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3/7/2019 BBC indonesian

18 Mei, 2005 - Published 16:34 GMT


The United Nations' senior human rights official, Louise Arbour, has called for an independent
investigation into the recent violence in eastern Uzbekistan.

In a statement, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said she was deeply concerned and called
on Uzbekistan to stick to international rules on the use of force.

Military sources and members of the opposition say at least five-hundred people were killed on Friday
when troops fired on unarmed demonstrators in the eastern Uzbek city of Andijan.

The authorities officially put the number killed at just under one-hundred-and-seventy and blame Islamic
militants for the violence.

A group of foreign diplomats and journalists aiming to find out what happened, has been taken on a
tightly-controlled bus tour of the city .


Africa is experiencing its most favourable economic performance for

nearly a decade, according to a new report.

The annual survey by the African Development Bank and the OECD says
total output increased last year by more than five percent, thanks to
improved economic management, rising prices for raw materials and
more development aid.
But the BBC economics correspondent says that the message of the The message of the report is that the
report is that the economic performance has not improved enough. economic performance has not
improved enough.
Only six African countries are likely to achieve the internationally agreed target of halving poverty within
the next ten years, none of them on mainland sub-Saharan Africa.


A survey conducted in China with help from the United Nations childrens
agency, UNICEF, has concluded that there is widespread physical abuse of

UNICEF says official support for the survey marks a breakthrough and
shows that the government in Beijing is willing to face up to social
Questionnaires were distributed among three-and-a-half thousand Almost half of those who responded
university students in six provinces. Almost half of those who responded said they'd been hit as children.
said they'd been hit as children.

The survey also said a substantial number had suffered forms of sexual abuse. 1/1