inika Residency, Opp. Nehru Garden, Civil Lines, Nayapura Kota Rajasthan
AM-840 Harshal T Rathod Chetan Nursing Home, Shivaji Nagar, Yavatmal Maharashtra
AM-841 Vinitha L Ancheri Valiyaveetil Near Karthika Lodge, Gandhinagar P.O. Kottayan Kerala
AM-842 Sumit Sukaldas Kamble Sukhkarta Apartment, Opp. Mount Convent, Tukum Chandrapur Maharahstra
AM-843 Ankit Bhaskar Dave I/302, Darshanam Vertica, Near Vaikunth - 1, Vadodra Gujarat
Near Bapod Jakat Naka, Waghodia Road, Vadodra
AM-844 Banashree Mondal 185/1, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-845 Koustav Chatterjee MA Sarada Road, Barasat Kolkata West Bengal
AM-846 Marium Umme Kulsum 24/H/12, Dent Mission Road, Khiddirpore Kolkata West Bengal
AM-847 Payel Chatterjee 185/1, A. J. C. Bose Road, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-848 Prayag Chimanlal Makwana Department of Neurology, SBKS Medical College & Vadodra Gujarat
Dhiraj General Hospital, Sumandeep Vidhyapeeth
AM-849 Rebecca Banerjee 86 Raja Basanta Roy Road, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-850 Sayan Chatterjee 196B/1, Kali Charan Ghosh Road, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-851 Ankit Kumar Sanat Kumar Shah B-124, Vrundavan Park Soc. , VIP Road, Karelirauk, Vadodra Gujarat
AM-852 Supriyo Choudhury A-111, Survey Park, Santoshur, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-853 Nagabushan Hesarur Plot No. 197, Suchand, Sector-2, Shivbasav Nagar Belagavi Karnataka
AM-854 Mayur Deepak Thakkar Dept. of Neurology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Institue of Medical Sciences Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
AM-855 Koushik Pan 21/3 RUSSA ROAD, SOUTH 3RD LANE, TOLLYGUNGE Kolkata West Bengal
AM-856 Ajay Kotwal Room No. 2/15, Residents Hostel, Batra Hospital, MB Road, New Delhi Delhi
AM-857 Amit Sharma House No. 188, Old Rehani, Jammu J&K
AM-858 Dinesh Satyanarayan Mali Q. No. 7/Type 1, Medical College Campus, Shastri Nagar Jodhpur Rajasthan
AM-859 Jason Ambrose 21/246, 4th Main Streetm Palayankottai Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
AM-860 Manjesh Rathi R & F - 222/57, Gali No. -31, Sadh Nagar-II, Palam Colony New Delhi Delhi
AM-861 Mohammed Faisal Shah H. No. 1017, Sector 15-B, Chandigarh Chandigarh
AM-862 Moncy Thomas Tabor Villa, Muttabalam Kottayam Kerala
AM-863 Praveen Changala H.No. 6-69, Mamidipally 'X' Road, Armoor, Nizamabad Telangana
AM-864 Rajeshwar Department of Neurology, Christian Medical College & Hospital Ludhiana Punjab
AM-865 Ramakrishna Telugu 2-6-270, Srishanthi Nagar Colony, Near Housing Warangal Telangana
board colony, Hanamkonda,
AM-866 Ravindar Geereddy Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences,1-8-31/1, Minister Road, Secunderabad Telangana
AM-867 Rimpy Joseph B-6, Aattara apartments, Mosque Lane, Kumarapuram Trivandrum Kerala
AM-868 Roshan Indravadan Mistry 50, Sonal Park Near Chhabila Hanuman Temple, Gujarat
AM-869 Saurabh Yatish Bansal Sector-10, House No. 37, 1st Floor Chandigarh Chandigarh
AM-870 Sreeja HR Hari Sree, Thirumukku, Eravipuram P.O. Kollam Kerala
AM-871 Vineetha Venugopal Sobhana Mullassail', vara 363, Arappura Vattiyoorkani P O TVPM Thiruvanthapuram Kerala
AM-872 Anurag Sathpathy 34B , Chandi Ghosh Road, Near Canara Bank, Kudghat Kolkata West Bengal
AM-873 Aditya Parkash Kulkarni Department of Neurology, Room no 33 KLE Hospital, Nehru Nagar Belgavi Karnataka
