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Curriculum Vitae

Linux Security Engineer
Phone Number: +91-7060356937

Work Experience:

 Intarvo Technologies Ltd – Dec 2015 to Aug 2016.

Role: Desktop Support Engineer

 Progressive Infotech Private Limited – Aug 2016 to Oct 2017.

Role: Network Support Engineer.

 WGD Analytics Private Limited – Nov 2017 to Present.

Role: Security Researcher .

Career Objective:

To obtain a challenging and rewarding position in DevOps filed with an organization which
recognizes my true potential and provides me sufficient avenues for professional growth
through nurturing my technical skills and competencies.

Bachelor of Technology
Invertis University
Bareilly (U P)
08/2011 – 06/2015

Professional Background:

AWS & Cloud:

 Identity Access Management(IAM)
 S3, EBS, Cloud Front and storage acceleration.
 EC2 Management, Cloud Watch and Billing Alarm.
 Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) management, Custom VPC.
 Route53, Security Groups, Roles.
 HA Architecture, Load Balancing.
 API Gateways, NAT Gateways.
 Configuration management using Ansible.
 Working experience on Docker, Docker Swarm
 Working experience on CI/CD tools (Jenkins).
 Configuration and management of Kubernetes.
 Working experience on code management setup using git server.
 Knowledge of web servers (Apache, Nginx) and monitoring servers (Nagios, Zabbix).

Cyber Security:
 Installation and configuration of VPN servers.
 Installation and configuration of Application firewall and UTM.(ClearOS,
Untangle, PF Sense etc).
 Installation and configuration of proxy servers. (HA Proxy).
 Knowledge of Cisco ASA firewall setup and management.

Linux Administrator:
 Install, configure, VPN service.
 Working knowledge of DNS Server on Linux.
 Operate FTP SSH Samba Server in Linux Environment.
 Installation and configuration of MariaDB.
 Setting up Secure NFS Servers with multiple Clients for File and Disk sharing.
 Setting up SAMBA servers, to enable Windows clients to communicate with Linux
without need of additional software on the Windows side.
 Linux user management creating, changing group, and assign permission
on resources.
 Recover of root password securing terminals.
 Network processing, centralized and distributive network connection.
 Installing, configuring and administering network technologies.
 Well working acquaintance in Linux environment.
 OS Installation & Troubleshooting.
 User & Group management & SUDO Users.
 Run Level (Targets).
 Disk Management, partitioning & LVM (Logical Volume Management).
 Red Hat Linux Booting Process.
 RPM and Yum Server.
 Configuring & Managing NFS, Samba, Apache (HTTP & HTTPS).
 Computer assembling and maintenance.
 Troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
 Installing and configuring the peripherals, components and drivers.
 Installing software and application to user standards.
 Basic Knowledge of Networking.
 Installation and configuration of chat server using xmpp (openfire, ejabberd).
 Installation and configuration of VPN servers and private tunnels.
 Installtion and management of HyperV ESXi , Proxmox, Vmware workstation.
 User management for chat server.
 Installation and configuration organization network security.

Network Support Engineer:

 Install and configure telecommunication & network equipment.
 Service inside the IT infrastructure.
 Supervising the relevance and integrity of databases.
 Ensure the smooth functioning of IT systems.
 Install and configure network monitoring tools.
 Install and configure Active Directory, Print Server.
 LAN, WAN, switching.

Desktop Support Engineer:

 Provide 2nd and 3rd level technical support to internal and external clients.
 Installation and configuration of different OS (Windows, Linux).
 Installation and configuration of PXE boot server.
 Installation and management of user account and resources using active directory

Additional Information:
 Working for results with dedication & determination.
 Willingness to learn in creative environment.
 Patience and self-motivate.
 Positive thinking. Surfing net
 Socializing with friends.

Project Undertaken:

Project: Mail Server

Objective: configure the mail server on redhat enterprise linux 7.0
Description: I have configure the mail server and their respective server as DNS
server, Apache server. In this we can deploy in the organization for their personnel email
server. In organization we basically used for communication between employees of
office related work because we could not relay on other third party email services, they
could leak our important information. That is the main reason to create our own mail

 Attended workshop on LINUX Invertis University, 2012.

 Attended workshop on Robotics Invertis University, 2014.

Personal Profile:
Name : Arvind Kumar
Fathers name : Mr Harish Kumar
Mothers Name : Mrs. Jamwati
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : 30 Aug 1992.
Languages Known : English, Hindi.
Address: : Samrat Ashok Nagar, Bareilly (U P)


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I

bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.

Arvind Kumar
Place:New Delhi