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Write all answers on a separate sheet of



Final Test Worth 100 Points Total
The purpose of this test is to determine if you read the book with
understanding. Please answer all the questions completely to earn full

Matching: Match each character to their description. (10 points)

1. Gatsby ________ b. represented the judgement of

2. Myrtle ________ God
3. Daisy ________ c. has wild parties at his house
4. Wolfshiem ________ d. a professional golf player
5. Tom ________ e. was having an affair with Tom
6. Nick ________ f. Jay’s father, came to the funeral
7. Mr. Gatz ________ g. Gatsby’s business partner
8. Jordan ________ h. Drove the car that killed Myrtle
9. George Wilson ________ i. The narrator
10.Dr. T.J. Eckleburg________ j. Broke Myrtle’s nose

a. owns a garage near the Valley

of Ashes
Multiple Choice: Choose the letter that represents the best answer
to the question. (25 points)
11.Why does Tom hit Myrtle at his apartment in New York City?
A. Because she refuses to see him anymore
B. Because she asks him to divorce his wife
C. Because she taunts him about Daisy
D. Because she flirts with Nick
12.Where is Gatsby’s mansion located?
A. East Egg
B. Park Avenue
C. West Egg
D. Brooklyn
13.Where does Gatsby’s reunion with Daisy take place?
A. By the pool
B. At Nick’s house
C. At the golf tournament
D. At the yacht race
14. In what year is The Great Gatsby set?
A. 1925
B. 1924
C. 1923
D. 1922

15.Where were Nick and Tom educated?

DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
A. Yale
B. Harvard
C. Princeton
D. Duke
16.What is Jordan Baker’s occupation?
A. Softball pitcher
B. Secretary
C. Philanthropist
D. Golfer
17.What is Gatsby’s home state?
A. North Dakota
B. Minnesota
C. Wisconsin
D. Florida
18.Why did Gatsby drop out of college?
A. He had an offer to go into the copper business with Dan Cody
B. He and Daisy were getting married, and he needed a job
C. He was humiliated by having to work as a janitor to pay his
D. He wanted to study Russian, but his college did not offer it
19.Which millionaire hired the young Gatsby as an assistant?
A. Cody Baker
B. Clint McGowan
C. Hank McGowan
D. Dan Cody
20.Where is the valley of ashes?
A. Between West Egg and New York City
B. Between East Egg and West Egg
C. Between Death Valley and the Salinas Valley
D. Between Greenwich Village and Hell’s Kitchen
21.Who DOES NOT attend Gatsby’s funeral?
A. Gatsby’s father
B. Daisy
C. Nick
D. Owl Eyes
22.Which woman is Tom’s extramarital lover?
A. Daisy
B. Ella Kaye
C. Myrtle
D. Jordan
23.Who drives the car that kills Myrtle?
A. Jordan
B. Daisy
C. Gatsby
D. Tom

24.How are Daisy and Nick related?

A. They are brother and sister
B. They are not related, just friends
C. They are step-siblings
D. They are cousins
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
25.Where did Daisy meet Gatsby?
A. Louisville
B. East Egg
C. West Egg
D. The Plaza Hotel
26.Where did Gatsby study after the war?
A. Cambridge
B. The Sorbonne
C. Oxford
D. Yale
27.On the day after the confrontation between Tom and Gatsby in New York
City, what does Gatsby instruct his gardener NOT to do?
A. Drain the pool
B. Cut the grass
C. Rake the leaves
D. Plant corn
28.At the end of the novel, Daisy chooses to be with
A. Gatsby
B. Tom
C. George Wilson
D. Nick
29.What are the eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg?
A. A magazine ad
B. The lyrics of a song
C. A painting in the Guggenheim Museum
D. A signboard in the valley of ashes
30.Why does Nick move to New York?
A. To become a lawyer
B. To attend college
C. To learn about the bond business
D. To attend medical school
31.What did Fitzgerald call the 1920s?
A. The Roaring Twenties
B. The Gay Twenties
C. The Jazz Age
D. The Lost Generation
32.Why does Gatsby throw his weekly parties?
A. To impress Daisy
B. To cover up his illegal activities
C. To attract women from East Egg
D. To impress his neighbors

33.What is Meyer Wolfshiem’s claim to fame?