AM-874 Anupama Shah Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore Karnataka
AM-875 Sujin Koshy Dept. of Neurology, PSG Hospital, Coimbatore Tamilnadu
AM-876 Vijaya Lakshmi Pokala Do 26_39_121/3 Guntur Andhra Pradesh
AM-877 Joydeep Mukherjee Department of Neurology, NRS Medical College, 138, AJC Bose Road Kolkata West Bengal
AM-878 Anirban Mahanta Department of Neurology, Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati Assam
AM-879 Thomas Gregor Issac No. 13, Kabini Hostel, NIMHANS, Bangalore Karnataka
Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

AM-880 Ganesh Vallampalli Department of Neurology, Narayana medical college Nellore Andhra Pradesh
and hospital, P.O. Chinthareddy Palem
AM-881 Roopa K. G. Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road, Bangalore Karnataka
AM-882 Amith S Kumar House no 211, Sector 15 A Chandigarh Chandigarh
AM-883 Kalpana Ramesh Yelsangikar No. 112, "Sri Sampada", KSRTC Layout, 1st Main, Chikkalsandra Bangalore Karnataka
AM-884 Jennifer Mathew Kovoor Kovoor House, Malayinkeezhu Kothamangalam Ernakulam Kerala
AM-885 Madhukar Trivedi Department of Neurology, SCTIMST Medical College, Trivandrum Kerala
AM-886 H. Santosh Department of Neurology, Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati Assam
AM-887 Abhijit Anil Patil Fellow in Paediatric Neurology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Ponekkara KochiKerala
AM-888 Jitupam Baishya Department of Neurology, SCTIMST Medical College, Trivandrum Kerala
AM-889 Suraj Menon M. Sreeragam, (Pera-112), Puthiyakavu, Mavelikkara PO, Mavelikkara, Alappuzha Kerala
AM-890 Vijay Kataria 273-C, Talwandi, Near Jindal Hospital, Kota Rajasthan
AM-891 Santosh Kumar Singh Room No. 215, PG Boys Hostel No. 5, Guwahati Medical College, Guwahati Assam
AM-892 Monika Porwal Bagul Choithram Hospital Campus, Resident Quarter Building, Indore Madhya Pradesh
Room No. G-11, Manik Bagh Road
AM-893 Sweety Trivedi PG Doctors Hostel, SSKM Hospital, 242, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-894 Ankur Krishangopal Garg II-F-72, Nehru Nagar, Ghaziabad Uttar Pradesh
AM-895 Wasim Javed Mujawar 32, 6th Cross, Someshwara Nagar, Bangalore Karnataka
AM-896 Mohit Janakkumar Shah Flat No. 201, Ganesham Kings Park Appartment, Jaipur Rajasthan
Near Hotel Ramada, Lane Number 5, Raja Park
AM-897 Kiran Polavarapu Room No. S 08, Old Kabini Hostel, NIMHANS Bangalore Karnataka
AM-898 Raghu Ramulu Vaddepally 8-1-24/1, Subash Road, Siddipet Telangana
AM-899 Sucharita Ray C/O. Dr. Purna Chandra Roy, Haradei Lane, Rajendra Nagar Cuttack Orissa
AM-900 Sujata Resident, Dept. of Neurology, GB Pant Hospital Delhi Delhi
AM-901 Vijay Chenna Department of Neurology, NIMS, Panjagutta Hyderabad Telangana
AM-902 Rana Kaushikkumar R A-16B/531, Shri Ram Kunj, Tiwari Ji ka Baag, Adarsh Nagar Jaipur Rajasthan
AM-903 Kaushik Sundar Department of Neurology, Sri Ramachandra Porur Medical College, Chennai Tamil Nadu
AM-904 Madhuparna Paul 57 Gangwal Park, Moti Doongri Road, SMS Hospital Jaipur Rajasthan
AM-905 Jacky Ganguly 8B, Madhu Gupta Lane, Kolkata West Bengal
AM-906 Julie Sachdeva House No. 188, Sector - 15, Chandigarh Chandigarh
AM-907 Deepak N Department of Neurology, PMSSY - SSH, Bangalore Karnataka
Victoria Hospital Campus, Fort Road,
AM-908 Priyanka Samal Department of Neurology, All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi Delhi
