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C 40 E/78 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 14.2.


3. It is true that transport operations carried out under ECMT licences are not conducted in the same
competition conditions. These conditions are not the same in any of the ECMT’s 40 member countries. On
the contrary, the misuse of ECMT licences (e.g. for cabotage purposes) is distorting competition. Effective
control of the use of ECMT licences is in the hands of the competent authorities of the ECMT countries.

4. Given that the number of ECMT licences being granted is increasing slowly but surely and that the
award of these licences to transport undertakings is decided annually by the competent authorities of the
ECMT countries, it is very likely that new transport firms will have access to ECMT licences.

(2002/C 40 E/078) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1692/01

by Gerhard Schmid (PSE) to the Council
(15 June 2001)

Subject: Work of the European Police Academy (EPA)

The European Police Academy (EPA) was launched on 1 January 2001 as a network.

I would therefore like to ask the Council the following questions:

1. Has the EPA, or at least its governing board, already begun work?
2. If so, which national training institutes for high-ranking police officers form the network?
3. Where has the permanent secretariat, which is to support the EPA in its administrative tasks, been set
up, or where is it to be set up?
4. How will the language problem at seminars and other events be solved, or how has it been solved?
5. Are there syllabuses and, if so, what form do they take?
6. Where are the seminars and other events held?

(8 October 2001)

The Council would invite the Honourable Member to put his questions directly to the governing board of
the European Police Academy (EPA).

(2002/C 40 E/079) WRITTEN QUESTION E-1693/01

by Adriana Poli Bortone (UEN) to the Commission
(14 June 2001)

Subject: Coastline of Gallipoli and the island of Sant’Andrea

The Italian Government has authorised  even granting funding via the ‘Sviluppo Italia’ scheme (at least
according to press reports)  projects to build holiday homes on the coastline of Gallipoli and the island
of Sant’Andrea (Apulia, Italy).

This is all the more serious in view of the fact that the area has been classified as a site of Community
interest, under the code number COD IT 9150015, and therefore an area subject to special environmental

Is the Commission willing to take swift action to ascertain the compatibility of these buildings with the
needs of environmental protection?