A. He made the first batch of bootleg alcohol to be sold in New York
B. He once beat Al Capone in a fight
C. He is a former violinist with the New York Philharmonic
D. He rigged the 1919 World Series
34.Where does Gatsby recognize Nick from?
A. Nick was an undergraduate at Oxford during the months Gatsby
studied there
B. Nick works at the bond house where Gatsby’s stolen securities
were taken from
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
C. Nick and Gatsby fought in the same battle in World War I
D. Gatsby has seen his next-door neighbor around, but assumed
Nick was one of his own servants
35.When he renews his acquaintance with Daisy at Nick’s house, what does
Gatsby knock off of the mantle?
A. Nick’s pipe
B. A clock
C. Jordan’s golf trophy
D. Daisy’s picture

Short Answer: Answer the following questions with one word to two
to three sentences, as needed. (35 points)

36. What event preceded the “roaring twenties” and perhaps even
contributed to it?
37. What does the author of the novel feel is behind the ‘glitter’ of
the Jazz Age?
38. What characters in the novel are similar to the author and HOW are
these characters similar to the author? List at least TWO:
39. Who is the “brute of a man, a great big hulking physical
specimen” ?
40. What is the single green light visible at night? What does this
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
41. According to rumor, who had once killed a man?
42. Who believes he is “one of the few honest people” ever known?
43. Who is Klipspringer?
44. Name one item Jay Gatsby carries in his pocket:
45. Why didn’t Daisy marry Gatsby?
46. What strange thing did Daisy do the day before her wedding
47. While giving a tour of his house to Nick and Daisy, what does
Gatsby throw all over the place?
48. Fill in the blank in the quotation: “There must have been
moments even that afternoon when ____________ tumbled short of
his dreams… because of the colossal vitality of his illusion.”
49. Who is James Gatz?
50. Why didn’t Gatsby inherit money from Dan Cody?
51. Why is Gatsby upset the first time Daisy attends one of his
52. Why does Gatsby dismiss most of his servants and stop hosting
parties unexpectedly?
53. Who is Trimalchio?
54. What is Daisy’s voice “full of”?
55. Who does Daisy call “revolting?”
56. Why was Myrtle running out into the street anyway?
57. What kind of girl was Daisy when she and Gatsby first met?
58. Who tells George Wilson whom the yellow car belongs to?
59. What does Nick say this “has been a story of”? Why does he say
60. Why does Nick call Tom and Daisy “careless people?”

Short Essay Response: Choose one of the following questions

to answer in a 2-3 paragraph response: (30 points)
1. Does this novel have villains and heroes? Why, why not? If yes,
who fits into these categories and why?

2. Why is the title of this novel The Great Gatsby? What about
Gatsby makes him great? How might this title be ironic?

3. Gatsby can be called the American self-made man. Why? How

does Gatsby’s life fit with “The American Dream” of success?
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
What was success for Gatsby? Did he achieve it? Why or why

4. Why are we reading a book written in the 1920's? What gives a

book its longevity? And which of its themes are eternal in the
American psyche?

5. What do you think is the moral of this story? Why? What stands
out to you as the most important thing to remember from
Fitzgerald’s novel? What will you remember?

Answer Key:
1. C
2. E
3. H
4. G
5. J
6. I
7. F
8. D
9. A
10. B
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
11. C
12. C
13. B
14. D
15. A
16. D
17. A
18. C
19. D
20. A
21. B
22. C
23. B
24. D
25. A
26. C
27. A
28. B
29. D
30. C
31. C
32. A
33. D
34. C
35. B
36. Tom
37. The light at the end of Daisy’s dock, it symbolizes
desire or envy
38. Gatsby
39. Nick Carraway
40. The boarder, who shows up at Gatsby’s and doesn’t
41. His war medal and a picture of himself at Oxford
42. Gatsby’s bootlegging partner, he supposedly fixed
the World Series in 1919.
43. He went to war, she met Tom who is rich, Gatsby
wasn’t rich
44. She got drunk, cried, refused to let go of a letter until
it fell apart in the tub
45. His beautiful shirts
46. Daisy
47. Jay Gatsby’s real name
48. Because Cody’s wife got in all, legal mumbo-jumbo
49. Because Daisy doesn’t like it
50. Because he is seeing Daisy more often and doesn’t
want them to spread rumors
DO NOT WRITE ON THIS TEST! Write all answers on a separate sheet of
51. A character from Roman times, from the novel The
Satyricon, he is rich like Gatsby and throws parties to impress
the “nouvea riche.”
52. Money
53. Tom
54. Move West
55. Because she thought Tom was in the yellow car
56. Catharine, Myrtle’s sister, sticks to her story and
doesn’t reveal the truth
57. “Nice”
58. Tom
59. The West, because all the characters are from the West
and there seemed to be something in them that made them
unable to function in the East.
60. Because “They smashed up things and creatures and then
retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or
whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people
clean up the mess they had made.”