AM-909 Muthukani Sankaranarayanan 25 (Old No. 11), Vadampokki Street, Vellaikottai, Aruppukottai Aruppukottai Tamil Nadu
AM-910 Neelav Sarma Department of Neurology, GB Pant Hospital New Delhi Delhi
AM-911 Neelesh Gupta Near Uria Baba Mandir, Vill - Attrauliya Rath Hamirpur Uttar Pradesh
AM-912 Jignesh Prajapati B-2/3, Kameshwar Appartment, Near Premchand Nagar, Ahmedabad Gujarat
Judges Bunglow Road, Bodakdev
AM-913 Amit Shankar Singh E 3RD 713, Sector- J, Ali Ganj, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
AM-914 Karthik Soundarapandi 30/161, Anna Street, Kalaivaner Colony, Anna Nagar, West Extension Chennai Tamilnadu
AM-915 Rahul Wahatule K-16/4, Navjeevan Colony, HUDCO, Aurangabad Aurangabad Karnataka
AM-916 K Sritheja Reddy Plot No. 696, Prasanth Nagar, Vanasthalipuram Hyderabad Telangana
AM-917 Tirumal Rao Balasankula Department of Neurology, Osmania General Hospital, Afzulgunz Hyderabad Telangana
AM-918 Amitkumar Harsukhlal Patanvadiya Department of Neurology, Narayana Hrudayalaya Bangalore Karnataka
Hospitals, 258/A, Bommasandra Industrial Area, Anekal Taluk
AM-919 Anand Kumar Verma Department of Neurology, King George's Medical College Lucknow Uttar Pradesh
AM-920 Ashutosh Gupta House No. 93-94, Pocket 2, Sector-22, Rohini Delhi Delhi
AM-921 Deepti M Flat no. 404, Seelam Kanakalakshmi Towers, Hyderabad Telangana
Opposite Gandhi Hospital Front Gate Musheerabad
AM-922 Santosh Perumal B -106 Jasmine court, Kattupakkam Chennai Tamilnadu
AM-923 Rajveer Singh Dept. of Neurology, Nehru Hospital, A-Block, PGIMER, Chandigarh Chandigarh
AM-924 Gaurav Jain Dept. of Neurology, Nehru Hospital, A-Block, PGIMER, Chandigarh Chandigarh
AM-925 Thahira Thekkumpurath Dept of Neurology, PMSSY Super Specialty Block Bangalore Karnataka
Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
AM-926 Bhaskar Brojobasi Chotodewri Para, Kalna Kolkata West Bengal
AM-927 Manish Patni Room No. 327, Department of Neurology, Care Hospital, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh
AM-928 Monika Sachan Room No. F 15, Hostel No. 1, I.H.B.A.S. Dilshad Garden, New Delhi Delhi
AM-929 Mansi Viraj Shah A/1803, Beau Monde, Appasaheb Marathe Marg, Prabhadevi Mumbai Maharashtra
AM-930 Nishtha Jain Dept. of Neurology, MBS Hospital, Kota Rajasthan
AM-931 Thomas Edwin Raj Department of Neurology, Tirunelveli Medical College Tirunelveli Tamil Nadu
AM-932 Ketaki Pradeep Patwardhan Room No. 124, New Kabini Hostel, Hosur Road, Nimhans Bangalore Karnataka
AM-933 Kirti Sachdev Nerology Dept, MG Hospital, Jalori Gate Jodhpur Rajasthan
AM-934 Kapil Khandelwal "10/48, Swarna Path, Mansarovar" Jaipur Rajasthan
AM-935 Amit Ashok Bhatti "Ward 10, Dept of Neurology, Old building KEM , Parel" Mumbai Maharashtra
AM-936 Gautam Bhausaheb Kale "Department of Neurology, 1st floor, Care Hospital, BanjaraHills," Hyderabad Telangana
AM-937 K Rakesh Dept. of Neurology, NIMS, Panjaguta Hyderabad Telangana
AM-938 Balakrishna Naik Erramanzil Hyderabad Telangana
AM-939 T V Krishna Kanth Reddy Dept. of Neurology, NIMS, Panjaguta Hyderabad Telangana
AM-940 Suneel Kumar Bagadi Flat No. A3, Shive Ganga Apartments Behind NKM Grand Hotel, Hyderabad Telangana
AM-941 Tushar Suresh Desai B/41/09 ,11th Scheme, CIDCO, Shivajinagar Near Garkheda Parisar Aurangabad Maharashtra
AM-942 Kiran Kumar Kommu Flat no 206 Street No 9 , Saisurabhi Laxmi Aapts, Barkatpura Hyderabad Telangana
