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2002 EN Official Journal of the European Communities C 140 E/1

Monday 12 November 2001



2001-2002 SESSION

Sittings of 12 to 15 November 2001


(2002/C 140 E/01) MINUTES




1. Resumption of session
The sitting opened at 17.05.

2. Statement by the President

The President made the following statements concerning:
" the two latest terrorist attacks (6 November in Madrid and 7 November in the Basque region) where
one person had been killed and several injured; she announced that she had forwarded her own
condolences and those of Parliament to the family of the victim and had wished the injured a speedy
" the terrible floods the previous day in Algeria which had so far claimed many lives and left many
injured; she announced that she had expressed her solidarity on behalf of Parliament with the Algerian
people and had asked President Bouteflika to pass on her deepest sympathy to the families of the
victims; she hoped that the European Union would play a major role in providing emergency aid;
" three European journalists who had been killed during an ambush in Afghanistan; she announced that
the Parliament would observe a minute’s silence to pay homage to those who had died and to show its
sympathy towards their families;
" on the American Airlines aircraft which had crashed that afternoon in the Queens area of New York
with 260 passengers and crew members on board.
The President invited the House to observe a minute’s silence in remembrance of all those who had
Parliament observed a minute’s silence.
* *
C 140 E/2 Official Journal of the European Communities EN 13.6.2002

Monday 12 November 2001

The President welcomed to the House Mr Dupuis who had been detained for 14 days in Laos along with
three other EU citizens and a Russian, in disregard of the most basic of human rights and obligations
arising under the cooperation agreement with that country. She announced that, as soon as she had been
informed of Mr Dupuis’ arrest, she had taken several diplomatic steps and had urged the President-in-
Office of the Council and the High Representative for CFSP to take rapid action with the Laotion auth-
orities. She also thanked those who had given their support to the various efforts. She also called on the
Laotion authorities to uphold democratic principles and to release unconditionally all prisoners detained
because of their beliefs.

Mr Dupuis thanked the President and all those who had helped to release him and highlighted the cat-
astrophic conditions for prisoners in that country.

3. Approval of Minutes of previous sitting

Mrs De Veyrac had informed the Chair that she had been present at the sitting of 12 September but that
her name was not on the attendance register.

The following spoke:

" Ferber expressed a reservation regarding the Minutes of the previous sitting and announced that he
had still not received a reply to a question which he had asked during the vote on the budget (Item 5
of Minutes of 25.10.2001) concerning line B3-306, namely why this vote had not been a split vote as
requested by the PPE-DE Group (the President took note of these remarks),
" Korakas who confirmed his note to Parliament’s services in which he had wanted to vote against the
second part of PM 559.

The Minutes of the previous sitting were approved.

4. Membership of Parliament

The President informed Parliament that she had been informed by the relevant Dutch authorities that
Mr Adriaan Vermeer had been appointed Member of Parliament in place of Mr Wiebenga, with effect
from 6 November 2001.

She welcomed the new colleague and recalled the provisions of Rule 7(5).

5. Request for the waiver of immunity of Mr Korakas

The President announced that she had received from the relevant Greek authorities a request for the waiver
of Mr Korakas’ parliamentary immunity.

In accordance with Rule 6 this request had been referred to the Committee on Legal Affairs and the
Internal Market which was the committee responsible.

6. Documents received

The President had received the following texts:

(a) from the Council and/or Commission:

" European Commission: European Governance " A White Paper (COM(2001) 428 " C5-0454/
2001 " 2001/2181(COS))
referred to responsible: AFCO
opinion: BUDG, ECON, JURI, EMPL, ENVI, CULT, FEMM, PETI, all committees