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BANK INSTRUMENT DESCRIPTION Instruments: Medium Term Notes — Senior Unsubordinated Format: The Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits, \CC Publication 400/500 REV, (Per Standard WEB / ICC Format) CASH BACKED ONLY. Term: Ten (10) Year and One (1) day Interest Rate: Five (5.0%) to Seven and one-half percent (7.5%) paid annually in arrears Issuing Banks: Top 10 Western European Banks Age: Slightly Seasoned (NOTE: PRIVATE PLACEMENT" -NO PRICE SHALL BE SHOWN ON THE SCREEN) Restrictions: None Redemption Amount: 100% (ONE HUNDRED) PERCENT OF FACE VALUE Currency: Euro Contract Amount: Euro ONE BILLION (€1,000,000,000.00) MINIMUM with Rolls and Extensions Invoice Price: 74% Maximum or Better Commissions: 1% Split between Buy and Sell side First Tranche: Euro ONE HUNDRED MILLION (€100,000,000.00) Face Value or as agreed between Buyer and Seller Subs Tranches: Per tranching schedule as agreed between Buyer and Seller Denomination: EURO 25, 50, 100, 200 or as available to be agreed between Buyer and Seller Mode of Payment: Euroclear Buy/Sell ticket as agreed after receipt of Corporate Invoice Settlement: Euroclear Settlement Procedure Mode of Delivery: Hardcopy to be delivered Electronically Mode of Purchase: Certified Corporate Bank Invoice - Buy/Sell ticket NOTE:the Seller MUST be Owner on TITLE and the Instruments MUST be Euroclear registered PROCEDURES. (1) Seller sends “Indicative Term Sheet” and "Prospectus" of the Instrument offered for sale. (2) BUYER sends LOI. (3) Seller countersigns LO! and provides their Banking information where Instruments are held including Bank OfficerfSecurities Officer full contact details on company letterhead signed by its Principal Signatory. (4) After the Buyer's and Seller's Bank Officer/Securities Officers verify Buyer's funds and Ownership of Instruments, the SELLER will send Bank Certified Corporate Invoice to Buyer's Bank Officer/Securities Officerwith a copy to Buyer by e-mail