AM-943 Manoj Kumar Mahata "RA 1, ODRC Housing Estate, D.H. Road, Near Ajantacinema" Kolkata West Bengal
AM-944 Siddhesh Deepak Rajadhyax Dept. of Neurology, Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital, Bangalore Karnataka
Bommasandra Industrial Area
AM-945 Pankaj Singh C-88, 2nd Floor, Raghunath Vihar, Sector 14, Kharghar Navi Mumbai Maharashtra
AM-946 Ajay Asranna I.P. Dept. of Neurology, SCTIMST Medical College Trivandrum Kerala
AM-947 Harish J 136/6 Ajantha Flats, 16th Main Road, Anna Nagar West Chennai Tamilnadu
AM-948 Susha C Dept. of Neurology, Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode Kozhikode Kerala
AM-949 Muppala Ganesh Vikram Aditya Dept. of Neurology, Super Speciality Block, King George Hospital Viskhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
AM-950 Mitesh Vinodray Chandarana 501 Shakuntal Appartment Nandanvan Society Main Road, Rajkot Gujarat
Near Parimal School Kalawad Road
AM-951 G Pavan Kumar Reddy H.No. 6-3-609/175, Vasavi Residency Apts, Hyderabad Telangana
Anand Nagar Colony, Khairatabad
AM-952 Peddisetty Ravi Prakash Dept. of Neurology, NIMS, Panjaguta Hyderabad Telangana
Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

AM-953 Sagar Sanjayrao Kawale 31, Pooja Colony, Deep Nagar no.2, Farsi Stop Amravati Hyderabad
AM-954 Abhilekh Srivastava Dept. of Neurology, GIPMER, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg New Delhi Delhi
AM-955 Ankur Gupta Dept. of Neurology, GB Pant Hospital New Delhi Delhi
AM-956 Manish K "Ashirwad House Number 9-8-76 Oppsite Rani Kittur Channamma Bldar Karnataka
School, Vidhyanagar Colony, Mailoor Road"
AM-957 Aparajita Chatterjee Department of Neurology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Karnataka
AM-958 Radhika Nair K Department of Neurology, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal Karnataka
AM-959 Sahil Kohli Dept. of Neurology, Christian Medical College Vellore Tamilnadu
AM-960 Sunesh E R Dept. of Neurology, Christian Medical College Vellore Tamilnadu
AM-961 Muneshwar Manohar Suryawanshi
AM-962 Balakrishna Sanampudi Flat no 203, Prime Residency, Road no 1, Shirdi Sai Nagar Manikonda Hyderabad
AM-963 Deepak Menon Dept. of Neurology, SCTIMST Medical College Trivandrum Kerala
AM-964 Jitesh Goel 140/7, Krishna Towers, Air Force Officers Mess Akkulam Trivandrum Kerala
AM-965 Lakshmi Lavanya Muppalla Dept. of Neurology, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh
AM-966 Ravish Keni Dept. of Neurology, SCTIMST Medical College Trivandrum Kerala
AM-967 Somdatta Ray Dept. of Neurology, NIMHANS, Bangalore Karnataka
AM-968 Sandeep Kumar Chaudhary FLAT NO.- 517, C-block Sundarpur Varanasi Uttarpradesh
AM-969 Praveen S Peter Department Of Neurology Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital Tirunelveli Tamilnadu
AM-970 Pratiti Banerjee Dept. of Neurology, PGIMER, Chandigarh Chandigarh

List of Associate Members whose IAN Membership will expire this Year
1 AM-639 Vikas Sharma 58 AM-697 Krishnakumar, B
2 AM-640 Arvind N Prabhu 59 AM-698 Parag Aradhey
3 AM-641 Awadh Kishor Pandit 60 AM-699 Velmurugan J
4 AM-642 Sidharth Shankar Anand 61 AM-700 Maheswar Samata
5 AM-643 Nithya l Shree Nandagopa 62 AM-701 Pawan Soni
6 AM-644 Tarun Mathur 63 AM-702 Suvorit Subha Bhowmick
7 AM-645 Vijayashankar Paramanandam 64 AM-703 Baiakmenlang Synmon
8 AM-646 Kalpana Radhakrishnan 65 AM-704 Anish L
