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Ms. Cohen
EM/ Period:______________

Brave New World: Essay Exam

Directions: Select ONE of the following topics and write a 2-5-page essay. You must
include a strong introduction as well as a provocative conclusion. Remember to include
the title and the author in the introduction. Also, remember that literary analysis is
written in Present Tense, No Contractions, No Personal Pronouns, No Could/ Would/
Should—be definitive. You must have a thesis statement which is profound, original,
thought provoking, and which directs the essay. You must include SEVERAL
quotations from the novel which support your thesis statement, and which are clearly
explained and interpreted. The quotations must be used correctly.

Example: “Direct quotation belongs here.” (42) This is when a quote stands alone.
However, when a quote is integrated into a sentence, “it belongs here as part of
the sentence” (42).

Stay Focused: Continue to refer to your thesis statement and make sure your essay
refers to your thesis points, and the topic that you have selected. Make certain that your
essay is organized and makes sense.

Include a brainstorming, rough draft, final draft, work cited, and receipt from Final draft and work cited must be typed, double-spaced, 12-point font,
Times New Roman.


1. The French quotation by Nicolas Berdiaeff at the beginning of the story translates
as follows:
“Humanity is coming closer to the ability to realize utopias than was
believed earlier. We find ourselves facing a disturbing question: How can
we avoid achieving a utopian society? Utopias are possible. Life is
heading toward this. Maybe we should work more for a new future where
intellectuals and other educated people should consider how to avoid a
utopia and return, instead, to a non-utopian, less ‘perfect’ and freer
Agree or disagree with this quotation. Is Berdiaeff correct? If so, why would it
be wise to avoid achieving a utopia, and why would such utopias pay the price of
freedom? If not, how has humanity advanced so far that a perfect society could be
achieved without paying such a price? Base your essay on the people and practices of
Brave New World.
2. Brave New World is often seen as a warning about what has occurred and a
prophecy of the future. What is the nature of Huxley’s warning and prophecy,
and in what ways are people responding or not responding to his observations and

3. Mental health professionals often discuss the importance of friendship, love and
close relationships. In Brave New World, however, the ides of friendship is not
valued or encouraged. How does Brave New World perceive it and control it, and
what is the reaction of its citizens?

4. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one,” said Spock in Star Trek
II: The Wrath of Khan. The government of Brave New World clearly would agree
with this philosophy. Analyze the ways in which Huxley’s world reflects this

5. Huxley sets up two opposite societies, Brave New World and the Savage
Reservation. Compare and contrast these cultures in two or more ways, analyze
the values each promotes, and discuss the philosophical basis for the lifestyles of
Grading Rubric for: Brave New World (50 pts. Total)

1. Thesis statement and supporting points: Are they original, clear, concise? Did you use
quotes? Were they used correctly? Were the quote choices appropriate? Was there analysis and
explanation of points/examples?


2. Organization and format: Are the introduction and conclusion organized and complete? Is
the essay organized and formatted?


3. Three or fewer spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors:


4. Sophistication of voice and flow of paper:


5. All papers are included: Receipt from, Final draft, Rough draft (with edits),
Work Cited (MLA form), and Brainstorming.



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