9 AM-647 Alok Mandliya 66 AM-705 Lalitha Rajanala
10 AM-648 Bhautik Tilva 67 AM-706 Gayathri Petluri
11 AM-649 T S Narasimha Reddy Reddy 68 AM-707 Ravindranadh Chowdary Mundlamuri
12 AM-650 Anand Kumar Rai 69 AM-709 Shelza
13 AM-651 Saranjeet Singh Bedi 70 AM-711 Jaychandran Ramachandran
14 AM-652 Anil Ramakrishna 71 AM-712 Nilesh Babasaheb Nagargoje
15 AM-653 Pradeep Kallo Llimath 72 AM-713 Anish Mehta
16 AM-654 Govindaraju 73 AM-714 Chandrakanth Tapsi
17 AM-655 Ganne Chaitanya 74 AM-715 Daanish Aijaz Chhapra
18 AM-656 Pooja Mailankody 75 AM-716 Annada Prasad Bhattacharya
19 AM-657 Divya Raj R 76 AM-717 Hilal Ahmad Ganie
20 AM-658 Jasmine pandian 77 AM-718 Shantanu Shubham
21 AM-659 Vinod Varghese 78 AM-719 Mukesh Pradip Dube
22 AM-660 Sikanda Adwani 79 AM-720 Srinath R
23 AM-661 Menka Jha 80 AM-721 Kamalesh Chakravarty
24 AM-662 D Bala Khaseem 81 AM-722 Priyank Bharat Kumar Shah
25 AM-663 Amit Maheshwari 82 AM-723 Gaurav Mansukhlal Kasundra
26 AM-664 Suryanarayana Sharma P M 83 AM-724 Prasanth SR
27 AM-665 Basavaraj Banakar 84 AM-725 Vikram V Asturkar
28 AM-666 Guruprasad S Pujar 85 AM-726 Pawan Raj
29 AM-667 Kavita Barhate 86 AM-727 Preethish Kumar V
30 AM-668 Srilatha Siripuram 87 AM-728 Neeharika Lakshmi Muthukumalli
31 AM-669 Rajesh A 88 AM-729 Rima Rumpaul
32 AM-670 Poosarla S L Sowjanya 89 AM-730 Shailesh Mohan Badole
33 AM-671 Debabrata Pulai 90 AM-731 Rahul Gupta
34 AM-673 Dhiman Das 91 AM-732 Shafiqur Rehman Mohammed
35 AM-674 Meghraj Singh Patel 92 AM-733 Tripthi Sugumar
36 AM-675 Namrata Niranjan Khandelwal 93 AM-734 Venu Gopal Basam
37 AM-676 Asutosh Pal 94 AM-735 Sagar Shrikant Badachi
38 AM-677 Dipankar Gupta 95 AM-736 Shruthi Subhash Kamath
39 AM-678 Rajesh Krovvidi 96 AM-737 Matta Gopi Srikanth
40 AM-679 Sujay Sada 97 AM-738 Biswajyoti Rath
41 AM-680 Sarat Chandra Kumar Nallabothu 98 AM-739 Anu Sundar
42 AM-681 Upputuri Arunakumari 99 AM-740 Pavan Kumar Cherukuri
43 AM-682 Neha Rai Rai 100 AM-741 Sanjeev Kumar
44 AM-683 Bhagyarekha Kuna 101 AM-742 Anoop Gupta
45 AM-684 Divya KP 102 AM-743 Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathaur
46 AM-685 Krunal Chandrakant Padhiyar 103 AM-744 Sneh Kumar Jha
47 AM-686 Neeraj Kumar 104 AM-745 Ankur Wadhwa
48 AM-687 Anirban Ghosal 105 AM-746 Prasanth SR
49 AM-688 Vinny Wilson Pulikotti 106 AM-747 Aju Abraham John
50 AM-689 Archana Bethala 107 AM-748 Geetika Bajpal
51 AM-690 Yerasu Muralidhar Reddy 108 AM-749 Anuja Raghunath Patil
52 AM-691 Anitha Kotha 109 AM-750 Anuradha Nidra
53 AM-692 Kamesh Arun 110 AM-751 Chaithra SP
54 AM-693 Anvesh Kotagiri 111 AM-752 NM Kumar
55 AM-694 Biplab Das 112 AM-753 Vikas Dhiman
56 AM-695 Sanat Ramchandra Bhatkar 113 AM-754 Chakradhar Reddy Nagireddy
57 AM-696 Kannan N 114 AM-755 Satish Arun Kumar Lahoti

The above listed Associate Members can become Life Members by paying an amount of Rupees Four Thousand (Rs. 4000/-) only. Please visit

Vol. No. 26 Issue No. 03 December, 2016

IAN Indemnity Insurance Policy

IAN Member Please note that the IAN offers the opportunity of Spouse/Child
professionals indemnity insaurance from 2016
1 (a) Policy Premium for Neurologist 1 (a) Policy Premium for Anesthetist /
onwards to all its Life members and their spouses
Policy Cover Annual Premium Plastic Surgeon
who are in medical practice. The rates and other
(a) Rs. 50 Lacs Rs. 2719/- Policy Cover Annual Premium
details of the insurance scheme are given below.
You can register and fill up the online membership (a) Rs. 50 Lacs Rs. 6246/-
(b) Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 5353/-
form at the IAN website : ( (b) Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 12566/-

1 (b) Policy Premium for Neuro - 1 (b) Policy Premium for Anesthetist / 1 (c) Policy Premium for Physicians /
interventionist Plastic Surgeon Pathologist / Radiologist / Microbiologist
Policy Cover Annual Premium Policy Cover Annual Premium Policy Cover Annual Premium
(a) Rs. 50 Lacs Rs. 5238/- (a) Rs. 50 Lacs Rs. 5238/- (a) Rs. 50 Lacs Rs. 2719/-
(b) Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 10505/- (b) Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 10505/- (b) Rs. 1 Crore Rs. 5353/-

(inclusive 14.5% Service Tax and Rs 200 Administrative Charges)

List of Policy holders whose policy will expire in March, 2017

1 Member Dr. Arunan Subbiah LM-759 02-03-2017 45 Member Dr. Mahesh Narayanan LM-643 30-03-2017
2 Member Dr. Atma Ram Bansal LM-814 02-03-2017 46 Member Dr. Dharam Pandey LAM-189 30-03-2017
3 Member Dr. Venkata Choudary Vallabhaneni LM-1105 02-03-2017 47 Member Dr. Nilesh Anil Nadkarni LM-978 30-03-2017
4 Member Dr. Chetan Ramesh Chaudhari LM-1120 02-03-2017 48 Member Dr. Shiva Kumar LM-799 30-03-2017
5 Member Dr. Nilesh Govind Kinge LM-1072 02-03-2017 49 Member Dr. Boby Varke Varkey LM-878 30-03-2017
6 Member Dr. Human Prasad Sinha LM-1107 02-03-2017 50 Member Dr. Ashok Singhal LM-943 30-03-2017
7 Member Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Jena LM-996 02-03-2017 51 Member Dr. Kiran Bala Narula LM-341 30-03-2017
8 Member Dr. Kannan Vellaichamy LM-962 02-03-2017 52 Member Dr. Anand Balwant Alurkar LM-751 30-03-2017
9 Member Dr. Srikumar B LM-256 02-03-2017 53 Member Dr. Satish Vasant Khadilkar LM-387 30-03-2017
10 Member Dr. Ramshekhar N Menon LM-865 02-03-2017 54 Member Dr. Methil Pradeep LM-392 30-03-2017
11 Member Dr. Jayanta Roy LM-1037 02-03-2017 55 Member Dr. Hrishikesh Kumar LM-631 30-03-2017
12 Member Dr. Pranav Dnyaneshwar Shinde LM-1088 02-03-2017 56 Member Dr. Sundaram Alagesan LM-356 30-03-2017
13 Member Dr. Vikas Agrawal LM-919 13-03-2017 57 Spouse/Child Dr. Srividhya Sugavanam LM-643 30-03-2017
14 Member Dr. Velusamy Subramanian LM-190 13-03-2017 58 Member Dr. Prakash Bala Subramanian LM-407 30-03-2017
15 Member Dr. Manivasakan Rathinam LM-432 13-03-2017 59 Member Dr. Sita Jayalakshmi Sattaluri LM-404 30-03-2017
16 Member Dr. Ashraf VV LM-623 13-03-2017 60 Member Dr. Shiv Kumar Tamer LM-286 30-03-2017
17 Member Dr. Ajoy K Sodani LM-1013 13-03-2017 61 Member Dr. Sujith Ovallath Thazhakuniyil LM-900 30-03-2017
18 Member Dr. Shafeeque M LM-773 13-03-2017 62 Member Dr. Shyam Krishnakumar Jaiswal LM-1077 30-03-2017
19 Member Dr. Kameera Sateesh Kumar LM-1100 13-03-2017 63 Member Dr. Sucheta Arunachal Mudgerikar LM-819 30-03-2017
20 Member Dr. Thomas Mathew LM-664 13-03-2017 64 Member Dr. Asad Abbas LM-087 30-03-2017
21 Member Dr. Shankar Prasad Saha LM-440 13-03-2017 65 Member Dr. Dhananjay Ramesh Duberkar LM-1089 30-03-2017
22 Member Dr. Soaham Dilip Desai LM-1091 13-03-2017 66 Member Dr. Sudhir Vadilal Shah LM-158 30-03-2017
23 Member Dr. Pasupula Venkataswamy LM-466 13-03-2017 67 Member Dr. Raj Nair LM-851 30-03-2017
24 Member Dr. Boraiah Nataraju LM-290 13-03-2017 68 Member Dr. Vachan Jayant Mehta LM-1062 30-03-2017
25 Member Dr. Pardeep Govind Divate LM-225 27-03-2017 69 Member Dr. Krunal Chandrakant Padhiyar LM-1135 30-03-2017
26 Member Dr. Raghunandan Nadig LM-914 29-03-2017 70 Member Dr. Gaurav Rasikbhai Dave LM-612 30-03-2017
27 Member Dr. Sarma Raja Kukkuta Gosala LM-461 29-03-2017 71 Member Dr. Sarosh Minoo Katrak LM-069 30-03-2017
28 Member Dr. Neeraj Narendra Baheti LM-920 29-03-2017 72 Member Dr. Mehul Jagdishchandra Patel LM-1084 30-03-2017
29 Member Dr. Butchi Raju Garuda LM-247 29-03-2017 73 Spouse/Child Dr. Nalini Bansal LM-814 30-03-2017
30 Member Dr. Dinesh Kabra LM-800 29-03-2017 74 Spouse/Child Dr. SATHIYABAMA SETHURAMAN LM-432 30-03-2017
31 Member Dr. Abhinay Makarand Huchche LM-1136 29-03-2017 75 Member Dr. Sheshagiri Rao Dhanyamraju LM-364 30-03-2017
32 Member Dr. Adnan Ariz Hashmi LM-624 29-03-2017 76 Member Dr. Gautam Guha LM-907 30-03-2017
33 Member Dr. Sailesh Modi LM-999 29-03-2017 77 Spouse/Child Dr. Suparna Guha LM-907 30-03-2017
34 Member Dr. Suresh Kodalpala LM-674 29-03-2017 78 Member Dr. Lakshya Basumatry AM-443 30-03-2017
35 Member Dr. Nisheeth S Patel LM-796 29-03-2017 79 Member Dr. Thamilpavai Natarajan LM-1010 30-03-2017
36 Member Dr. Rajiv Anand LM-536 29-03-2017 80 Member Dr. Suvarna Alladi LM-424 30-03-2017
37 Member Dr. Shalin Dipinkumar Shah LM-088 29-03-2017 81 Member Dr. Radha Mahadevan LM-967 30-03-2017
38 Member Dr. Pratap Chand Sanchetee LM-140 29-03-2017 82 Member Dr. Debashish Chowdhury LM-518 30-03-2017
39 Member Dr. Pranav Bhanubhai Joshi LM-915 29-03-2017 83 Member Dr. Kesavamurthy Bhanu LM-125 30-03-2017
40 Member Dr. Arun Kumar Dhanuka LM-351 29-03-2017 84 Member Dr. Rajinder K. Bansal LM-780 30-03-2017
41 Member Dr. Saravanan S LM-1124 29-03-2017 85 Spouse/Child Dr. Neena Johar LM-293 30-03-2017
42 Member Dr. Sriramakrishnan Vayanakkan LM-916 29-03-2017 86 Member Dr. Haridas VT LM-507 30-03-2017
43 Member Dr. Zaheer Ahmed Sayed LM-07 30-03-2017 87 Member Dr. Mahindra Javali LM-1022 30-03-2017
44 Member Dr. Bipinchandra Bhagvanji Bhimani LM-734 30-03-2017